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CIEP 112

CIEP 112 is designed to strengthen your academic skills and help you become a more effective learner. This class will rely on attendance and participation in class activities and discussions, with minimal homework. The one-credit hour class meets just once a week for 50 min., and because it is graded, it can be a nice boost to your GPA.
As a result of completing this course, you will be able to...
---Identify why you procrastinate and how to overcome this hurdle.
---Recognize how your motivation and attitude influence your level of effort.
---Change irregular study patterns into consistent study routines.
---Maintain focus and productivity during each study session.
---Improve your reading, note-taking, and testing skills.
---Translate your long-term goals into daily and weekly priorities.

To register for CIEP 112, contact your Academic Advisor, or First and Second Year Advising at 773-508-7714. Please note, CIEP 112 classes begin the second week of the semester.

CIEP 112 Sample Syllabus