Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership


Deena Al-Ali

Deena Al-Ali
First Year
Political Science
Chicago, IL

“My summer [as a camp counselor for RefugeeOne] reaffirmed the fact that I want to practice immigration law to magnify the opportunities for people like my father who seek a better life for their families. In the future, I hope to run for the U.S. Congress to fight for better lives and expanded opportunities for kids like those I worked with that summer. I know that an opportunity like the Gannon Scholars program will only help me grow as a leader and a global citizen. Engaging with the Loyola and larger Chicago community through leadership projects will help me in preparing to take on national issues as a future politician. Engaging in service leadership opportunities will foster the passion I have for service to my community. Attending weekly Gannon scholarship meetings will allow me to surround myself with like-minded people who are just as invested in changing the world as I am. I want to make paths for people to exercise their freedom to learn from differences – say, artistic expression, religion, physical abilities, and politics – and to turn this learning into careers that make differences a strength, not an “otherness” to be shunned.”