Loyola University Chicago

Founders’ Dinner

Mary Ann B. Noonan

Damen Award Recipient: Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

Ms. Mary Ann B. Noonan, BSN ’64, MSN ’79

Throughout her 53-year career as a professional nurse, nurse educator, and family nurse practitioner, Mary Ann B. Noonan (BSN ’64, MSN ’79) has cared for underserved and minority populations including the Lakota Sioux Indians in South Dakota, Hispanics in Chicago neighborhood clinics, African Americans in the Chicago Austin area, homeless persons, and victims of domestic violence through the Pillars and Heartland Alliance. Loyola and the nursing profession provided her those opportunities. Ms. Noonan received the Midwest Alliance in Nursing award for her contributions toward improving health care needs for minority and rural populations and the Spirit of Ignatius Award. In addition, she founded and coached the first women’s soccer team at Loyola.

In 1991, the Kim Noonan Nursing Scholarship was established in memory of Kim Noonan, daughter of Mary Ann and George. The Annual Kim Noonan 10K Walkathon was established to raise money for Loyola nursing student scholarships. Over 14 years, the walks raised over $150,000, and 36 scholarships have been awarded.