Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership


Anushka Nanda

Anushka Nanda
First Year
Springfield, IL

“The disparities in healthcare resources and quality of care available to women and people of color is an issue I would like to tackle through the Gannon Scholars Leadership Program. My familial involvement with healthcare systems and my interest in biology draw me into this issue. Women and people of color are often not taken seriously by medical professionals. These marginalized groups also receive a significantly lower amount of preventative care. Women’s symptoms are discounted as being an effect of menstruation. People of color receive lower-quality healthcare on account of racial bias, whether conscious or unconscious. This leads to misdiagnosis or lack of diagnosis of a multitude of health conditions. Sexism and racial bias within healthcare must be acknowledged in order to combat the disparity. Inequality within the healthcare system has resulted in higher mortality rates for many conditions in people of color than when compared to white people. The rights and protection of an individual’s bodily autonomy are also a focus of mine. I will advocate for women’s reproductive rights and access to menstrual health products. My advocacy efforts are rooted in educational ventures that raise awareness and incite action towards finding solutions to social issues.”