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Procedures for Incoming Students

Loyola University Chicago is a participant in the Faculty and Staff Children Exchange (FACHEX) Program, which is sponsored by 27 Jesuit colleges and universities. Through this program, the dependent children of faculty, administrators and staff who are eligible for tuition remission at their own Jesuit institutions may be granted tuition remission at one of the participating FACHEX schools.

Admission to Loyola under FACHEX

  • Obtain certification for your eligibility for FACHEX.  Parents/legal guardians must make a request from their home institution FACHEX coordinator/representative to indicate to the FACHEX representative at Loyola University Chicago that the dependent is eligible and wishes to apply for the FACHEX benefit at Loyola University Chicago.
  • Apply early for admission to Loyola University Chicago before you can be considered for the FACHEX benefit.  FACHEX is awarded on a competitive basis and is merit based.   Decisions for these awards are based entirely on the student’s application to Loyola University Chicago.  Please keep in mind that FACHEX award certification does not qualify you for admission, nor does your offer of admission mean an automatic FACHEX award.  
  • The deadline for consideration for the FACHEX benefit for the Fall of 2022 requires that the student be admitted to Loyola University Chicago by February 1, 2022

    Please keep in mind that your FACHEX award certification does not qualify you for admission, nor does your offer of admission mean an automatic FACHEX award.


  • Loyola University Chicago grants the FACHEX benefit to new freshmen only.  Employees of the participating Jesuit colleges and universities are expected to be eligible to receive the FACHEX benefit prior to their dependents first semester of enrollment.
  • The FACHEX benefit is not automatically granted to eligible children of faculty, staff and administrators of participating Jesuit institutions.
  • All FACHEX benefit recipients must be seeking their first degree and are required to maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher while at Loyola University Chicago.  An evaluation of the cumulative GPA will be made after each semester.  Students who fall below a cumulative GPA of 3.0 will not have their FACHEX award renewed for the following term.
  • An administrative fee of 10% of the charged tuition will be assessed each term.  This fee is reflected as a 10% reduction of the benefit for each semester of enrollment.  

  • The FACHEX benefit is restricted to tuition only and requires full time consecutive undergraduate enrollment for the fall and spring terms and is for a maximum of four years based on the year of matriculation.  FACHEX does NOT cover part time, J-term or graduate tuition.
  • All FACHEX applicants must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon after January 1 as possible and each year thereafter as long as they are eligible for the FACHEX benefit.  The Department of Education Title IV Code number for Loyola University Chicago is 001710.  If the FAFSA is not filed, FACHEX WILL NOT be awarded.
  • FACHEX benefit recipients are expected to complete their undergraduate degree in four years and are not eligible for a FACHEX benefit after four years.   Should a recipient decide to interrupt their studies at Loyola University Chicago by taking a year off or attend another school for a year or more they must request, in writing, that the FACHEX benefit be reinstated.  Any reinstatement will be dependent upon the number of openings at the time of the student’s return to Loyola University Chicago.
  • FACHEX renewal requires compliance to the Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.  For a complete description of this policy please refer to Loyola’s website http://www.luc.edu/depts/osfa/satprog.html.
  • FACHEX recipients may enroll as a degree seeking student in any of Loyola University Chicago’s undergraduate colleges, schools, or programs.  Enrollment at, and use of the FACHEX benefit at the Rome Center Campus in Rome, Italy, and the Vietnam Center is possible as long as the student attends Loyola University Chicago for their freshman year.  FACHEX is NOT available for use at any other study abroad programs.
  • Loyola University Chicago will award a maximum of three incoming students the FACHEX benefit over the number sent out who receive the FACHEX benefit at the other participating Jesuit Colleges and Universities. 
  • Students planning to enroll at Loyola University Chicago are advised to pay their enrollment deposit prior to the May 1 deposit deadline date and/or before the freshman class is full regardless of FACHEX eligibility.  No consideration for the FACHEX benefit will be given to students who are not confirmed as eligible to register.
  • If you are offered the FACHEX benefit please notify Loyola University Chicago of your decision to accept as soon as possible, but no later than the date specified in the award letter.
  • In order to maintain your FACHEX benefit your parent/guardian must continue their eligibility at their home institutions.  Continued eligibility of the FACHEX benefit will be monitored by the FACHEX Coordinator at Loyola University Chicago.  Any falsification will result in the immediate dismissal from Loyola University Chicago and will require that all-relevant costs including tuition and fees be paid in full.
  • If you have previously been granted a tuition restricted academic scholarship and/or a Jesuit Heritage award and are then given the FACHEX benefit, the scholarship/award will become honorary and the FACHEX benefit will cover the full tuition minus the administrative fee.

Please direct all questions regarding the FACHEX program to:

Tobyn Friar
Assistant Vice President and Director of Financial Aid
Loyola University Chicago
Financial Aid Office
E-mail: tfriar@luc.edu