Loyola University Chicago

Financial Services

Check Requisition Instructions


Most Departmental buying should be accomplished using Purchase Requisitions working through the Purchasing Department. Purchase Requisitions / Purchase Orders provide for better control, tracking, and approval of University expenditures.
In some instances, the use of Payment Requisitions, processed by Accounts Payable for products and services, will be allowed. The following authorized uses of a Payment Request are representative, but not necessarily all-inclusive of the types of items that can be submitted. Please contact the Accounts Payable or Purchasing Departments for clarification or questions.
  • Conference or Seminar Registration Fees
  • Instructional Materials
  • Membership Dues or Fees
  • Periodicals and Subscriptions
  • U.S Postal Service Payments i.e. Postage Meter Replenishment, permits, and other postal related charges.
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Federal and State Taxes ( excluding state sales tax )
  • Utility Bills
  • Advertisements
  • Contracted Services
  • Royalty Fees
  • Transportation Expenses ( Athletic Events and outings )
  • Professional services or services that are required to be under a contractual agreement.
  • Awards, Honorariums, and Stipends
While not all-inclusive, the following examples illustrate the types of goods and services that should not be purchased using a Payment Requisition:
  • Office Supplies
  • Computer Software or Software Licenses
  • Equipment and appliances of any type, including computers, facsimile machines, copiers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners, or photographic equipment.
  • Mail Services such as those performed by mailing houses to process bulk, permit, or business reply mail. Services include printing, design work, and paper stock.
  • Printing or any printing related service, including graphic design, copying or duplicating
  • Furniture of any type
Payment requisitions supporting an unauthorized use will be returned to the requestor. He or she will be directed to process the request using the approved Purchase Requisition working through the Purchasing Department.
Note I:  It is not permissible to pay for the above items out of pocket and request a reimbursement from the University at a later date.
Note II: The Payment Requisition should not be used to request payment for an employees out of pocket reimbursement(s). Only the approved Employee Expense Reimbursement form should be used for any expense reimbursement relating to any travel, business, and entertainment.

Preparation and Submission:

  1. Requestor Information: Provide your full name, department, telephone extension, and request date
  2. Identification of Payee: Identify whether or not the payee is a US citizen and LUC/SSOM Employee
  3. Payment Type: Select the payment type to be made: Check or ACH
  4. Payee: Provide the full name of the Payee including the complete mailing address.
  5. ACH Banking Information: If the payment request is for ACH, please provide all necessary banking information. Requests for this type of transaction should be accompanied by valid support from the payee verifying the banking information.
  6. Tax Identification Number: Provide the payees Tax Identification Number (or Social Security Number). Each payee should support their Tax ID # with a completed W-9 form which should also accompany the Payment Requisition.
  7. Account Distribution: Provide your correct Accounting Unit(s) and Account(s) for which the request should be charged. In addition for Capital Projects ONLY, provide the Activity and Account Category. If your request is for multiple invoices charging multiple accounting units, please provide separate distribution allocations for each separate invoice.
  8. Remarks and Comments: Please provide detailed comments including the invoices being paid, nature of business or business purpose of the request and any special handling instructions.
  9. Budget Administrator Approval: All authorized approvers must complete a Signature Authorization Form that will be kept on file in the Accounts Payable Department.  All requests should include an authorized budget administrator or designated approver(s). In the event the request exceeds $5,000, a second approval is required.  Any individual approving a request must also provide their telephone extension in the event clarification is needed from the Accounts Payable Office.
  10. Submission: Complete forms, including all required supporting documentation, or questions should be directed to:
Accounts Payable Department
820 North Michigan Avenue
Lewis Tower-Room 602
Water Tower Campus