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Use Gartner to bring real world complex issues into the classroom, by linking Gartner research to the curriculum, and having access to current top-shelf research on technology and how it enhances the technological understanding of the student's research in their industry. Some common ways in which Gartner has been used in the classroom are:

  • Researching industry trends
  • Using it for the basis of case studies
  • Look at the health of an organization
  • Establish quality research practices with real-world examples


"Students in my MBA course on Strategic Use of I.T. used the Gartner publications to research trends in technology, or in particular software, e.g., CRM, or about particular vendors, e.g., SAP. They are amazed at how much information is available in one place in easy-to-read formats.
As a professor, I have used Gartner publications to research trends in information technology, new management issues for Chief Information Officers, or skills that are highly sought after in I.T. departments.
Most recently, my undergraduate students used Gartner materials in their requirements analysis projects (for real organizations!). They researched various trends, technologies and vendors for, e.g., regarding eFax. Also, the students consulted a Gartner analyst about what the analyst has seen other organizations (not) do regarding eFax.
All the students who have ever used Gartner materials and/or consulted a Gartner analyst were always amazed at how much useful information they could find out in a short amount of time."
—Gezinus Hidding, Associate Professor

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