Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership


Masha Bandouil

Masha Bandouil
Dance, Biology
Frisco, TX

What are some of your interests and involvement outside the Gannon Scholars program?

I am actively involved in the Chicago community by teaching “Dance with a Doc” classes in senior centers and homeless shelters. This program gives participants a chance to learn about important health related topics while having the opportunity to explore exercise and creativity through dance. I am interested in exploring the intersection between the arts and sciences and have created several dance films in an effort to make science more accessible to all. I am involved on campus as current Russian Club President and former Service Director of the Dance Honor Society. I have also served as a Resident Assistant for two years.

Why is the mission of women's leadership important to you?

Women's leadership is important to me because how can our society get closer to achieving gender equality if our leadership positions fail to include such a significant part of our population? This inequality is present in even the most unexpected sectors such as in the dance world, a women dominated field, where males still dominate leadership positions. There are too many disparities in the world to have significant decision making only in the hands of a select few. The world will flourish when the ideas, values, and passions of women are allowed to flourish as well.