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Focus on Teaching and Learning

January 2022 FOTL Call for Proposals and Registration

Registration for the January 2022 FOTL is now open!



January 2022 FOTL 

January 12, 2022 Focus on Teaching and Learning Conference 

Expanding Our Toolkits: Innovation, Creativity, Equity and Student Learning 

This January 2022 FOTL conference presents an opportunity to think about what it means to be innovative and creative when it comes to facilitating student learning. In what ways do you think outside of the box about student learning at a Jesuit university? What kinds of innovative, equitable approaches and strategies do you use to facilitate student learning? What creative innovations inside and outside of the classroom advance student engagement, support cura personalis (“care of the whole person”) and promote inclusiveness and anti-racism? How have you used technology to advance student learning? 

The call for proposals is closed.