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Founders' Dinner - Archive


  • Founders' Dinner 2015: In Their Own Words

    The 2015 Founders' Dinner Award recipients share what they've learned through their experiences while at Loyola, throughout their careers, and throughout their lives. Though their paths may be diverse, they all share a dedication to service and the pursuit of justice that is singularly extraordinary. Watch Video
  • Adrienne Y. Bailey, PhD, 2015 Coffey Award Recipient

    In March 1965, Adrienne Y. Bailey joined a group of Mundelein College students to march with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in support of civil rights activism in Selma, Alabama. This experience influenced her life's work and personal commitment to making education systems more just, effective, and transformative. Watch Video
  • Angelo Capozzi, MD, 2015 Damen Award Recipient

    Loyola University of Chicago 2015 Damen Award recipient from the Stitch School of Medicine, Angelo Capozzi. Watch Video
  • Ann M. Liston, 2015 Damen Award Recipient

    Ann Liston (BA '92) is one of the top political communications consultant in the United States and is a leading expert in communications in the political venue. She has played a significant role in the election of a U.S. president and has worked with political leaders throughout the United States, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Northern Ireland, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. She has also been a lecturer for Harvard University's Women and Public Policy Program. Watch Video
  • Anthony F. Piazza, 2015 Felice Award Recipient

    Anthony "Tony" F. Piazza (JFRC '62–'63) is a lifelong champion and active supporter of the John Felice Rome Center. He is the former president of RSI Kitchen and Bath and was a member of the first full-year class at the Rome Center from fall 1962 to spring 1963 during his junior year at Santa Clara University. At the Rome Center that spring, he met his future wife, Susan Brazier Piazza (JFRC Spring '63). Watch Video
  • Debra A. Hill, PhD, 2015 Damen Award Recipient

    Debra Hill (PhD '93) is committed to children and to social justice. A professional educator, she has worked at every level of education, from classroom teacher to superintendent to university professor. She discovered her calling during her sophomore year of college, and then she became the first full-time African-American teacher in the Oak Park school system. Watch Video
  • Mary Ann Hynes, 2015 Damen Award Recipient

    Throughout her career, through mentoring and leadership, Mary Ann Hynes (BA '90) has expanded opportunities for women in law and championed diversity in the legal profession. Her achievements inspired Inside Counsel magazine to create the Mary Ann Hynes Award, given annually to female general counsel who advance the status of women in the legal world. Watch Video
  • Mary Meg McCarthy, 2015 Damen Award Recipient

    Loyola University of Chicago 2015 Damen Award recipient from the School of Law, Mary Meg McCarthy. Watch Video
  • Matthew T. Logelin, 2015 Damen Award Recipient

    2015 Loyola University of Chicago Damen Award Recipient from the Graduate School, Matthew T. Logelin. Watch Video
  • Pam Coster, 2015 Damen Award Recipient

    Loyola University of Chicago's 2015 Founders' Dinner Damen Award recipient, Pam Coster. Watch Video
  • Patrick F. Conway, 2015 Damen Award Recipient

    2015 Founders' Dinner Damen Award recipient, Patrick F. Conway. Watch Video
  • Robin D. Fern, 2015 Damen Award Recipient

    Robin D. Fern (MBA '82) has devoted much of her career to making a difference in the lives of others, helping people gain access to basic human rights. As manager of strategic alliances for Water.org, she fosters relationships with strategic partners to drive expansion of the organization's water and sanitation initiatives. Watch Video
  • Sharmili D. Majmudar, 2015 Damen Award Recipient

    Sharmili D. Majmudar (MSW '97) has worked for the liberation of communities from domestic and sexual violence for 20 years. She is the executive director of Rape Victim Advocates (RVA), a Chicago-based rape crisis center committed to ensuring that survivors of sexual assault are treated with dignity and compassion by the legal system, medical institutions, and society as a whole. Watch Video
  • Steve J. Bernas, 2015 Damen Award Recipient

    Steve J. Bernas (BS '87, Niles College) has earned a reputation as an ethical businessman concerned with the rights of everyday citizens and is interested in leveling the "playing field" for all businesses. He is president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois, as well as president of the Better Business Bureau Educational Foundation. Over his 27-year career, he has mediated thousands of consumer and business-to-business disputes. He is responsible for the overall management of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago. Watch Video
  • Susan M. Finn, 2015 Damen Award Recipient

    Susan M. Finn (BSN '77, MSN '86) embodies the Ignatian value of being a person for others. She is a pediatric nurse practitioner and program director for the Pediatric Mobile Health Unit of the Ronald McDonald Children's Hospital of Loyola University Health System. Watch Video