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Grace Koch

Grace Koch
Theatre and Political Science
Wauwatosa, WI

One of my most fulfilling experiences here at Loyola has been working as a teaching assistant and tutor at Kilmer Elementary School. The classroom I worked in was led by a strong female teacher who had the students create science projects, ask challenging questions, and express themselves through skits and art. It was enlightening to see students being educated so dynamically, and it showed me the power of a determined leader.

On my theatrical side, I was cast in a production titled “This is my Body” that addressed women’s perceptions of their body images through a series of interviews with female-identifying students on campus that we then developed into scenes, monologues and spoken word … Through these experiences I began to realize the impact theatre can have on educating an audience on the deeply personal aspects that accompany issues of social justice.

I hope to continue to explore social justice theatre, specifically by creating a play that addresses the kind of empowering female leadership I have seen in my experience at Kilmer as well as that brings these theatrical discussions to the classroom to create environments in which students can be creative while talking about real issues in society.