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Sofia Khatoon

Sofia Khatoon
Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience
Dr. Amy Bohnert

Various studies have discussed the biological, social, and emotional implications of menstruation. Public discussions have shifted to the social implications of menstruation; however, more research is needed to examine how the onset of menstruation affects psychological, health, and cognitive aspects of an individual’s life including affect regulation (AR), sleep, and executive functioning (EF). Examining these factors prior to and following menarche will provide valuable insight into how to support individuals making this transition. Drawing on my mentor’s collaboration on an NIH-funded study, this project will utilize assessments of AR, sleep, EF, and environmental sensitivity using multiple methods including actigraphy, surveys, and lab tasks. Participants will include 100 anatomical females assessed before the onset of menarche (T1) and again 6-9 months after the onset of menarche (T2) to determine how AR, sleep, and EF change over the menarcheal transition and whether these changes vary by environmental sensitivity. This research will allow for a better understand of the impact of menarche on psychological, health, and cognitive functioning, which will ultimately allow for greater awareness regarding how best to support adolescents across this critical developmental transition.