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Gartner @ Loyola


Gartner is a tool that can be used at Loyola Chicago to help improve infrastructure, and assist in validating key-decision criteria when making technology-based business decisions.

Through a simple search, users can find several current as well as historical articles to provide a well-rounded understanding of a solution, situation or business area that is being vetted. The industry pulse is not limited to just the CIO's perspective, but all departments and how technology decisions and supporting research and market trends are analyzed and discussed for all facets of business. Some common ways in which Loyola Staff use Gartner are:

  • Researching industry trends
  • Gathering current and historical information on market trends
  • Understanding the landscape and competition in the marketplace for a specific product area
  • Best Practices standards provided yearly, to understand projections for each industry, department or product


"I use Gartner services on a regular basis and find it extremely valuable. I find it quite easy to acquire the information I need to complete my technology research. They also have specifics regarding technology use within the higher education sector. I have several initiatives setup where I use the 'manage tracks' functionality to stay on top of key vendors and technology trends. It’s a great tool!"
—Jim Sibenaller, Director of Business & Enterprise Services
"The Gartner research and service helps me in many ways. I use Gartner to learn about technologies and technology vendors. I use it to better understand where technology is heading and how other companies and schools are using technology. The Gartner service is a good way to “stay on top” of technology as it relates to our business process and how people are using technology.” Gartner is especially helpful when you are trying to make decisions about what technologies to consider and what technology vendors to work with.”
—Bruce Montes, Director, Academic Technology Services

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