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First and Second Year Advising

Student Academic Services

First Year Student Checklist

Transitioning into college can be many things for many different students. Please review this list below in order to best prepare yourself academically for your transition into your first Loyola Chicago University semester. 

Things To Remember

  • You don’t have to have everything figured out. There is time to change majors, add minors, pivot to new interests. Your first semester worth of courses will count toward graduation regardless if you make changes.
  • UNIV 101 will allow you to understand LUC resources and opportunities. We want you to build your best unique LUC experience. You need to know what is possible in order to do that.
  • Start off on your best foot. Build a schedule/planner. Have good attendance. Participate in class. Use campus resources. Interact with professors and staff members to celebrate successes and problem solve challenges.
  • Understand you are the primary person responsible for your academic plan and progress. LUC has many supports and resources, but you have to engage with them so we can assist.