Loyola University Chicago

Focus on Teaching and Learning

January 2021 FOTL Registration and Schedule

The January 2021 Focus on Teaching and Learning will take place over Zoom on January 14, 2021 from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM.

PLEASE NOTE: Compiled and edited chat records, presentation slides, session recordings, and any other useful resources will be made available after the conference.


Session Descriptions

Post-FOTL Working Group (January 15, 2021; 10am-11am)

Anti-Racist Pedagogy Video and Annotated Bibliography

Schedule and Zoom Links

Opening Session (9:00 AM- 10:30 AM; Zoom link)

  • Welcome & Opening 

  • Opening Panel –Loyola University Chicago Student Speakers

    • Connor Elmore
    • Katharine Flores
    • Moriah Johnson
    • Jacque Stefanic
    • Brandon Thomas
    • Taylor Thomas
    • Anastasia Tull

Concurrent Sessions: Block 1 (10:45 AM-11:45 AM)

  • Small Steps to Becoming an Anti-Racist Educator (Zoom link)

    • Mary Byrn (Loyola University Chicago School of Nursing)
    • Carla Kupe (Loyola University Chicago School of Law)
    • Niamh McGuigan (Loyola University Chicago Libraries)
  • DeCentering Whiteness (Zoom link)

    • Sasha Adkins (Loyola University Chicago School of Environmental Sustainability)
    • Andrea Boyd and Britt Holmberg (Loyola University Chicago Wellness Center)
  • Eliciting Multiple Student Voices in Discussion (Zoom link)

    • Zelda Harris (Loyola University Chicago School of Law)
    • Susan McCarthy (Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago)
    • Pam Morris (Loyola University Chicago School of Communication)

Concurrent Sessions: Block 2 (12:00 PM-1:00 PM)

  • Creating Learning Outcomes & Designing Assessments (Zoom link)

    • Jeff Huntsinger (Loyola University Chicago Department of Psychology)
    • Chipo Nyambuya (Loyola University Chicago School of Law)
  • The Importance of Knowing What We Don't Know: Intellectual Humility and Anti-Racist Pedagogy (Zoom link)

    • Michael Burns (Loyola University Chicago Department of Biology)
    • Susan Haarman (Loyola University Chicago Center for Experiential Learning)
    • Joe Vukov (Loyola University Chicago Department of Philosophy)
  • Responsiveness and Reflexivity in Everyday Pedagogy (Zoom link)

    • David Castro (Loyola University Chicago School of Education)
    • Abha Rai (Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work)
    • Joerg Zimmermann (Loyola University Chicago Department of Chemistry)