Target Areas

CCSE works with schools, dioceses and networks to address the needs of Catholic and faith-based schools in the following areas:

Curriculum Development and Implementation

  • Reviewing, refining, and creating standards-based, learning-focused, results-oriented curriculum consistent with school mission

Assessment Practices

  • Developing effective assessment webs to include curriculum-based formative and summative assessments as well as standardized school-wide measures

Effective Learning Teams

  • Adapting the growing research base on the effectiveness of professional learning communities to a Catholic school context

Instruction for Learning Results

  • Working with school staff to expand knowledge of best practices in teaching and learning and to differentiate curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners

Systems of Student Intervention and Support

  • Creating systematic approaches to use data to design intervention systems to address the needs of struggling learners
  • Translating innovations in system approaches, such as Response to Intervention (RTI), Flexible Service Delivery (Flex Serve), Teacher Assistance Teams and Positive Behavior Supports (PBS/PBIS), to Catholic school contexts

Instructional Leadership

  • Expanding knowledge base/skills for effective learning-focused leadership in schools
  • Helping the full range of individuals within a Catholic school learning community to become effective learning leaders