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Certificate in Instructional Coaching

Teacher leaders are crucial for the success of any school. This certificate empowers teacher leaders to support and guide their colleagues to improve teaching and learning through instruction, curriculum, and using information and data. 

The focus of the courses is a "grass roots" school-by-school coaching program in a Catholic, independent, charter, or public school.

Apply now for August 2021. 


Admission Requirements:

  1. 1-3 page Personal Statement/Statement of Purpose

     Describe the following:

    - What are your professional goals as they relate to curriculum and instruction in your classroom and in your school? How will instructional coaching support this?

    - What life and/or teaching experiences have influenced your view of social justice?

  2. Teaching certificate or license
  3. Transcripts
  4. Two letters of recommendation 


Features of the Program

  • All courses held online
  • Four (4) Master’s level courses (12 credit hours total)
  • Nine of the 12 credits can be transferred to the Catholic Principal Preparation Program, an MEd in Administration and Supervision with IL Principal Licensure
  • Optional, additional two-week summer course at Loyola University’s Rome Campus to develop global leadership perspectives
  • Aligned to the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Schools (NSBECS)
  • Aligned to Learning Forward's Standards for Professional Learning

Certificate's Four Courses

  • Fundamentals of Instructional Coaching
  • Curriculum Development for Instructional Leaders
  • MTSS for Instructional Leaders
  • Foundations of Data

Please contact this program's advisor for more information:

Michelle Lia, EdD
Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education
P • 312.915.6925
E • mlia@luc.edu
W • LUC.edu/gcce


Certificate in Instructional Coaching flyer




Two Scholarship Opportunities

1.) Loyola University Chicago offers a mission discount for educators at Catholic schools. To qualify, you must have secured funding from an outside source like Title IIA funds, a foundation, etc. (The Greeley Center scholarship does not count). 


  2.) The Greeley Center offers scholarships. To apply,  you must have completed and submitted your application for admissions. 

Once your online application to Loyola is complete, please submit a letter addressing the following points: 

          a) Identify any financial hardships that impact on your ability to pay tuition and fees

          b) Describe the other sources of financial support (use of title funds, support from foundations, etc.) that you have

          sought to address the financial need.

Please submit this letter addressing the two points above via email to Michelle Lia, mlia@luc.edu

Requests for Greeley Center scholarships are reviewed by the Greeley Scholarship Review team.  Letters of application will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all available funding is allocated.  Candidates are encouraged to apply early in order maximize the opportunity to receive funding.  

This scholarship is renewable for the duration of the program to which you have applied, dependent on continued availability of funds.  To be eligible for renewal of the scholarship, you must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Maintain status as a student in good standing with Loyola University Chicago
  2. Continue to make progress towards completion of the program to which you applied

As a condition of acceptance of the scholarship, you agree to maintain employment in a Catholic school over the next five years.


Loyola's Financial Aid Website 

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