Certificate in Leading Inclusive Catholic Schools

Catholic school principals tend to be the main decision maker in admission decisions and, many times, these principals have limited experience with students with disabilities.  In order to effectively build more inclusive environments, this program aims to build both the knowledge and experiential base of Catholic school principals in the area of special education/inclusion.  For many Catholic school principals, professional preparation in the areas of exceptionality, special education law and procedure, and interventions/accommodations has been limited.  In order to increase the knowledge base in these areas, a program of graduate course work through the School of Education-Loyola University Chicago will be conducted.  This series of courses would results in a  from the School of Education-Loyola University Chicago.

Program Outcomes:

As a result of this program, candidates will:

  • Increase ability to build more inclusive approaches in Cathoic schools
  • Enhance change management strategies required to develop programs to serve students with disabiltes in Catholic schools
  • Develop the dispositions to create environments that where students of all abilities belong

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Scholarship Opportunities

Members of a Catholic educator cohort are eligible for a 1/3 tuition scholarship.  Additional scholarship opportunities are available.  To access these opportunities, you must have completed and submitted your application for admissions.  Once that is complete, please submit a letter of application addressing the following points: 

1) Identify any financial hardships that impact on your ability to attend the program to which you have applied.

2) Describe the other sources of financial support (use of title funds, support from foundations etc.) that you have sought to address the financial need.

To apply for additional scholarship support, please submit a letter addressing the two points indicated above to:

Michael J. Boyle Ph.D., Director
Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education
School of Education
Loyola University Chicago
820 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 606011


Letters can be emailed to  mboyle3@luc.edu 

Requests for financial support are reviewed by the Greeley Scholarship Review team.  Letters of application will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all available funding is allocated.  Candidates are encouraged to apply early in order maximize the opportunity to receive funding.  

This scholarship is renewable for the duration of the program to which you have applied, dependent on continued availability of funds.  To be eligible for renewal of the scholarship, you must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Maintain status as a student in good standing with Loyola University Chicago
  2. Continue to make progress towards completion of the program to which you applied

As a condition of acceptance of the scholarship, you agree to maintain employment in a Catholic school over the next five years.