LU CHOICE graduates are making a difference in Catholic Education

This year, as the LU CHOICE (Loyola University Chicago Opportunities in Catholic Education) Program recruits its 11th class, the program will be celebrating 10 years of service to Catholic Education in the Chicago area. LU CHOICE is a two-year service, scholarship, and training program for college graduates. The mission of LU-CHOICE is to develop and sustain Catholic education. Program director Lee Hubbell describes the LU CHOICE candidates as "the lay religious of our time." He states further that "they come to education with a sense of passion, mission and spirituality that infuses our partner schools with spirit and energy. The experience creates in them a sense of purpose and mission that encourages them to stay in Catholic Schools." Described by some former participants as "a spiritual boot-camp," LU-CHOICE provides a unique opportunity to live out the Jesuit ideals. As women and men for others, LU-CHOICE teachers find great joy in knowing they are serving others. They are able to put their faith into action in both the classrooms in which they teach and the faith-based community in which they live. LU CHOICE graduates are making a difference in Catholic Education. Over the last 10 years of the program, 89% of the LU CHOICE graduates are still in the field of education, and 52% are still serving Catholic schools!