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Helpful Website links and descriptions

Major/Career exploration:

Want to know what people in particular majors go on to do for careers?  If so, you may want to explore the links below:

What Can I Do With This Major

Sallie Mae “Choosing a Major”

Bureau of Labor Statistics  Did you want to know what degrees you need for certain jobs, how much those jobs pay, and how many people are going into a given field?  This US Department of labor site can help you explore various careers by providing you such information.


IGnation LOCUS Registration Guide  Don’t know how to use LOCUS to register?  Check out this great video that walks you through the entire process.

Registration Tips and Information for Fall ’09 from the School of Business Check out this link for tips and information about registering from the School of Business.  Most information is generally applicable to all undergraduates, but please note that the walk-in hours listed are only for the School of Business.  Refer here for Office of Academic Advising and Services walk-in hours.

Financial Hardship and Additional Funding:

Financial Hardship Link Loyola Guarantee If you have having difficulty paying for your education at Loyola particularly because of a change in your family’s financial situation, you may be eligible for additional financial aid.  See the links below for more information.

Grade Calculators and Academic and Probation Support:

Amazing Grade Calculator  Would you like to figure out what you need on upcoming exams to get the grades you desire?  This calculator can help you figure out what you need to score on upcoming assignments to achieve your desired grade.  (Note: this tool is most effective when being used in conjunction with your syllabi)

Amazing LUC Calculator  Curious as to what you need to get in your classes this term to achieve a particular cumulative GPA?  This LUC calculator can help you determine just that.  (Note: this tool is most accurate when you use information found on your Unofficial Transcript)—link to how to pull up an unofficial transcript.

Probation Guide What is academic probation?

Getting Back on Track  How can I receive assistance to help me get off of probation?

Undergraduate Studies Catalog:

Loyola Academic Standards and Regulations How many credits to I need to graduate?  Can I take time off from Loyola can come back without having to re-apply?  What is Loyola’s policy on taking courses at another institution? The Loyola Undergraduate Studies Catalogue has answers to these questions and many many more.

Wellness and Stress Management:

College Wellness Topics  College can be very exciting but also very stressful.  For some tips about how to manage some of the unique stresses that college can cause, check out these websites.
Wellness Center Programs (like meditation & stress management)

Wellness Center Topic Links

Pre-Health, Pre-Law Advising:

Pre-Law Advising Thinking about Law School?  Wondering how to go “Pre-Law” at Loyola?  Check out this website to find out.

Pre-Health Advising Thinking about going into the health professions (Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Optometry, etc.)?  If so, check out the pre-health resources below.

Study Abroad and International Students:

Office of International Programs  Thinking about Studying Abroad?  Or are you an international student seeking advising?  If so, check out these links.
Study Abroad
OIP database (Search courses abroad for their Loyola equivalencies and for what requirements they will fulfill).

Important Dates:

When is the last day to drop with a grade of W, how much refund can I get by a certain date, and when is registration?:
Academic Calendar: http://www.luc.edu/academics/schedules/index.shtml
How do I find out what’s going-on on campus?
LUC Activities Calendar: http://info.luc.edu/newsevents/public/calendar.cfm

Advanced Placement (AP) Test Information:

How do I send in my AP scores to Loyola?
AP score sending site: http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/exgrd.html
What credit do I get at Loyola for my AP scores?
LUC AP credit by exam site: http://www.luc.edu/undergrad/academics/factsheets/CBE.pdf

Transfer Information:

How do I transfer from one School in Loyola to another?  See the internal transfer link from this site: 
Internal transfer: http://www.luc.edu/undergrad/admission.shtml

Student Organizations, Campus Activities and Community:

How do I find out what student organizations are on campus?
Student Organizations: http://www.luc.edu/activities/organizations.shtml

How do I find out what’s going-on on campus?
LUC Activities Calendar: http://info.luc.edu/newsevents/public/calendar.cfm

Have questions you feel that others in the Loyola community may be able to answer?  Join or browse Loyola’s live journal community.
LUC Livejournal: http://community.livejournal.com/loyola_chicago/

Placement and Competency Exams:

How do I take those exams that tell me where I test into with Math, Writing, or Foreign Language?
Placement Assessments: http://www.luc.edu/orientation/spring/placement.shtml

Where do I go to test out of my College of Arts and Science and/or School of Communications foreign language requirement by Proficiency Exam?
Foreign Language Exams: http://www.luc.edu/llrc/pdfs/FLE.pdf

Where do I go for...:

A great resource for where to find out where you need to go for a variety of topics from class absences, through help with Writing.
Where do I go for HUB directory: http://www.luc.edu/hub/Where_to_go.shtml