The Center for Catholic School Effectiveness, now known as the Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education, was established in 2003 by Founding Director Lorraine A. Ozar, Ph.D., to leverage the resources of the School of Education and the University in support of improving and sustaining excellent K–12 Catholic schools. In its first decade, the Center has worked with over 5,000 Catholic educators in more than 600 schools in 60+ dioceses across the nation and from Canada, Australia, Guam, Philippines, Nigeria, and Indonesia. Through its work, the Center brings Loyola’s commitment to transformative education to the larger community of Catholic educators and to the Church.

Loyola chose to honor Rev. Andrew M. Greeley, in recognition of his impact and leadership in support of Catholic education, and beyond, through his research, writing, speaking, and advocacy relating faith and scholarship to contemporary life.

Father Greeley often referred to himself as a “bridge builder” – a scholar bringing faith to the secular university and a priest bringing scholarship to the work of the Church. The Center likewise strives to bring scholarship to Catholic school practices, and to bring Catholic identity and mission to the scholarship that informs academic rigor and excellence.

In collaboration with Catholic educators at all levels, The Greeley Center:

  • Empowers school staff and enhances school capacity to meet the needs of diverse students in faith-based, mission-driven schools
  • Challenges Catholic schools to stay on the cutting-edge by bridging theory, research, and practice in the context of Catholic school identity and mission
  • Leads efforts to articulate, measure, and enhance Catholic school effectiveness