Loyola University Chicago

Focus on Teaching and Learning

January 2021 FOTL Session Descriptions

Opening Panel: 9:00AM-10:30AM

Reflections on Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Jessica Mansbach, FCIP
Bridget Colacchio Wesley, FCIP

Student Presenters:
Clay Connor Ellmore​
Katharine Flores​
Moriah Johnson
Jacque Stefanic
Brandon Thomas
Anastasia Tull
Taylor Thomas

Our panelists will share their experience with online teaching and learning and Anti-Racist Pedagogy during their time at Loyola, especially during the pandemic. 

Concurrent Session Block 1: 10:45AM-11:45AM

Small Steps to Becoming an Anti-Racist Educator

Faculty Presenters:
Mary Byrn  
Carla Kupe 
Niam McGuigan 

Our panelists will talk about strategies that can be used to design an anti-racist course. They will set the stage by describing the importance of internal self-reflection in anti-racist work. Then, they will describe how they used strategies from this summer’s anti-racist pedagogy sessions to redesign pieces of one of their courses to make it more anti-racist.  The session will conclude with strategies for encouraging your students to engage in critical assessment of information resources that can perpetuate systemic racism. Attendees will come away with practical strategies to center anti-racism in their pedagogical practices. 

Decentering Whiteness in the Classroom 

Faculty Presenters:
Sasha Adkins 
Andrea Boyd 
Brit Holmberg 

Our panelists will facilitate an interactive exploration of the tendencies of white dominant culture, their negative impact on the learning experiences of all students, and alternative, anti-racist methods for teaching & learning. 

Facilitating Discussion 

Faculty Presenters:
Pam Morris 
Zelda Harris 
Susan McCarthy 

Our panelists will discuss how to elicit a variety of student voices in discussion before, during, and after class. Then, they will describe two approaches they use to prompt their students to discuss and think deeply about diversity and social justice within their specific subject areas  

Concurrent Session Block 2: 12pm-1pm

Outcomes and Assessments 

Faculty Presenters:
Jeff Huntsinger 
Chipo Nyambuya 

In this session, we first discuss sources of biases in the delivery of educational information in the classroom and how to avoid them. We next discuss bias in educational testing and assessment and how to eliminate them.

Intellectual Humility 

Faculty Presenters:
Joe Vukov 
Michael Burns 
Susan Haarman 

Intellectual humility is an essential principle to both impart to our students and incorporate to our own teaching and approach to scholarship. It both encourages a growth mindset approach to learning and lays important foundation for anti-racist dialogues, teaching, and interventions. Join us to learn more about how to apply this in your classroom and in your teaching. 

Responsiveness and Reflexivity in Everyday Pedagogy 

Faculty Presenters:
Abha Rai 
Joerg Zimmermann 
David Castro 

Our panelists will share best-practices of how they set expectations, build an inclusive community, involve students in course design, and structure the course in a way that is responsive to students’ identities