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Want to Study Abroad?

Necessary Considerations

In order to determine your options for studying abroad, you should consider the following:

What length of program would you like?

There are programs that last for the fall or spring semester, a full academic year, and 3-8 weeks in the summer. You can browse the different programs by type or by region on the Office of International Programs website.

What types of courses would you like to take when abroad?

View the Database to learn which courses are already approved for each study abroad program. Not all departments use the Course Database; if you see a course that you are interested in, which is not in the Database, you may request approval through the corresponding academic department at Loyola or through your academic advisor.

Will you be able to stay on track towards completing your major?

Some majors require that you take courses in a certain sequence or in a certain semester. Examples of these majors include: nursing, education, math, biology, chemistry, and physics. If you are in this type of major, then a summer study abroad program may fit better into your plans. If you would like to study abroad in the fall or spring semester, then you may be able to take summer classes to stay on track for your major. You also may be able to take more major classes in the semesters before and after studying abroad. Talk with your academic advisor and select the links to the right to learn more about how studying abroad can fit into your four-year plan.

For further information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.