JVC Magis

JVC Magis provides a unique opportunity to live out the Jesuit ideals. As men and women for others, JVC Magis volunteers find great joy in knowing they are serving others. They are able to put their faith into action in both the agencies in which they serve and the faith-based communities in which they live.

The term Magis is a key element of Jesuit Spirituality, inviting us to do more and to become more in the hope of offering greater service.


JVC Magis is for dedicated people seeking meaning in their life who want to:

  • serve people in the inner city
  • explore a deeper spirituality
  • earn a Master's Degree in one of the following areas: social work, pastoral studies, divinity, social justice, spirituality.
  • consider making ministry and/or service a lifelong commitment

Any former member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, or JVC Northwest, may apply for this service program. Participation in any other type of program, while similar to JVC, does not fulfill this requirement.

To request more information, please contact:

Lee Hubbell, Director
School of Education
Loyola University Chicago
Lewis Towers 11th Floor
820 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 312.915.7049
Fax:     312.915.7448
E-mail: lhubbel@LUC.edu