Loyola University Chicago

First and Second Year Advising

Student Academic Services

International Students

Exchange students will receive an assigned academic advisor to assist with course registration and can send questions to First and Second Year Advising.

English as a Second Language program students should contact the ESL program.

  1. Register for the new student on-campus orientation session scheduled for August 21 and 22, 2013. You will attend both the new student orientation and the international student orientation. Note: you will enroll in your courses from home in June with the assistance of personal course recommendations from an academic advisor, prior to attending orientation
  2. Take your placement tests as soon as possible. Your scores are necessary before you register for fall courses. The tests are online and can be accessed on the orientation preparation website.
    • The Math Placement Test is required to register for most math, science, and business courses. You should have a quiet space to take the test and are permitted to use a calculator.
    • The Writing Placement Test is required for students who are notified of the need to take the exam.
    • Foreign Language Placement Assessments are available for French, Spanish, and German.
  3. Complete the academic advising intake form no later than May 20. Once you complete the form, an academic advisor will contact you via email within two weeks with a list of suggested courses for fall semester.
  4. Review the International Student Advising Guide to become familiar with academic requirements and being a student at Loyola University Chicago.
  5. Visit the new student Technology RoadMap to learn how to navigate Loyola’s e-mail platform and the LOCUS portal. You will utilize LOCUS to enroll in your fall classes.
  6. Register for your classes from home. Registration via LOCUS will open on Monday, June 3 and will close on Friday, June 14. Registration will re-open July 1–July 11 to accommodate any schedule changes.
  7. Contact the Office of International Programs advisors with questions pertaining to your non-immigrant status.