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Gartner provides unbiased market research analysis that will assist users in their research needs. For students, having many sources of information to triangulating and support your data is imperative when presenting a well-rounded case study to support your academic pursuits. Every major has technology in the classroom and in the real-world, so let Gartner open up your world to how technology is being used in your industry so you are ahead of the curve when you graduate. Gartner research can provide insight for students on:

  • Current trends in technology
  • Information Technology Management
  • Business issues in your industry
  • Various Organizations IT needs
  • IT Strategy


“When I began exploring the Gartner website and I discovered how useful Gartner is in understanding all the current technology trends within the financial realm and all the resources Gartner has to offer. Not only are there articles about the current technology trends, but also research tools that further my understanding of these trends. Understanding these trends are very beneficial for me in finance because technology runs all the financial activities I work with in my internship. I can use all the resources Gartner has to offer in my case studies and papers for classes, and to deepen my understanding of the current market standing in regards to technology within my career path.”
—Shirin Precht, Dual Degree Finance and Mathematics, '16

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