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Loyola University Chicago Opportunities In Catholic Education (LU-CHOICE) is a two-year service-teaching program for college graduates whose mission is to advance, develop and sustain Catholic education by educating, placing and supporting talented college graduates in elementary classrooms in the Archdiocese of Chicago. LU-CHOICE teachers live out their faith and embody the Jesuit ideal of being men and women for others through service to their schools and dedication to their community.

Current TeachersLU-CHOICE provides a unique opportunity to participants to live out the Jesuit ideals. As men and women for others, LU-CHOICE teachers find great joy in knowing they are serving others. They are able to put their faith into action in the classrooms in which they teach and in the faith-based communities in which they live.

Teaching and Graduate Studies
The essence of LU-CHOICE can be found in its three pillars: professional teaching, community and spirituality. Participants of LU-CHOICE serve others as dedicated, full-time elementary teachers. They attend education classes through a graduate program at Loyola University Chicago. Upon successful completion of the course work, participants earn an M.Ed from Loyola.

Community Life
All LU-CHOICE teachers live in community with other participants. Community life provides opportunities for professional support, personal growth and spiritual development. All participants live in a single residence and are responsible for rent, utilities and related costs.

An active spirituality is at the core of all aspects of LU-CHOICE. Teachers share their own faith journeys with their students. The Community prays together and encourages the spiritual development of each member.

UCCE and Other Member Programs
LU-CHOICE is a member of the University Consortium for Catholic Education (UCCE). This consortium establishes and supports a collaborative cadre of primarily Catholic colleges and universities as they design and implement graduate teaching service programs, for the purpose of supporting Catholic/Parochial education in the United States. If the LU-CHOICE program does not meet your specific needs or interests, please consider applying for one of the other UCCE member programs.

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