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Masha Bandouil

Masha Bandouil
Graduation Year
Biology, Dance
Sandra Kaufmann

The arts and sciences are often seen as mutually exclusive subjects. However, their shared interest in discovering truths about the world, whether that be through movement or microscopes, make them anything but that. I am seeking to find the intersection between the art of dance and the science of biology in the process of knowledge acquisition. More specifically, I am investigating the impact that dance can have on making scientific knowledge more accessible to the general public. I believe that a mind/body dichotomy has been established within our society, which limits knowledge acquisition to only the mind. However, the body houses a language in itself and can be incredibly effective in communicating knowledge to others. Scientific knowledge is very specialized and often restricted to professionals capable of understanding it. However, a lot of scientific, and specifically medical knowledge, needs to be made more accessible to the general population in order to allow people to make more informed decisions about their own health as well as their actions in the world. Dance can be a tool that bridges this gap. It is a more just form of knowledge acquisition as it relates to the natural human instinct of movement instead of access to specialized knowledge.