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Full Honor Roll 2015

Loyola University Chicago is grateful for all our donors. Their gifts truly make a difference in the pursuit of our mission. The honor roll below is reflective of gifts made between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

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Founders' Circle

Damen Society

Society of the Shield

Corporate and Foundation Donors

Estate Gifts


Founders' Circle

Ignatius Loyola, Francis Xavier, and Peter Faber were college friends whose vision, mission, and prayer were the compass that guided the Society of Jesus and shaped the proud tradition of Jesuit education and service.  The Founders’ Circle, Loyola University Chicago’s most prestigious giving society, honors the men and women who have made philanthropic gifts totaling more than $100,000 to our University and Health System.  These men and women have helped to carry on the work of these Jesuit founders.

$1,000,000+ | $500,000–$999,999 | $100,000–$499,999

Ignatius Loyola Society ($1,000,000+)

Joan and Eugene* Amoroso (BS '57)

Earl Bane*

Kathleen* and Bernard* Beazley (JD '50)

Carolyn* and James* Beck

Katherine and Michael Birck

Robert Buehler*

Dorothy (MUND '62) and Michael Carbon, MD (BS '62), LL

Norma* and Bruce* Carroll (MD '44)

The Caveney Family

Maude* and John* Clarke

Loretta and William* Cleary (BS ’50) / Jones & Cleary Roofing & Sheet Metal Fund

Nancy and Frank Considine (PhB '43)

Linda (BS '75, MA '77) and Kevin Conway (BA '73, JD '76)

Barbara and John Cooney (JD '79)

Loretta (JD '77) and Robert Cooney (JD '78), LL

Mary Dempsey and Philip Corboy* (JD '49)

Rosemary and John Croghan (BS '52)

Barbara (BS ’64, MEd ’72) and Eugene Croisant (BBA ’59, MSIR ’66)

The Crown Family

Herta Cuneo, LL

John Cuneo, LL

Jeanne and William Dale

Lenore* and Keith* DeLashmutt (JD '51)

James DePauw*

Mary Jane* and Michael* DiCosola (MD '42)

Willouise Donovan* (BA '39)

Sally and James Dowdle

Judith and Richard Duchossois

Vincent J. Galante* (MD '43)

Carol and Joseph* Gentile (PhB '48)

Nancy and Alvin Gorman, LL

Joan Los Hank (BS '54) and William J. Hank, LL

Jane* and John* Igini (MD '47)

Hollye (BSN '97, MSW '06) and Jeffrey Jacobs (JD '74)

Adelaide* (MUND ’34) and Carroll* Johnson, DDS

Mignon Johnson*

Barbara and John Keeley Jr.

Constance and Dennis Keller

Donald P. and Byrd M. Kelly Family Foundation

Mary Anne Kirchschlager*

Nancy W. Knowles

Cornelia Kulicek*

Rosemary* (MUND '54) and Richard* Leach (BA '48)

Jennifer Leischner Litowitz (JD '94) and Alec N. Litowitz

Evelyn* and Anthony* Majer

Carolina Panerai Mandel*

Carol and Lucian* Matusak (BA '43, MD '46)

Barry McCabe, LL

Concetta Ann* and Paul* Mooney (MEd '57)

Therese* and John* Mulcahy

Joan and John* Mullins (BSC '48), LL

Walter Neiswanger* (MD '52)

Marcella* and Conrad* Niehoff

Alfie* and Allan Norville (BS '60), LL

Marie Agnes O'Neill*

Robert Otremba* (BS '49, MS '63)

Elizabeth (BS ’75) and Robert Parkinson Jr. (BBA ’73, MBA ’75), LL

Richard A. Perritt Charitable Foundation

Susan and Joseph Power Jr. (JD '77), LL

Marilyn and Michael Quinlan (PhB '67, MBA '70), LL

Christine and David* Rammler, PhD (BS '51)

Arthur Rubloff*

Vincent* and Frances* Russo

Mary and William Ryan

Kathleen Egan Schreiber (MUND '70) and John Schreiber (BBA '68)

Trust Under the Will of John G. Searle / Searle Family Trust

Michael and Nydia Searle, LL

William G. and Marilyn M.* Simpson

Claire* and Albert* Speh

Katheryn H.* (BS ’32, MSW ’38) and Thomas J.* Stamm (BA ’26, MD ’46)

Jeanne (MSW '76) and Joseph* Sullivan

Jean and Michael Sullivan (BSC '61), LL

John (BSC '59) and Terese Mulkern Terry (BS '59), LL

Judith and Robert* Van Kampen

Jean* and Charles* Walgreen Jr.

Patricia (MSW '97) and Daniel Walsh (JD '74), LL

Dorothy Weil*

Denise DeBartolo York and John York II (MD '74)

John Zukowski*


Francis Xavier Society ($500,000–$999,999)

Patrick Arbor (BSC '58)

Fern Asma (MD '46)

Margaret Baima* (MD '47)

Helen Balling*

Joyce Barry* (MUND '55)

Paul Begich* (BSC '55)

Melvin R. and Randy Lamm Berlin (JD '91), LL

Bernard Brennan* (PhB '37)

Mildred (BS '49, MEd '54) and Joseph Brodner

Jacob Brotman* (MD '33)

Ethel Burns* (BA '55)

Mary Isabelle Caestecker*

Audree* and Donald* Casey (MD '43)

James King Lee Choy* (MD '37)

Joanne Cipolla

Marie (MA '56) and James* Cowhey (BS '55)

Mark Daniels* (DDS '46)

Arthur Davis Jr.* (MSIR '71)

Evelyn Dyba*

Edward Egan* (MD '21)

Mary Anne English*

Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation

Lee and Charles* Finkl

Dorothy* and Stephen* Frawley

Helen Galvin*

Dorothy* and John* Gormley

Rosemary* and John* Grant (MD '43)

Rolf M. Gunnar, MD and Family

Pamela and George Hamel Jr.

Arthur Marc Harris*

Susanna Hayes, PhD (JFRC '62-'63, BS '64)

Judith and Marvin Herb

Marie Herzog* (MUND '62)

May Weber, MD* and Gerald M. Hoffman, PhD

Heidi and Peter Huizenga

Virginia* and Robert* Joyce

John Jozwiak* (BA '50, JD '54)

Peter M. Kelliher Sr.*

Lois* and William* Knapp (MD '46)

Shirley* and William Koloseike (BSC '51)

The Wing-Tat Lee* Family

Roxanne and Rocco Martino (MBA '78), LL

Carrie Miller*

Walter Mullady* (BS '26)

Genevieve* and Peter* Nelson (MD '26)

Robert Parrillo

Virginia Piper*

John Rosich* (BSC '30)

Mary* and Anthony* Rudis

Erica and James Sandner (BBA '61)

Helen and Jack Schwartz

Frederick Selfridge* (MD '46)

Eleonore* (MUND '36) and Vincent* Skowronski

Marcia Friedl-Smith (JD '78) and Todd Smith (JD '76)

Irene Sheehan-Snider, MD* and Thomas Snider* (MD '51)

Mary Josephine Stack* (MA '50)

Joan Steinbrecher* (MEd '64, PhD '80)

Lucille* and Orion* Stuteville

Connie* and Bolton* Sullivan

Martin Svaglic* (BA '38, MA '40)

Alma* and Joseph* Verhaag (MD '28)

Carol Vining*

Kathleen and Charles Walgreen III

Rita Walsh* (MD '50)

Viola Ward* (BS '35, MSW '42)

Laura and Dan Webb (JD '70)

Rosemarie* (PhB '40) and Glenn* Wessies

Elsie* and Eugene* Weyler

Charles Whittingham (BS '51), LL

Dahlia* and Louis* Zale Sr. (PhB '48)

Dorothy Wood Zietz* (MSW '46)


Peter Faber Society ($100,000–$499,999)

Vincent Accardi*

John Adank*

Adreani Foundation

Reva and Seymour Alban (MD '46)

Alberta and William Aldinger

Margaret and William Allen III

Carmelo Andolina* (MD '41)

William Angus* (BS '53, MD '56)

Lanette* and Thomas Anton

Anthony Anzalone* (JD '40)

Carol* and Howard Arons (MBA '76)

Helen* (BS '55) and John* Ayres

Eva Bading, MD, LL

Rose and Steven Bagby

Gloria and Francis Banich (BS '54, MD '57), LL

M. Rita (BSC '58) and John Barnett (BSC '51)

Evelyn* and William* Barnett Sr. (JD '41)

Barrett Charitable Foundation

The Alben F. and Clara G. Bates Foundation

Ann* and Alvin* Baum

Jennifer and Aaron Berk

Pamela and Harlan J. Berk

Micki* and Joseph* Bernstein (JD '35)

Walter Bielawski* (BS '50, MBA '72)

Jose Biller, MD (MRES '80)

Mary Jo and James Bolan (MD '61)

Mary Jane and James Boris

Georgia* and Leonard* Borland (DDS '34)

Carolyn and James Bouchard (BBA '84)

Edna Bowens* (JD '30)

Patricia Bugelas-Brandt and William Brandt Jr.

Debra and James J. Brasher (BBA '75)

Thomas Brisch*

Virginia* (MUND '39) and Robert* Broderick

Mary Ryan Buddig (JD '84) and Robert Buddig

Sheila Burns* (BS '63)

Anthony Caine

David Callaghan*

Kim and John Callaghan (MD '78)

Helen and Ronald* Callahan (JD '51)

Jayne Campbell* (PhB '50)

Catherine Cashman* (MUND '49, MEd '54)

L. Alice Chiang

Joan and Robert Clifford

Jane* and John Colavincenzo (MD '47), LL

Richard Colburn

Glenna Collins*

Margaret Conley* (MD '59)

Bernard Conway* (JD '50)

William Conway* (MD '38)

Anna Coughlin* (PhB '33)

Patricia* and Frank M.* Covey Jr. (BS '54, JD '57)

Joan Cramer* (BSN '85)

Patricia Crowley*

Elizabeth* and Edward* Cudahy

Becky D'Angelo (MUND '50)

Timothy (MBA '71) and Jacqueline Danis

Catherine and Hanley Dawson III

Ruth* and Thomas* Dean

Catherine and Edward Denten (BSC '54), LL

John Devery* (JD '28)

Nelyon Dewson*

Jean and William Divane Jr.

Sandra (BS '92, MEd '94) and William Dobozi (MD '73)

Richard Dolezal* (PhD '66)

Thomas Doody* (MD '51)

Mary Shirley* and Carl* Dorfler (BSC '49)

Patricia and Joseph* DuCanto

Rita Dukette*

Gerard Egan (BA '53, MA '59, PhD '69)

Edward W. Elliott Jr., LL

Deborah and Mark Essig (BBA '81)

William Fahey

Elizabeth and Bernard Farkas (MSW '62)

George Fawcett Jr.* (JD '53)

Mary Kate (JFRC '63-'64) and John* Felice (MA '72)

Virginia (BBA '76) and Royal Fisher

Robert Flanigan, MD and Joan Chiaviello

Kathryn Flanner*

Margo (BA '74) and David Fowler (BBA '71)

Elaine and Zollie* Frank

Ruth and Robert* Freeark

Gary David Friedman* (JD '62)

Judith Froehlich Klamut (BS '69, MD '73, MRES '76) and Michael Klamut (MD '73, MRES '78)

Helmuth Fuchs, PhD (BS '62)

Maureen and William Gallagher

Isabel* and Robert* Gallagher

Mary and Robert* Galvin

Dr. Richard L. Gamelli and Mary C. Gamelli

Ethel Geiger*

Glenn Gentile

The Hon. Susan Getzendanner (BBA '66, JD '66) and Stanton Kessler

Alexander J. Ghanayem, MD and Patrice E. Ghanayem

Marie (BBA' 87) and Raymond Ginther, LL

Amy Glaister* (JD '39)

Jean* and Louis Glunz III, PhD (BS '51), LL

Rose* and John* Goedert (BA '35, JD '40)

Eileen and Leonard* Golan

David Goldman*

Jennifer and Isaac Goldman

James Gonner* (MD '44)

Mary (MUND '43) and R. James* Gormley

Myrtle Gould* (BSN '55, MSN '61)

Emilia* and James Govan

Joan Grabenstetter (MD '75)

Helen (BSN '63) and Elliot* Grace

Joseph Grady* (BA '28, JD '32)

Ellen Sue and Michael Greco

Regina Gruss* (PhB '50)

Debra and Jordan Hadelman

Beatrice* (MA '36) and Patrick* Haggerty

Janice and Robert Hammersmith

Ruth Hamper*

Marian Haney (BS '66, MBA '71, JD '74) and Paul Murphy (BBA '69)

Susan Marzec Hannigan (JFRC '76-'77, BA '77) and James Hannigan Jr., MD (JFRC Spring '77, BS '77)

Kathryn Harding* (MUND '36)

Charlotte* and Bernard* Harris (BSC '37)

Mary Kathryn Hartigan

Thomas W. Havey (BSC '45), LL

Leon Hayes* (BS '59)

Ramona Hayes Healy*

Eileen Kamerick and Victor Heckler (BS '64, MA '67, PhD '70), LL

Helen Heerey* (MSW '39)

Beatrice Heimerdinger* (MEd '64)

Liselotte Herman*

Kathleen and Charles Hewell (BS '80, MD '84), LL

Margaret Ann and Todd Hewell (BS '75, MD '78, MRES '85), LL

Janice* and William* Hines (JD '48)

Nancy (PhD '87) and Frank Hogan III (BS '59, MEd '80), LL

Diane and Michael Hora (MBA '72), LL

Huang Hsueh-Chin

Becky and Christopher Hurley (JD '84)

Mary* (MA '56) and John* Huston, MD

Margaret Hycner-Nealon*

Legoria and Robert* Hynes (BS '65, JD '69)

Patricia and Donald Izban (BS '54), LL

Katherine Janega (JD '77) and Gerald Keenan, LL

Jerome Janiec* (BSC '53)

Loretta Jans*

Joseph Jarabak, DDS*

Christina Johnson-Wolff (BA '72) and Richard Wolff

Olinda Young and Martin Johnson, MD

Elizabeth Joyce*

Stephen F. and Pamela R. Kasbeer

Chester Kasmer*

Anne* (BSN '56) and Charles* Kay

Kay and Peter* Kearney (MD '48)

Catherine Kelley*

Charles Kellstadt*

Lisa and Patrick Kelly

Patricia Marcotte Kerrigan, PhD (MUND '80)

Robert Kerrigan Jr.

Vincent Kerrigan*

Charles Kerwin*

Alvina and The Honorable Roger Kiley Jr. (JD '66), LL

Gladys Kiniery* (BSN '36)

James Kirchschlager

Joan A. and William G. Kistner (BBA '72), LL

Michelle and Richard Klarchek

Elaine Gorczyca Klein (BSN '69) and George Klein

Frank Kneussl* (MS '66, PhD '71)

Mary Knoedler* (BSN '49)

Janet* and Frank* Krabec

Rose Krasa*

Joseph Kremper* (MD '68, MRES '73)

Audrey A. Krueger Trust

Constance and John Kurowski (JFRC '73-74, BA '75), LL

Eileen* and Vern Lahart (BA '50, JD '51), LL

Debbie and John Lahey, LL

Marguerite and Frederick Langenberg

Jeanne (MUND '74) and Desmond LaPlace, LL

Doris (MUND '54) and Robert* Latousek (BSC '55)

Gaile Beaurline Leahy and Thomas* Leahy (JD '77)

Otto W. Lehmann Foundation

Sue Lehoang, DDS and Mike Lehoang (MD '74)

Mary Anne Lenkay* (MD '56)

Laura and Gregory LeVert (MBA '72)

Julia Deal Lewis* and Frank Lewis*

Herbert Lewis* (DDS '29)

Michael (JD '65) and Mary Lou Leyden, LL

Shari Lichtenstein (MSW '85)

Don (BA '72) and Terri Liebentritt

Kathleen H. Linden*

Sydelle Lipman* (BSN '46)

Ingrid and John LoGiudice (BS '70, MD '74)

Carolyn and Patrick Lynch (BBA '82)

Lenore* (JD '92) and John Madden

Wayne Magdziarz (BA '82, MBA '87)

Marie Majsterek*

Harold Manfredi* (MD '47)

Helen Marasz*

Shirley and Samuel* Marotta (BSC '39)

Anne and Stuart Marshall (MD '70)

Eloise* and Harold* Martin

Jeanne Masterson*

Alice Husisian Mayer* (MUND '70)

Carol McCarthy (MBA '85)

Margaret McCarthy* (MEd '40)

Genevieve McClevey* (MUND '33)

Francis McCracken* (MEd '50)

John McCrann*

Clement McDonald*

Henry McDonald* (BA '35, JD '39)

Robert McDonald* (BS '51)

Sistie and Eugene McEnery (MD '57)

Lorraine* (MA '58) and Alan* McFee (BS '51, MA '53)

Mary Ann McGrath, PhD (BS '68) and William J. McGrath, JD (MA '67), LL

Kathleen McKay* (MEd '55)

Marguerite McMahon

Marcella* (MUND '48, MD '51) and John* Meyer (MD '51)

Kenneth Micetich (BS '69, MD '75, MRES '78), LL

Jo-Ann and Thomas Michalak (BS '63), LL

Hymen Milgrom*

Lucelle Miller*

Mary Anne Miller*

Robert Mode* (BS '51)

Evelyn Molback*

Maria (BS '67, MBA '70) and Carl Moore Jr. (BA '66, JD '69)

Carol and Terry Moritz (BS '66, JD '70)

Aimee* and John Morrissey, LL

Margaret* and Harold* Moser

Rosemary* (MUND '47) and John* Murphy (BA '68)

Ruthellyn (BA '75) and Ronald Musil

Gerald Nagel Sr.* (BS '49)

Florence Nasenbeny* (BSN '50)

Raymond Nemecek* (MD '43)

Patricia and Richard* Nerad

Marion Normile*

Charlene and Mark Novak (JD '77)

Oluf Oberg*

Lynn Carlson and Philip O'Connor, PhD (JFRC '68-'69, BA '70), LL

Nicky* and William* O'Donnell

George O'Grady (BS '55)

Barbara and Sidney Oko

Mary Alice O'Laughlin (MSW '47)

Barbara* (JD '69) and Edward* O'Toole

Ozmon Family Foundation

Angeline Parker Poss*

Esther Parr*

Michaela and Richard Parrillo Sr.

Mary Kay and Mario Pasin

Mary (MUND '59) and Ronald Pawl (BS '57, MD '61)

Geraldine Peiffer* (MD '49)

Susan* (JFRC Spring '63) and Anthony Piazza II (JFRC '62-'63)

Marion Piggotti*

Carol* and Hadley Pihl

Robin Smith and William Plante (BS '59)

Laddie Poduska* (JD '37)

Richard Poley (MD '57)

Jeanne* (MUND '37) and Chester* Pollowy

Thomas Potasz* (MD '26)

Helen Potter*

Fausta Povilonis*

COL (IL) J.N. Pritzker, IL ARNG (Ret.) (BA '79)

Sandra and Timothy Rand

Gregory Rataj (BS '71, MA '73), LL

Audrey (BSEd '78) and Albert Ratner

Harriett* (MUND '36) and Howard* Reed

Maralyn and Michael K. Reilly, LL

Joan* and Leonard* Richman

Patricia L. Riggs (MUND '61)

Ranny Riley, PhD* (JFRC '63-64)

Carol Robbins (JFRC '64-'65) and Herbert Wolff

Sharon and David Robinson

Violet* and Joseph* Roda

Linda and Curt Rodin (JD '75), LL

Germaine* (MUND '65) and John* Rooney (MBA '69)

Mimi and Stuart Rose

Susan Deborah Rosenberg* (MSW '99)

Julie Sujack Rosenberger

Walter Rozycki*

Ann and Paul Rubino (MD '63)

Mary* and Santo* Ruggero (MD '46)

Rose Marie Russo*

Donna and James Ryan (MD '55)

Wilma Saari*

Linda Salisbury (JD '91)

Florence Schaffenegger*

Loretta Schmidt*

Cathleen and Bryan Schultz (BS '71, MD '74)

Dolores Schumann

Isabelle* and Benjamin* Schwarcz (MD '31)

Charles M. Schwartz Memorial Foundation

Frank Schwartz*

Julie and Joseph Serra

Diane (MEd '60) and Roger Serzen

Frances Setnicar* (BSN '56)

Elizabeth* and Philip* Sheridan Sr. (MD '50)

Esther Mae Shields*

Sakaye Shigekawa* (MD '40)

Dorothy* and Frank* Shirey (JD '48)

Gloria Sieben*

Sheldon Siegel* (MEd '76, EdD '80)

Helen* and John* Skowron (MD '43)

Ronald Skwarek (BBA '74)

Edward Smith* (MD '35), LL

Patty and G. Andrews Smith, LL

John K. Smith*

Walter Smith* (PhD '52)

Genevieve Sokolowski*

Marie Soltys*

Dorothy* and Frederick* Specht

Alexandria Marchetti Speers and Brian Speers (JD '93), LL

Helen Stander*

Wanda Stanul*

Anne B. Stericker (MA '74, PhD '76) and Thad L. Regulinski, PhD, LL

Dorothy Stevens* (MEd '57)

Margaret and Julian* Stevens (BS '53)

Mary Lou* and Frank* Stotz (BSC '52)

Vivijeanne* and Edwin* Sujack (PhB '48)

Kathleen and Gregory Sujack (JD '84)

Margaret Sujack, DDS (BS '78) and Donald Sujack (BBA '78, MBA '85)

Maureen and Stephen Sujack

Sophie Swienton*

Jean and J. Scott Sykora

Joyce and Calvin Tanko

Patricia O'Shea and Frank Tannura (JFRC Fall '76, BBA '79)

Jacqueline and William* Tansey (BS '57, MD '61, MPS '01)

Arthur Tarchala*

Sheila* and Timothy Toomey (JD '65)

Robert Tornello* (MD '43)

Theresa (BSN '75) and Mario Tse (BS '77, DDS '81), LL

Charles Turgrimson*

Bonnie and Fidelis Umeh, LL

Victoria Vacha* (MD '47)

Betty and Jerome* Van Gorkom

Suzanne and David* Van Ort (DDS '53)

Katherine Vogelheim (JFRC '77-'78) and John Hansen

Alice* and Robert* Wagner (MRE '73)

Netty and Edward Wanandi

Mary Jo (JFRC '75-'76) and Sheldon Weinig

Judithe and Jerome Wensinger (MD '58)

Ruth Mary Whelan* (MUND '37, MA '54)

Raymond White*

Frances (MUND '62) and Mitchell Wiet (JD '65)

Kenneth Williams*

Margaret Williams* (PhB '41)

Richard Wittry (BA '56, JD '59), LL

Morton Wolf* (JD '35)

Florence and Francis Wolfe Jr. (JD '98)

Melvin Wolfe*

Wilbur Wolfe*

Charles Wynn*

Linda and Jay* Young (MD '63)

Jill (BS '71) and Daniel Youngberg

Walter Zanozik*

Edward Ziemba*


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Damen Society

Jack Hartman (BBA ’80, MBA ’82, JD ’85), Chair

Arnold Damen, S.J. (1815–1890), for whom the Damen Society is named, helped establish Holy Family Church, Chicago’s first Jesuit parish.  His vision of a church, school, and college on the city’s Near West Side led to St. Ignatius College, the predecessor to Loyola University Chicago.  The Damen Society recognizes alumni and friends who support Loyola with gifts of $1,000 or more.

$50,000+ | $25,000–$49,999 | $10,000–$24,999 | $5,000–$9,999 | $2,500–$4,999 | $1,000–$2,499

Baumhart ($50,000+)

Fern Asma (MD '46)

Tina and Reginald Barrett

Dorothy (MUND '62) and Michael Carbon, MD (BS '62) LL

Rosemary and John Croghan (BS '52) LL

Estella and Gerald Cronk

The Crown Family

John Cuneo LL

Mary Dempsey and Philip Corboy* (JD '49)

Marie (BBA '87) and Raymond Ginther LL

Nancy and Alvin Gorman LL

Donald Graham

Pamela and George Hamel Jr.

Joan Los Hank (BS '54) and William J. Hank LL

Heidi and Peter Huizenga

Becky and Christopher Hurley (JD '84)

Gladys Kannankeril (MEd '71) LL

Jeffrey Karp

Constance and Dennis Keller

Jennifer Leischner Litowitz (JD '94) and Alec Litowitz

Don (BA '72) and Terri Liebentritt LL

Roxanne and Rocco Martino (MBA '78) LL

Jane McBride (MUND '68)

Barry McCabe LL

Mary Ann McGrath, PhD (BS '68) and William McGrath (MA '67) LL

Alfie* and Allan Norville (BS '60)

Judith (BS '63) and Gerald O'Connell (MSIR '66)

Elizabeth (BS '75) and Robert Parkinson Jr. (BBA '73, MBA '75) LL

Robert Parrillo

Kathy Burch and Anthony Piazza II (JFRC '62-'63)

Richard Poley (MD '57)

Susan and Joseph Power Jr. (JD '77) LL

Marilyn and Michael Quinlan (PhB '67, MBA '70)

Gregory Rataj (BS '71, MA '73) LL

Carol Robbins (JFRC '64-'65) and Herbert Wolff

Mimi and Stuart Rose

Ann and Paul Rubino (MD '63)

Kathleen Egan Schreiber (MUND '70) and John Schreiber (BBA '68)

Michael and Nydia Searle LL

Patty and G. Andrews Smith LL

Martin Stock (BA '84)

Jean and Michael Sullivan (BSC '61) LL

John (BSC '59) and Terese Mulkern Terry (BS '59) LL

Katherine Vogelheim (JFRC '77-'78) and John Hansen

Kathleen and Charles Walgreen III

Laura and Dan Webb (JD '70)

Julia and Kenneth Wegner

Charles Whittingham (BS '51) LL


Maguire ($25,000–$49,999)

Marcie Calandra

John Caltagirone (BBA '69) LL

Leonard Canino (JFRC '72-'73, BS '74) LL

Barbara and John Cooney (JD '79)

Marsha (MUND '73) and Philip Dowd

Edward W. Elliott Jr. LL

Deborah and Mark Essig (BBA '81)

Mary Barta Fivizzani (BA ‘74) and Kenneth Fivizzani (BS '72, MS '76) LL

Margaret Foran and David Schmidt

Anthony Fornelli

Marcia Friedl-Smith (JD '78) and Todd Smith (JD '76)

Christine (BBA '67) and Louis Friedrich

S. John Ilagan (JFRC Spring '84, BBA '86)

Sheila Ilagan (BS '85)

Donald P. and Byrd M. Kelly Family Foundation

Lisa and Patrick Kelly

Anne and Thomas Kelly

Kenton Klaus

Constance and John Kurowski (JFRC '73-'74, BA '75) LL

Sue Lehoang, DDS and Mike Lehoang (MD '74)

Ann Beach and Peter McManus

Joan Mullins LL

Marie Carmela and Robert Newstead (MD '63)

Susan Ramonat

Sandra and Timothy Rand

Mary Catherine and R. Andrew Rauh (MD '84)

Linda and Curt Rodin (JD '75) LL

Colleen and Joseph Ronan (JD '75) LL

Linda Salisbury (JD '91) LL

William Simpson

Mary and Hugh Edward Smith (MD '59)

Laura (JFRC '76-'77) and Richard Smith

Barbara Spaniak (MD '84)

Alexandria Marchetti Speers and Brian Speers (JD '93) LL

Susan and Joseph Staed

Mary Tolan (BBA '82)

Theresa (BSN '75) and Mario Tse (BS '77, DDS '81) LL

Thais Lopez Vogel and David Vogel

Patricia (MUND '58, MA '65) and James Wees LL

Gerri and Philip Wicklander Sr.

Denise and John York II (MD '74)


Hussey ($10,000–$24,999)

Eva Bading, MD LL

Lidia Bastianich

Timothy Beazley

Michele and Daniel Becker

Paulise and Richard Bell II (JFRC '67-'68)

Ann and Gerald Bjurman (BA '73, MSIR '75) LL

Constance (BSEd '63) and Richard Bruce

Joan (BSN '74) and Vincent Bufalino (BS '74, MD '77) LL

Kathryn Mullins Burke and John Burke

Kathy Byrne (JD '88)

John Calhoun LL

Carol and Dominic Candeloro, PhD

Susan Radzwill Cannon (MUND '82) and David Cannon LL

Mary and Peter Carey (JD '69) LL

Adela Cepeda

L. Alice Chang

Robert Clark

John Colavincenzo (MD '47) LL

Jane and Robert Conti (MD '55)

Linda (JFRC '74-'75, BS '75, MA '77) and Kevin Conway (BA '73, JD '76)

Loretta (JD '77) and Robert Cooney (JD '78) LL

Kathleen and Joseph Cottrell Jr. (MD '75) LL

Marie (MA '56) and James* Cowhey Sr. (BS '55)

Herta Cuneo LL

Barbara (JD '79, MSW '13) and George Cybulski, MD (MBA '10) LL

Brigette De Lay (JD '07)

Catherine and Edward Denten (BSC '54) LL

William Derrough

Karen and Robert Desjardins (MD '71)

Betty Dillmann (BSC '59)

Deborah (JFRC '74-'75) and Ted Dobbs (JFRC Spring '75) LL

Thomas B. Doyle, in memory of his wife Patricia Ricci Doyle

William Fahey

Patricia Findley (MSW '89)

Elizabeth Funer LL

Jennifer and Issac Goldman

Mary Gormley (MUND '43)

Terri and Robert Gorski (BBA '80) LL

James Govan

Donna and Rick Hammond

Lois and Michael Harring (JD '75)

Mary Kathryn Hartigan

Cathryn Matot Hartman (MBA '92) and John Hartman (BBA '80, MBA '82, JD '85) LL

Eileen (BS '86) and John Healy (JD '88) LL

Gail (MD '82) and David Hecht (MD '82, MBA '09) LL

Margaret Ann and Todd Hewell III (BS '75, MD '78) LL

Nancy (PhD '87) and Frank Hogan III (BS '59, MEd '80) LL

Deborah and James Hopkinson (JD '85) LL

Jane and Lawrence Hund (BBA '78)

Mary Ann (BA '90) and James Hynes

Stephanie (MBA '90) and Jeffrey Jarczyk (BBA '86)

Christopher Jordan (BS '69, MD '73)

William Kehoe (MD '75)

Dennis Kessler

Alvina Kiley and The Honorable Roger Kiley Jr. (JD '66) LL

David Kim (MD '86)

Jia and Kunsan Kim

Joan A. and William G. Kistner (BBA '72) LL

Charleen Knieriem

Nancy W. Knowles

Elizabeth Kovacs, PhD

Eileen* and Vern Lahart (BA '50, JD '51) LL

Debbie and John Lahey LL

Holly and Terry Light, MD

Jean and Peter Lococo

Mary (MEd '73) and Gerald Loftus (MD '58)

William Macey (BS '69, MA '73, PhD '75)

Edward Machir

Wayne Magdziarz (BA '82, MBA '87) LL

Anne Marie McCann

Sheila McCann

Carol McCarthy (MBA '85)

Judith and Raymond McCaskey

Donald McLauchlan

David McRoberts

Jo and Kenneth Merlau

Kenneth Micetich (BS '69, MD '74/75) LL

Aaron Michelfelder (MD '97) LL

Ronald Mills

Laura and F. Makael Mleko

Maria (BS '67, MBA '70) and Carl Moore Jr. (BA '66, JD '69)

Ruthellyn (BA '75) and Ronald Musil

Paul Nockels

Mary Ellen and Russ Nockels (BS '80, MD '84)

Charlene and Mark Novak (JD '77)

Robert Parkinson III (MBA '05)

Gilda Parrella, PhD

Michaela and Richard Parrillo Sr.

Lindsey and John Pauly, PhD

Stephen Phillips (JD '85)

Laurel and Ronald Potkul, MD

Caroline (JFRC Spring '93, BSN '94) and Vikram Prabhu, MD

Karen and Thomas Rafter (JD '71) LL 

Marcia and Steven Rayman

Ellen and James* Reichmann Jr. (BSC '51)

Daryl and James Riley

Erica and James Sandner (BBA '61)

Adela and Robert Seal LL

Julie and Joseph Serra

Diane (MEd '60) and Roger Serzen

Niranjan Shah

William Sherry LL

Barbara Smith (MUND '63) LL

Maura Smith and Steve Schapiro

Adrienne Block, PhD and Stephen Squinto (BA '78, PhD '84)

Catherine Stanfley Kown and George Kown*

Bobbi and Edward Walsh (JD '73)

Rosemary Weisenberger LL 

Rikki Langston and Elrick Williams

Florence and Francis Wolfe Jr. (JD '98)

Patricia Wozniak (BSN '59)

Bonnie and Ronald Zilberbrand

Denise and Jeffrey Zimm (MD '86)


Wilson ($5,000–$9,999)

Walter Ahern (BSC '56) LL

Reva and Seymour Alban (MD '46)

Gemma Allen Nader (JFRC '64-'65, BS '66) and Albert Nader LL 

Patricia and David Anderskow (BBA '86)

Kirsten and David Arnason

Elaine (BSEd '64, MEd '75, EdD '80) and Leo Athas LL 

Mika Ishida and Arsen Avakian

Robert Baba (DDS '57)

James Babler, PhD (BS '66)

Jean and Anthony Barbato (MD '70) LL

Brenda Barnes (MBA '78)

Verna Baughman (MD '81)

Josephine and Robert Beavers Jr.

Mary and James Binsfeld (BS '67) LL

Lee Bockhacker (MD '57)

Linda Janus Bray (MD '77) and James Bray (MD '77)

Jean and John Brennan

Donna and Donald Brown Jr. (JD '73) LL

Lawrence Browne (MD '63)

Linda Brubaker, MD and Warren Brubaker

Daniel Brutto (BBA '78)

The Honorable Anne Burke and The Honorable Edward Burke

Therese and Terrence Burns (BA '75) LL

Eileen Cahill (BS '76, MD '79)

Gloria Callaci (MUND '61) and The Honorable Lawrence Suffredin Jr. (BA '69) LL

Rebecca (JD '88) and David Carlins (JD '88)

Suzanne and Joel Carlins

Kathryn and Michael Carlson (JFRC '66-'67, BA '68) LL

Barbara Casey (MSW '82)

Karen and James Centner Jr. (JFRC '66-'67) LL

Renee Cipriano (JFRC Fall '83, BA '85, JD '88)

Carol and John Clavadetscher

Loretta Cleary

William Cleary III

Donald Clem III (DDS '80)

Janice Colosi

Kathryn O'Rourke Corboy (BA '70, MEd '78)

Pamela and Bruce Cuevas

Suzanne Day

Charlotte and Robert Don

Anne and John Dowdle Jr. (MD '74) LL

Kimberly Duchossois

Georgia Elliott (BS '64)

Anne Marie and Anthony Farino

Ann Fehrman

Thomas Feller (BS '62)

Paul Fisher

Marie (JFRC Spring '88, BS '89) and Brian Fitzpatrick (JFRC '90-'91, JFRC '92-'93, BA '92, JFRC '93-'94) LL

Robert Flanigan, MD and Joan Chiaviello

Colleen and Bryan Foy (MD '78)

Dorothy and Herbert Freundt

Joel Friedman

Helen Frye (JFRC '75-'76, BS '77)

Patricia Furgat (BBA '68, MBA '78) LL

Mary Garvin

Joan Geary

Mary and Raymond Georgen (MD '85)

Nancy Gibbs (MD '78)

Christina and Ronald Gidwitz

Janice Lysiak, MD and Sidney Glazer (MD '74)

Jean* and Louis Glunz III, PhD (BS '51) LL

Patrick Graham (JFRC '86-'87, BA '89)

Amber Gravett, PhD (BA '94) and David Tuma (BA '94) LL

Freddi Greenberg (JD '75) and Daniel Pinkert LL 

Iris and Michael Hart (BBA '93) LL

Mari R. Hatzenbuehler (JD '86) and Christopher Craven

Lara and John Heiberger

Dawn and Ted Helwig (JD '80)

Janice and Michael Hess (BS '73) LL

Kathleen and Charles Hewell (BS '80, MD '84)

James Hinckley, MD

Deborah Hockman (PhD '82) and Peter Cihak

Rose and Dennis Hughes (BS '62) LL 

Maria Teresa and Emilio Iodice

Candice and John Janicik (JD '86) LL

Alina and Anthony Janiga (BS '82, MD '87)

Rosina and Michael Janowak (MD '72) LL

Maya and Vadim Katznelson

Alyssa Lebel, PhD and Edward Kaye (BS '71, MD '75) LL

John Kehl Jr. (MBA '79)

Andrew Keyt

Matthew Kilgo (BS '89)

Michelle and Richard Klarchek

Rebekah Klarr (JFRC Summer '08, BA '10)

Albert Klinski (DDS '68)

Eileen (BBA '81) and Mark Koller (BA '81)

Beth Konrad-Wilberding

Merrillyn Kosier (MBA '90) and James Kinoshita

Paul Kuo, MD

Charles Lafkas (BS '94)

Jeanne (MUND '74) and Desmond LaPlace LL

Howard Laten, PhD

Julie (BA '78, JD '81) and Robert Lepri

Michael (JD '65) and Mary Lou Leyden LL

Sara Sirna, MD and Christopher Loftus, MD

Ingrid and John LoGiudice (BS '70, MD '74) LL

Jacqueline Long, PhD

Gregory Louviaux (MD '64)

Karen and Michael Lowe

Cheryl Watson Lowry and William Lowry (JD '87)

Stephanie and Anthony Lupo

Kathleen and William Lynch Jr. LL

Mary (PhD '81) and Anastasios Malliaris Sr., PhD LL

Marina Marrelli (JFRC Fall '81) and Robert Anslow Jr.

Joseph Massarelli (JFRC Spring '85)

Anthony Mastro (BSC '61)

Mark Mathewson (BA '82, JD '85)

Margaret H. (JFRC '71-'72, MUND '73) and Steven McCormick

Pamela McCoy

Colleen and Thomas McGuigan

James McHugh (JFRC Fall '01, BBA '04)

Phyllis Jane and Donald McLean (BSC '60) LL

John McTigue

Thomas Meagher Jr.

Jo-Ann and Thomas Michalak (BS '63) LL

Valerie Michelotti (MD '80) and Paul Wozniak Jr. (MD '79)

Jane and Vahooman Mirkhaef

Martha Moran LL

Carol and Terry Moritz (BS '66, JD '70)

John Morrissey LL

Karole (MA '80, PhD '88) and Anthony Mourek

John Moyer

Susan and R. Ryan Mullaney Jr.

Barbara Lenfesty and Richard Mullins, MD (BS '70)

Mary (MSW '61) and Charles Murdock (JD '63) LL 

Jane and Thomas* Murphy, MD

Alice C. (MUND '61) and Richard Nagle (MD '63) LL

Deirdre (JFRC '81-'82) and Stephen Nardi

Susan (MUND '79) and John Naughton (BBA '78)

Susan and Russell Ness (MD '73)

Claudette and John Nicolai (JFRC '69-'70) LL

Martin O'Donnell (BS '60) LL

George O'Grady (BS '55)

Kimberly O'Grady

Joan and Thomas O'Hara (BBA '64) LL

Jackie Olsen and Geoffrey Olson (MSIR '87)

Mary O'Reilly (MUND '68, MEd '71, EdD '92)

Mary O'Toole

Patrick O'Toole

Anthony Owen

Jay Owen Jr.

Ana Lucia Pappas, MD and Phillip Pappas

Angela and Adriaan Peperzak, PhD

Teresa and Scott Peterson

Edward Phillipp (BS '75) LL

Betty and Earl Pollock

Joan and David Pritchard (JFRC '72-'73, BBA '74, MA '92)

Margo Brooks Pugh and Stephen Pugh Jr. (BACL '68, JD '73)

Thomas Quinn

Sheila and Thomas Quinn Sr.

Laura Randolph (MD '96) and Jerome Oakey (MD '98)

Leanne Raskob (BBA '09)

Audrey (BSEd '78) and Albert Ratner

Carol Ann (BA '68) and LeRoy Joseph Regner (BBA '67)

Maralyn and Michael K. Reilly LL

Earl Richardson Jr.

Joyce and Leo Roberts (MD '58, MBA '95) LL

Karen Fujisawa and Carl Robinson (MA '81, PhD '82)

James Rocks, PhD LL

Cecilia and Richard Rodriguez (BA '93)

Richard Rosenberg LL

Diane (EdD '05) and Harry Rossi (EdD '85) LL

June and Mark Rzepczynski, PhD (BA '79)

Kathleen (MD '78) and Gary Schneiderman (MD '77) LL

Patricia Schostok Reese (BS '74, MEd '78, EdD '82) and Errol Reese, PhD LL

Ronald Schreiber (BS '67, MD '71)

Maureen (JFRC '66-'67, BA '68) and Robert Schuberth (JFRC '66-'67)

Rene and Charles Schuler

Rima Schultz, PhD and Richard Schultz, PhD

Joseph Seminetta (BBA '86)

Michael Sennett (JD '77) LL

Smita Shah and Maarten De Jeu

Susan Sher (JD '74)

Patricia Simpson

Janet Sisler (MUND '74, MUND '82) LL

Ronald Skwarek (BBA '74)

Katie Bannan Steinke (JFRC '69-'70, BA '90)

Anne B. Stericker (MA '74, PhD '76) and Thad Regulinski, PhD LL

Margaret Jongleux and Lawrence Stone

Christopher Surek (BACL '70)

Karen and Stephen Sweeney

Maria and Walid Tamari (MBA '96)

Elizabeth and Michael Terlizzi (MD '74)

John Tierney (JFRC '63-'64)

Timothy Toole (MA '07, MD '12)

Lisa (MD '86) and Thomas Vail (MD '85)

Jean and Peter Valletti

Caroline (JD '92) and Paul Vickrey (JD '80) LL

Michelle and Matthew Vranicar

Aldona Walker, PhD and Ronald Walker, PhD

Therese Zeman-Walsh (BS '79, MD '82) and John Walsh (BS '79, MD '82, MS '90)

Richard Walsh Jr. (JFRC '63-'64)

Judithe and Jerome Wensinger (MD '58)

Elizabeth and Charles Wheatley (JD '82)

Evelyn Eaton Whitehead, PhD and James Whitehead, PhD

Paul Wiese

Amanda Worthington (BS '04, MBA '08)

Debra Yates


Dumbach ($2,500–$4,999)

Margaret Adams Winter (JFRC '76-'77)

Sally and Robert Ahlgren (JD '68)

Sara and Calvin Akin

Zarina Ali

Caterina Lepore Balice and Joseph Balice (BS '85, DDS '89)

Beatriz (BA '87) and Peter Bandemer

Patricia Barlage

Laurie and William Barron, MD

William Bayer (MD '86) LL

Carolyn Beach Welcome and Michael Welcome

Deborah Ann and John Bell (JD '71) LL

Terri Duarte-Berkowitz (JFRC '76-'77, BA '77) and Gerald Berkowitz (JFRC '76-'77, BA '98)

Nancy and Christopher Bertschy

Linda T. (BA '72) and Frank J. Biga (BA '70, MA '74, MBA '77) LL

Lauren Biszewski

Maureen (MBA '88) and Stephen Blohm

Cara (JD '01) and Craig Boyle

Patrice Bugelas-Brandt and William Brandt Jr.

Mark Braun (JD '49)

Barbara Brodie, PhD (BSN '57) LL

Sharon and Jan Brzozowski (MD '85)

The Honorable Elizabeth Budzinski

Nancy Burke LL

Terrence Burke, PhD (BS '65)

Janice Butler Bart (JFRC '65-'66)

Maureen and Dominic Camden

Tina and William Capraro Jr.

Christina Carl

Lynn Carlson and Philip O'Connor, PhD (JFRC '68-'69, BA '70) LL

Laureen Cassidy (BA '89, MBA '96)

Pamela (MSN '75) and Mark Caster, MD (BS '68)

James Chandler, MD

Rosalie (MUND '62, MA '68) and Joseph Cieply (MA '59)

Angie (BS '85) and Thomas Cimino Jr. (BA '84, JD '87) LL

Dana Green and Thomas Clancy (JFRC '67-'68, BA '69)

Katie B. Clarke, PhD (BSN '68) and John Clarke LL

Rosanne Cofoid (JFRC Fall '84)

Judith Neafsey (BSN '73, MD '78) and Terrence Conway (BS '71, MD '76) LL

Cheryl Kraff and Carey Cooper (JD '81)

Margaret and William Crane LL

Cathleen Cronin (MD '78) and G. Martin Mullen (MD '77)

Claire Crossman (JFRC '85-'86)

Mary and F. John Cushing III (BBA '73, JD '76)

Dolores and Ronald Daly (MBA '80)

Julie and John Danaher

Marianne Dennis (MUND '58) LL

Jay Deratany

Linda and John Deutsch (BA '69) LL

Jeffrey Devron

Mary and Harry Dolan (BS '63) LL

Julie Dumon

William Ehrstine

Robert Esler (BA '71, JD '74) LL

Maureen Fearon (MD '87) and Robert Lipa

Pamela and Stephen Fitzell (JD '82) LL

Jimmie Flewellen Sr. (MPS '83) LL

Alicia (JFRC '70-'71) and Charles Foster

Mary Katherine Foy (JD '97) and Timothy Vezeau

Dorothy (BS '68) and Daniel Fusco (JD '64) LL

Mary Lou and Erik Fyrwald

Lois and Dennis Gates (MD '65)

Monica and Vincent Getzendanner Jr. (JD '66) LL

Ghanem Ghannam, DDS

Michele and John Girgis

Erin and Constantine Godellas, MD

Gail Golab, DVM, PhD (BS '81) and Joseph Golab, PhD (BS '81)

Andrea Green (MD '77)

Rebekah and Col. Bernard Griffard (BS '65) LL

Darlene Markovich and Ronald Haak (BS '75) LL

Barbara and James Haberkorn (BBA '56) LL

Janice Hamill

Stephen Hamill

Susan Marzec Hannigan (JFRC '76-'77, BA '77) and James Hannigan Jr., MD (JFRC Spring '77, BS '77)

Jane (JFRC '77-'78) and Bruce Haupt (JFRC '77-'78)

Susanna Hayes, PhD (JFRC '62-'63, BS '64)

Joanne and Martin Healy Jr. (JD '68)

Eileen Kamerick and Victor Heckler (BS '64, MA '67, PhD '70) LL

Karen and Marvin Herman LL

Gezinus Hidding, PhD

Laureen Higgins (BSN '77)

Lisa (JFRC '77-'78) and John Iberle (JFRC '73-'74, BBA '75) LL

The Honorable Lee Jackwig (BACL '72) LL

Judith and Benjamin Jagodzinski (MD '62) LL

Belen Jaquez (BSN '63)

Janet and Daniel Johnson

Patricia Joseph

Debora (MD '93) and Tom Kaczynski

Beverly Kasper (EdD '00) LL

Joan Keller Evanich (MUND '88) and Kevin Evanich

Kathryn and Mark Kiernan

Sharon and Leslie Klinger

Lori and Robert Kolb, PhD

Michael Koller* (MD '86) LL

Lewis Kostiner

Theresa Kristopaitis, MD and Mark Peskor

Barbara and David Kupiec (BBA '86) LL

Patricia and Gregory Kuzmic

Roberta Lammers-Campbell, PhD

Domas Lapkus (MD '84)

Karen and Bruce Larson

Jerry Latherow (JD '76)

Julie and Douglas Laux

Jennifer Bergdoll Lavins and Thomas Lavins

Kevin Doyle Leahy (JFRC '67-'68)

Rose Marie and Edward Lee (MD '48) LL

Adele Baiocchi LeGere (MUND '48) LL

Steven Lisker (JD '80) LL

Ann Liston (BA '92)

Lawrence Luck (BS '65)

Carolyn and Patrick Lynch (BBA '82) LL

Patricia and Thomas Lynch

Susan and Raymond Mack (MSIR '73) LL

Anthony Mandolini

Alice Maresh (MEd '62)

Julia Marshall (MD '83) and Jerry Kane

Louis Martini

Iris and Daniel McCaffery

Patricia McKiernan (MUND '67, MSIR '87)

Marybeth McLean Roberts

Brian McLean (BA '93)

Tim McLean (BA '92)

Erika Meinhardt

Mari Sue (MSN '82) and Michael Merchut (MD '79)

Chere and Kenneth Meyers (BBA '76)

Shawn Mobley

Barbara and Lawrence Mollo

Cabrina and John Moran (BS '60, MD '64, MS '64) LL 

Vasilios Moutzouros (BS '96, MD '01)

Laurie and Robert Munson

Thomas Murphy (BS '69)

Kurt Natter (JFRC '09-'10)

Terrence Nelson-Johnson (BS '80, MPS '82)

Lora Lee and John Nugent (MBA '74)

Cheryl O'Donnell (JFRC '64-'65, BS '68) LL

Lawrence O'Gara (BS '65) LL

Minna O'Leary, MD and Patrick O'Leary (MD '02)

Robert O'Toole (BBA '62)

Mary Carole Patterson

Nicki Pecori (MBA '96) and The Honorable Robert Fioretti LL

Paula and John Pelissero, PhD LL

James Perrine (BS '96)

Paulette Petretti (JFRC '70-'71, JD '90) LL

David Petrich (BBA '83)

Joan Phillips, PhD and Carlos Hernandez

Paul Proteau (BBA '53, MSIR '58) LL

Susan (BSEd '62) and William Joseph Quinlan Jr. (BA '61, JD '66)

Beth Reece (MDiv '10)

Mary Sharon Reilly (MUND '64, MEd '69) LL

Jane and Sherman Reynolds (MBA '79)

Pil Joo and John Richards (JD '51) LL

Barbara (PhD '97) and Conrad Rieckhoff LL

Donna (JFRC '63-'64) and Robert Rissone LL

Beverly and Jeffery Robinson (BBA '74) LL

Sheri and Jeremy Roche (JFRC '64-'65, BS '67, MEd '75)

Sheila Rock (MSN '90) and The Honorable Philip Rock (JD '64)

Don Romanaggi (MD '60)

William Rooney (JD '58) LL

Erin Rose and Samuel Biggs

Ralph Russo

Carolyn and Michael Ryan

Steven Ryan (BBA '79)

Christine Rydel, PhD (MUND '66) and Edward Cole, PhD LL

Mary Jane Sauve, DSNc (BSN '61) and John Sauve LL

Michael E. (BBA '87) and Jill L. Schamberger

Danita and William Schmidt

Alan Schoen (BS '61) LL

Barbara and John Schornack (BSC '51) LL

Barbara and Barry Schwartz

Craig Seibert

Marcia Lloyd and Daniel Shannon (MD '60)

Mary (MUND '71, JD '74) and Steve Shellenberg LL

Mary (BS '53) and Raymond Simon (BA '53, JD '56) LL

Leonard Slotkowski Jr. (JFRC '65-'66, BA '69, MEd '72) LL

Francine and Thomas Snyder

Martin Spalding

Gary Spitz (MD '80)

Joanne and James Stankiewicz, MD

Mary Lee (MBA '89) and John Stenson

Jacqueline and Christopher Stent

Bernadette Strzyz (MD '68)

Barry Sullivan

Patricia (MUND '62) and Thomas Sullivan LL

Robert Sullivan

Kalpana and Atul Thakkar (MBA '74) LL

Maureen and Andrew Thomas

Peter Thompson

Angelo Tsagalis (BA '85)

Robin Turpin (BS '79, MA '82, PhD '85)

Joanne Twomey (MUND '62)

Jane Mueller Ungari (BS '67) and Michael Ungari (BS '67,  MSW '00) LL

Lynn Van Cleave (JFRC Fall '90, BS '91)

Joellen and James Vanek

Laura Larsen and David Venkus

Nancy and Leonard Vertuno, MD LL

Marianne Mullins (BSN '79) and William Vivirito

Greta Weathersby (BA '82, JD '87)

Charles Webb

Eileen (JFRC '69-'70, BA '71) and Richard Weicher (JFRC '69-'70, JD '74)

Frances (MUND '62) and Mitchell Wiet (JD '65)

Thomas Wilson

Teresa Wronski (BS '75) LL

Don Wycliff

Rita Zralek (BS '58, MA '92) LL


Damen ($1,000–$2,499)

Ann Acker (JD '73) LL

Hemda and David* Addis (JD '51)

Elizabeth (BA '74) and James Adducci (BA '73) LL

Sunil Kumar Ahuja (MD '91)

Christina Alderfer (JD '02) and Zachary Bishop

Nancy and Andrew Alongi (MD '68)

Judy (BBA '82) and Saverio Alonzi Jr. (BBA '82)

Leonard Amari

James Ambrose

James Ambrose II (BBA '90, JD '93)

Deanna Amirante and The Honorable Sam Amirante (BS '70, JD '74)

Ida Androwich, PhD (BSN '78, JFRC Summer '04) LL

Graciela and Juan Angelats, MD

Candace Angst LL

Gerald Angst (BA '72, JD '75)

Patrick Annello (MD '03)

Jeff Antos

Heather and Robert Aranha

Rosemary and Gerard Aranha, MD LL

Lisa Armento (JFRC '80-'81)

Ermin Arriola (MD '93)

Judy Baar Topinka*

Shyamala Badrinath, MD and Ketty Badrinath, MD

Lisa and James Baker Jr. (MD '78)

Leslie Baker (JFRC '79-'80, BS '80)

Patricia Baker

Gloria and Francis Banich (BS '54, MD '57) LL

Anne Bannister (JFRC Fall '84, BBA '85, MBA '93)

Wendy Barr, PhD (BSN '69) and Vincent Barr, MD LL

Patricia and Anthony Barraco (MD '50) LL

Evelyn* and John Barriger

Carl Barsanti (MD '74/75)

Carole Bartman

Sharon Barton (PhD '95)

Jennifer and Matthew Bennett (BS '96)

Pamela and Harlan J. Berk

Thomas Bianchi (JFRC '66-'67)

Theresa and Lawrence Biggam (JFRC '65-'66)

Victoria Bishop McLaughlin and Gregory McLaughlin

Jacqueline and Bernard Bishop

Mary Black (JFRC Spring '62)

LaMoyne* and Sidney Blair (MD '48) LL

Geraldyne Blake Scott (BS '67) and Stephen Scott

June and Stephen Bland (MD '58)

Juliana and Jules Blank (MD '78)

Ann Blouin, PhD (MSN '80) and Robert Blouin

Carola (BS '61) and Ronald Blubaugh

John Blum

Geraldine Blumm (MUND '55)

Richard Bodie (MD '46)

Mary Jo Bohr (JFRC '71-'72, BA '73)

Mary Jo and James Bolan (MD '61)

Luellen and Edmund Boland (JD '67)

Cherie (BSEd '79) and Michael Bond, DDS (BS '79) LL

Clare and Thomas Borah

Marta Bornhoffen and John Bornhofen (MD '54)

Gregory Boshart and William Lawrence

Anne and Charles Bouchard, MD

Carol Ann (JFRC '64-'65) and Ronald Boulware LL

June Bourke (MUND '67) LL

Anne Bowman (BS '74, DDS '81) and James Yacabucci, DDS

Cynthia and J. Alton Boyer

Mary (BS '78, MD '81) and John Boyle LL

Sylvia (BSN '79) and William Bradshaw (BBA '76) LL

Jamie Brant (MD '01)

John Braun (BA '71)

Thomas Braun (BS '81)

John Bredemann (JFRC '75-'76)

Sally Bredemann

Elaine (BSEd '58) and Richard Brennan (BA '58, JD '62) LL

Kathleen (BA '82) and Peter Brennan (BBA '82, JD '85)

Sharon and Timothy Bresnahan (MD '74/75)

Cheryl Brincks

Christina (JFRC '70-'71, BA '72) and Richard Britton

Colleen and Joseph Brosnan (MD '78) LL

Nancy Bruzzini (MUND '66)

Diane and Richard Buchta (MD '67) LL

Gabrielle Buckley (MUND '78) LL

Shaun (BBA '88) and Gregory Budnik LL

Thomas Buettner* (BBA '62)

Ann Bugliani, PhD and Americo Bugliani

Victoria Dvonch (MD '76) and Wilton Bunch, MD

Ellen and Thomas Burke (MD '56)

Joy and Thomas Burney (JD '77) LL

Christine Louise and Terrance Burns (BBA '83)

Patricia and Thomas Burns (BBA '90)

Eleanor and Nicholas Burriesci (MD '64)

Phillip Cacioppo (MD '67) LL

Alex Caffarini (MBA '03)

M. Joan and James Cahill (MD '59)

Regina and John Cahill (MD '81)

William Caldwell (JD '67)

Michael Calhoun (JD '00)

Deborah (BA '74) and Robert Callahan (JFRC '69-'70, BA '76)

Colleen Calvey (JFRC Spring '05, BBA '06, JFRC '07-'08, MBA '11, MS '12)

Katherine Peshek-Campbell (BS '77, MD '80) and Daniel Campbell (MD '80) LL

Tammy and Robert Campbell (JD '84) LL

Daniel Cantor (JD '02)

Louise and Angelo Capozzi (MD '60)

Annette and William Cappaert (MD '62)

Mary and Matthew Cappiello (JFRC '66-'67)

Leonard Caramela (BS '92) LL

Carolyn Cardinalli (JFRC '68-'69)

Martha Ann Carey, PhD (BSN '63)

Mary Jane and William Carlin (BS '57) LL

Kathleen Carlson (JFRC '68-'69, BS '70, MA '76, PhD '78) LL

Susan Carlson (MUND '71) LL

John J. Carolan (MD '52) and Beatrice A. Berteau* (MUND '47, MS '49, MD '52)

Beverly and John Carroll Jr. (MD '62) LL

Peter Carroll

Timothy Carroll (BS '70)

Barbara and William Carson Jr.

Susan (JFRC '69-'70) and William Carter LL

Betty (JFRC '65-'66) and Thomas Casey (JFRC '65-'66)

Linda and Elmer Casey Jr. (MD '73)

Susana Cavallo, PhD LL

Eileen Clifford Cavanaugh and Kenneth Cavanaugh, MD

Jean and Kevin Cavanaugh (MD '95)

Joanne and Bohdan Celewycz

Marjorie and Ronald Charipar (MD '80)

Eugene Chesrow Jr.

Bonita and Michael Cho (JD '93)

Thomas Church (BBA '62)

Janine and Mark Cichon (BS '81)

Frank Cihlar (BS '64) LL

Mine Cinar, PhD and Ali Cinar

Carol and Michael Cinquegrani (MD '78)

Sally Clair (BBA '76, MBA '83) LL

Thomas Cleys (BS '76)

James Coffey (BBA '65, MBA '71)

Ann and Thomas Connelly (BA '55, PhD '74)

Joeanne and David Connolly (MD '61)

John Conway (JFRC '06-'07, BA '08)

Jeanne (JFRC Fall '75, BA '77) and Patrick Conway (JFRC '73-'74, BA '74)

Susan Lamb and Dennis Cook (JFRC '72-'73, JFRC '79-'80, JD '79) LL

Walter Coppenrath Jr. (JFRC '66-'67)

Deborah (BBA '76) and Thomas Corcoran (BBA '76)

Maureen (MUND '79) and Gerald Corcoran (BBA '77)

John Costello, S.J. (MRE '75)

Pam Coster (MRE '02)

Marie (MUND '62) and Dennis Crean (BBA '62)

Cynthia Croisant-D'Amico (JFRC '86-'87, BA '88, JD '94, MSIR '94) and Vincent D'Amico (JFRC Spring '86, BBA '88, MBA '92)

Eugene Cummings (JD '69)

Mary Cunningham (MEd '71) LL

Joan and Richard Cuomo

Marguerite Cusick

Susan (JFRC '65-'66) and Leonard Cwiklik

Claudette (JFRC Spring '78) and Robert Dachowski Jr.

John Dainauskas (BS '58, MD '62) LL

Karen Danczak-Lyons (BS '81)

Paula and Oscar D'Angelo

Donna DeCamara (MD '73) and Chris Dangles (MD '74/75)

Sharon and Thomas D'Arcy

Michael Darder (MD '83)

Douglas Joseph Darlin (MD '88)

Shane Davis (BBA '03)

Edythe De Marco (JFRC '79-'80) and Thomas Byrne

Susan Dean-Baar (BSN '77, PhD '91) and John Baar

Janet Deatherage (BA '00)

Katherine and Michael Debre (BS '71, MD '74/75) LL

Anne Decker (JFRC '77-'78)

Kimberly (BSEd '95) and Timothy Dee (BBA '90, MBA '95) LL

Deborah and Thomas Degnan III (BA '70)

Michael DeHaan, MD

Lois and Charles Deitschel Jr. (MD '65)

Laurie and Anthony DeLio III

Rosemary DeMore (MSW '74) LL

Virginia and Terrence Demos, MD

Sandra and Charles Denny III

Mary DePauw, PhD (BS '70) and A. Philip DePauw III, MD (BS '68)

Patricia (MPS '01) and Thomas DeStefani (MD '81)

Camille and John Devaney Jr.

Matthew Devine (JD '04)

Gisela Riba (MUND '69) and Guy Di Spigno, PhD (MRE '74) LL

Lynne Diamond (MD '78)

Ivana and Frank DiPiero (JFRC Spring '87)

Jean Dixon (BBA '77)

Thao (BS '82, MD '86) and Thinh Doan

Sally and Bernard Dobroski, PhD

Maureen (JFRC '77-'78) and Michael Dogan

Peter Dolan

Georgia and Thomas Dolan, PhD (BBA '69)

Robert Draba (JD '05)

Melanie Dreher, PhD

Judith and Richard Duchossois

Carmencita and William Duffy Jr. (BSN '80, MJ '92)

Peggy and Gregory Duick (MD '72) LL

Carol and Patrick Dwyer II (BS '62) LL

Barbara (BSEd '69) and Mitchell Dydo Jr.

Stephen Dynako (BA '89, MA '13)

Victoria and Charles Ebeling LL

Catherine Eberle, MD (MUND '79)

ME Eccles (MA '05)

Sandra and Gregory Eckstein (MD '62) LL

Steven Edelstein, MD

Fred Egloff (BSC '56)

William Eineke (JFRC Spring '97, BBA '98)

Melinda Einfalt (MD '87)

Heidi and Mark Enright (JD '83) LL

Lynda and Stephen Erf (JD '78) LL

Mary Erlenborn (BBA '81) and Thomas Templeton

Nina and James Faught (JD '76) LL

Kathleen Faulk

Dorothy Feigl, PhD (BS '61) LL

Mary Fenelon (MUND '77) and John Gregory LL

Francine Fetyko (MUND '67) LL

Marny Fetzer (BA '94, MD '02)

Geraldine (MUND '79) and John Fiedler

Cheryl Paradis (BS '89, MD '93) and John Fiedler (MD '93)

Terry Fife

Brenda (BA '94) and Michael Fineberg

Lisa Navarro-Fitzgibbons and Denis Fitzgibbons

Jane (JFRC '71-'72) and Edward Flanagan (JFRC '71-'72)

M. Norton Flanagan (MD '62)

Sharyn and Arthur Fleming (MD '65) LL

Glenda Flemister (MD '74/75)

Daniel Fogarty (JFRC Fall '81)

Janet Fogarty (JFRC '75-'76) LL

James Foley (MBA '72)

Frank Folk, MD

Janice (JD '84) and Kevin Forde (JD '63)

Theresa (BS '69) and John Forsythe (BA '69)

William Franklin (BS '73) LL

Ruth Freeark

Laura Vertz, PhD and John Frendreis, PhD

Mary Frenzel (JD '80)

Renee Frodin (BBA '97)

Betty Fuentes (BSN '55, MEd '70)

Mary Ann (JFRC '62-'63, MA '69) and W. Kent Fuller

Pamela and Warren Fuller (BBA '65, JD '67)

James Furmanek (DDS '74)

Gladys Gallagher (BA '73) LL

Mary and Robert* Galvin

Mary Winkler-Gandhi (MD '93) and Kevin Gandhi (MD '86)

Kathryn and Anthony Gargiulo Jr. (JFRC '82-'83, BA '84, MSIR '87)

Melissa (MSN '83) and Bill Garrigan

Karen and Jeffrey Garst (MD '87)

Donna (JFRC '73-'74, BS '75, MPS '88) and Karl Gawlas

Bernard Gawne Jr. (BACL '68, MD '75)

Shanti and Richard Gayle, MD (BS '88)

Paul Gearen (JFRC '71-'72) LL

Lillian Geary-Forch (BA '75) LL

Marianne and David Gebhardt Jr. (MBA '74) LL

Alexander Gemignani (BBA '96, MBA '02)

Mary and Dale Gerding, MD LL

Isabelle Germano

Patricia (BA '76) and Thomas Germino (BA '75, DDS '79)

Madonna (BS '81) and Anthony Giamberdino Jr. (BA '81, MD '85) LL

Laura and David Giesen (MBA '87)

Adele and Richard Gillette (MBA '69)

Peter Gilmour, PhD (BS '64, MRE '71) LL

Tawfik Girgis, MD

Dorothy (MEd '79, PhD '92) and George Giroux

Linda and Jerome Girsch (BBA '67) LL

Jane Gisevius (JFRC '63-'64)

Matthew Gleason (MD '52)

Thomas Gleason (MD '78)

Steven Gloeckle (BS '77) LL

Deborah Golden (MBA '81, JD '84) and David Kendle LL

Marsha Goldstein

Lynne (EdD '80) and Harvey Golomb, MD

Gerald Gong (MD '86) LL

Yonhee and Mark Gordon

Mary Ann (BS '73) and Roger Grabowski (BBA '68) LL

Marilynn and Ronald Grais

Victoria Granacki (MUND '69)

Karen (JD '82) and David Grandstrand

Melitta Gratzer (MD '60)

Linda and Kirk Graves

Danine and Brian Gray, DDS (BS '88)

William Greene

Carol and John Grieco (BS '74, MD '77)

Karen Griffin, MD (BS '79) and W. Randall Griffin

Anita and David Gryska (BBA '78) LL

Forrest Gunnison (JD '87) LL

Sheila Haas, PhD (MSN '74) and Timothy Haas LL

Jeffrey Hagedorn (BA '90)

Donna (BSN '83) and David Hale (MD '71)

Philip Hale LL

Trudy Hall

Marjorie Hallinan

Marietta Hance (MBA '93)

Catherine Hanus-Zank (MUND '69)

John Hardiman LL

Michelle McAtee and John Hardt, PhD

Martha (JFRC '71-'72) and Christopher Harold (JFRC '71-'72)

Thomas W. Havey (BSC '45) LL

Thomas Hawley (JFRC '66-'67) LL

Susan and John Haydek (MD '88)

Donald Hayden (JD '85)

Alice Hayes, PhD (MUND '59)

Constance Hayes (MD '65) and Edward Lewison

Kristen Hazel (JD '88)

Kristin and Nevin Hedlund

David Hegg (MD '57) LL

Cassandra Henderson-Carney (MD '80) and Alfonso Carney LL 

Veronica and Richard Hendricks (MD '60)

Elizabeth and Ronald Hennis (BS '65) LL

Heather and Patrick Henry (MBA '76)

Margaret* and Kevin* Herbert, PhD (BA '46) LL

Jacqueline (BSN '97) and Marc Hertz

Leslie Hertz

Kathleen Hickey (JFRC '78-'79, BS '80)

Judith and Laurence Hicks (MSIR '71)

James Hillman Jr. (BBA '79)

Stephen Hilt (JD '92)

Thomas Hitcho (PhD '96)

Cynthia Ho

Carol and Raymond Hoare, MD (BS '58)

Laura (BBA '80, MBA '81) and Stephen Hoepfner (JFRC Fall '78, BBA '81)

Mary and John Hoffman

Margaret and Norman Hoffman (BS '50) LL

Martha Ann and James Hogan (BS '61) LL

Virginia and John Hogan

Judith and Henry Holmes (MD '62)

Leah Hopkins (MD '96)

Deborah and William Hopkinson (MD '77) LL

Susan (BSN '77) and Daniel Horton (BBA '77) LL

Donna and Donald Hoscheit (MD '82)

Laura (MPS '01, MDiv '07) and John Howard

Lee Hubbell (MA '13, MDiv '13)

Joseph Matthew Hubert

Cory Hugen (MD '05)

Megan Hughes McGuire (JFRC Spring '93, BA '95)

Diane and Patrick Hughes Jr. (BBA '57, JD '60) LL

Therese Kloempken (MD '95) and David Hughes LL

Beverly and Charles Huss (BA '79)

Ann and Kevin Hyland

Judy and Thomas Hynes (BS '59, JD '62) LL

Patricia and Donald Izban (BS '54) LL

Mary Frances Jablonskis (BSN '62)

Peter Jasaitis (BBA '13, MBA '14) LL

Julia and Raymond Joehl, MD

Carol and David Johnson (MD '74/75)

James Johnson Jr. (BS '80)

James Jordan Jr. (MD '74)

Robert Joven (BA '73)

Joan (BSN '54) and John Joyce (MD '55) LL

Joan and Joseph Kallas (BA '75)

Patricia and Peter Kane (MD '65) LL

Kathleen and Herbert Kanter, DDS

Tammy and Edward Kaplan (MD '82)

Jeanmarie Kapp

Myrsini and George Karkazis (MD '65) LL

Mimi Winter and George Kaufman, PhD

Lucina Kaufmann (MD '64) and Alberto Chalmeta

Shirley Maides and John Keane (BS '68, MD '72) LL

Mary and Paul Kearney (JD '66) LL

Jane and Dennis Kearns (JD '76) LL

Kimberly and John Keiserman

Shena (JFRC Fall '98, BS '99, MBA '03) and Benjamin Keith (BBA '00) LL

Kimberly (MUND '76) and Frank Keldermans (BA '76, JD '80)

Mimi and Michael Kelly Sr. (BS '72, MD '80)

Doreen and Thomas Kelly LL

William Kelly (BBA '82) LL

Barbara and Richard Kennedy, PhD

Vicki Keough (MSN '91, PhD '98)

Lisa (JD '05) and Philip Kepler

Edan Gelt and Gene Khalimsky

Lema Khorshid (JD '04)

Myrtle Kilcrease (MEd '77) LL

Ku-Mie Kim, MD, PhD

Elizabeth and William Kinder

Michael Klepper (MD '74/75)

Margaret and Thomas Kloempken LL

Connie Knapp, PhD

Lynn Knaupp and John Griffin

Carolyn Kobler

Linda and Robert Kolek (BBA '65, JD '68) LL

Jane and Joseph Koller (BA '71) LL

Lisa Konieczka (MBA '87) LL

Linda (BSN '85) and Orest Kostelyna (MD '86)

Virginia Kott (MEd '74) LL

Margaret (PhD '03) and George Kraft LL

Kelly Krueger (MEd '06)

Margaret and Gerald Kubasiak (JD '67) LL

Patricia Kubistal (BA '59, MA '65, PhD '68)

Kate Nolan and Mark Kuczewski, PhD

Lucille and Donald Kuiper (MD '64)

Jerome Kujawa (JD '87)

Josephine Kujawinski

Rita Kula (JFRC Fall '73, MSIR '82)

Patricia Winningham and Daniel Kummer (BSC '59) LL

Ronald Kuss (JFRC '65-'66)

Carol Lackie (MPS '07)

Jordan LaClair (JD '12)

Camellia and Jonathan Laing

Rosemary Laird, MD (BS '87) and Timothy Laird

Gregory Lakota

Maureen and Lester Lampert

Ellen Landgraf, PhD (BBA '74)

Marcia and Paul Langos

Katherine (JD '85) and Stephen Larson LL

Florette and Michael Lavelle (MD '66)

Timothy Leahy (JFRC '76-'77, JFRC Fall '78, BA '78)

Margaret and Timothy Leahy (JFRC Fall '62, BBA '64) LL

Lauren Rosenthal and Howard Learner

Joan Keum-Joo and Suk Lee, PhD LL

Lois and William Lee (JD '52)

Sherry and Louis Lehr Jr. (JD '51)

Gloria Leischner (MUND '66)

Nicole (BS '98) and Mark Leischner (BS '97, MD '01) LL

Nancy Lennon (BS '71)

Julie Leonard

Michael Leonard (JD '91)

Paul Leonard

Lee Anne and Jules Levine (MD '53) LL

Jan and Ramsey Lewis Jr.

Lee Lichtenberg (MD '75)

Lorraine and Holger Liepmann

William Linklater (JD '68)

Carol and Robert Linkowski

Terri and Michael Lipsitz (JD '89) LL

Sarah and Thomas Lisy (BBA '75) LL

Larry Little (BA '85) and Timothy O'Connell, PhD LL

Linda and David Long (BS '69)

Monica Long and Philip Akers

Pietro Lorenzini (PhD '94)

Anne Lucas (BS '63) and The Honorable Richard Lucas (BSC '61) LL

Rosemary Lucas (MEd '57, EdD '80) LL

James Luotto (MA '63, PhD '72)

William Lynch

Mary Therese Lysaught

Patricia (MUND '60) and Donald Macaulay

Gertrude Mack (MSW '46) LL

Charlene and Joseph Madden (BSC '54) LL

Deborah and Michael Maddigan

Michele Mahoney (JFRC Summer '97, MBA '99) and John Keenan Jr. (JFRC '91-'92, JFRC Summer '98, MBA '99)

Kelli and Ryan Mahoney (JFRC Fall '03)

Andrew Makowski, MD (MA '12) LL

Susan Malisch

Virginia (MUND '73) and Joseph Mallof

James Mallon (JD '69)

Mary and Neil Maloney Jr. (BS '76) LL

Catherine Malshuk (JFRC '69-'70)

Rose (MSW '63) and Joseph Manak

Theresa Mao LL

Katherine Ann and Lee Marinaccio (JD '71)

Ingrid Marino (JFRC Spring '94)

Elizabeth and Stanley Markowski (MD '64)

Marian (MUND '59) and Bernard Marren LL

Stuart Marshall Jr. (MD '00)

Anne and Stuart Marshall (MD '70)

Raquel Bech and Larry Martin

Michael Martino

George Marx (BA '73, MA '74)

James Mastaler (MA '08, PhD '15)

Patricia Matijevic (PhD '05) LL

Judith (BS '59) and Gregory Matz (MD '62) LL

Ann and Philip May (BBA '67) LL

Claudia (JFRC Fall '86) and Tim McCaffery

Judith (MD '91) and Thomas McCaffrey (MD '74)

Sylvia (MUND '54) and Robert McCann

Brian McCarthy (MBA '00)

Kathleen and Thomas McCauley (JD '75)

Maureen and Don McCormack

Thomas McCracken Jr. (JD '77)

Mary Ann McDermott, PhD (BSN '60, MSN '69) and Dennis McDermott LL

Sistie and Eugene McEnery (MD '57)

Cindy (MD '85) and Kevin McEvoy (MD '85)

Kevin McGirr (BBA '72) LL

Rosemary (MBA '84) and Danny McGowan

Marilyn McGuire, PhD (JFRC '69-'70) and William McGuire (JFRC '68-'69) LL

Peggy and Robert McHugh (JD '59)

Colleen and Thomas McKiernan (MD '74/75)

Jack McLean LL

Helen and Donald McMahon (BBA '68) LL

Charles McManmon (BBA '63)

Kathleen McManus (MPS '00)

Ingrid and Thomas McNeill

Consolin and Timothy McOsker

Mary and Lawrence McPartlin LL

Marcelle McVay and Dennis Zacek

Robert Meade Jr. (JFRC Fall '69) LL

Paula Melone

Barbara Menard (MSW '94)

Renee and Alejandro Menchaca (JD '89) LL

Katrina and James Mendez

Kathleen and John Menzer (BBA '72, MBA '80)

Patricia (BSN '59) and James* Meucci (MD '60) LL

Marilyn Meyer

Bernard Michna (JFRC Fall '66, BS '67, MA '72) LL

Angela and Peter Mikos (BA '99)

Mary Milano (MUND '73) LL

Laura Spargo (BA '92) and John Milder (BA '91)

Joan Holden and David Miller (JFRC '73-'74, BS '75)

Karen Lee (MSN '76) and Robert Miller (MD '74) LL

Nancy and Michael Miller (JFRC '66-'67) LL

Richard Miller (BS '59, MSIR '76) LL

M. Crane and Timothy Miller (JD '87)

Margaret Mimnaugh (BBA '93)

Mary Ellen and James Mini (MD '65) LL

Moira and Christopher Minielly

Yehia Mishriki (MD '79)

Maureen (BSN '78) and George Miz (BS '76, MD '79)

Bernadette and Joseph Moerschbaecher III, PhD (BS '72)

Mary (JFRC '82-'83, BA '84) and Eric Mollman

Anita Montavon (MUND '61, MUND '75)

Miriam Montavon

Mary and Bruce Montes (BA '98, MEd '08) LL

Alice Moore (MUND '55)LL

Lourdes (JFRC '76-'77, BA '78) and John Moore (JFRC '76-'77) 

Margaret (MD '75) and Thomas Moore (MD '75)

Martha Moore (BS '70) and Paul Gade

Judith Livingston Moore and Thomas Moore

Frances and James Moorman (MD '63) LL

Betty Morley (MUND '59)

Teresa and Brian Morowczynski

Mary Lou and Jerome Morrissy (BS '56, MSIR '61) LL

Mary Morrow, PhD (BSN '76) and G.L. Morrow

Kimberly (MD '94) and Peter Mourani (MD '94)

Prudence Moylan, PhD (MUND '63)

Mary (JFRC '68-'69, BS '72, MSW '93) and Peter Mudd (JFRC '68-'69)

Maureen and Joseph Mueller (MD '87)

Pamela (MD '77) and James Mulshine (MD '77)

Ellen (BBA '65) and Thomas Munro (BBA '67)

Anne M. (MUND '58) and Duane Murner LL

Beth (MBA '85) and Steven Murphy

Andrea and Robert Murphy (MD '78)

Thomas Murphy (JFRC '78-'79)

Daniel Murray (BA '57, MSW '67) LL

Jeanne and Thomas Murtagh (BBA '94)

Alice and Michael Murzyn (BA '74, DDS '78)

Vincent Muscarella (MD '62)

Carol and Stephen Napleton (BBA '73)

Catherine (BS '87) and Mark Nathan, MD (BS '86)

Kristen (JFRC '73-'74) and Michael Natter

Carole and William Nellis (BS '63)

Patricia and Francis Nemia

Jane Neufeld (MEd '90)

Erica Nevas (BA '06, BS '06)

Diane Newbury (MEd '75, PhD '80)

June and Frederick Newirth (MD '54) LL

Andy Nguyen (MD '93)

Geraldine Nicholas (JFRC '65-'66)

G. Michael Nidiffer (BS '65, MD '70)

Annette Nielsen (JFRC '66-'67)

Ann O'Brien Nimrod and Joseph Nimrod Jr. (BSC '53)

Debra Litzelman and Rod Nisi

Joyce Nitz (BA '75)

Emily Nixon

Kriston and Troy Noard

Denise (JFRC '73-'74, BA '75, MA '83) and John Noell Jr. (JD '85) LL

Frederick Nora (MD '77) LL

Kathleen and Thomas Norton (MD '65)

Bozena Nowicka McLees and John McLees LL

Emma and Richard Nuzzo (BS '66)

Michele (BS '81, MD '85) and Timothy Nypaver (MD '85)

Joseph O'Brien Sr. (BSC '51)

Susan O'Brien (EdD '84)

Jack O'Connell Jr. (JFRC '68-'69)

Mary (MSN '83) and John O'Connell Jr. (MD '74/75)

Daniel O'Connor (BS '60)

Carolyn (JFRC '91-'92, BA '93) and Mark O'Donnell (JFRC Spring '92)

Marjorie (JD '48) and James O'Hara (PhB '44) LL

Janet and Floyd Okada (MD '61)

Carolyn (MSW '89) and J. Paul O'Keefe (MD '71)

James O'Keefe (BBA '71) LL

Patricia and John O'Keefe Jr. (BSC '60) LL

Shannon O'Keefe (JFRC Spring '97) 

Diane and John Oliverio (BBA '74) LL

Rita and Benedict Olk Jr. (BSC '58) LL

Rosemary (JFRC Spring '82, BA '85) and Stephen Olson

Norton O'Meara

Cynthia O'Neill

Margaret Orbon (JD '76) and G. Curtiss Shaffer

William O'Reilly (MD '75)

Marta (JFRC '71-'72) and Patrick O'Rourke (JFRC '71-'72) LL

Abraham Osman (BSC '50)

Holly Ost (MBA '94)

Sharon (BS '57) and James O'Sullivan Jr. (JD '69) LL

Betsy Oudenhoven (PhD '06)

Christel and Jack Owens Jr. (BSC '58)

Kathleen Owens (BS '67, PhD '81) LL

Maureen (MUND '63) and Denis Owens LL

Barbara Ozog, PhD (BS '77) and Gregory Ozog (BS '70, MA '74, PhD '80) LL

Christine and Patrick Padon (JFRC '70-'71)

Giannina Baccelliere Munoz and Juan Palma Orellana (LLM '15)

Ruth (BA '75) and Reynold Pana (JFRC Spring '62, BS '64)

Thomas Paris (JD '92)

Marianne Parrillo (JD '70)

L. Robert Pasquesi (BBA '67, MBA '71)

Shahida and Arvind Patel (MBA '70)

Bruce Paterson (MD '80)

Nicholas Patricca, PhD

Barbara and Thomas Pauloski (JD '91)

Tu and Francis Pease (BS '72) LL

Elizabeth and Francis Pedace (MD '60)

Denise (JFRC Fall '76, MUND '78) and Gregory Pence (JFRC '76-'77, BA '81, MBA '86)

Roxelyn and Richard Pepper

Barbara and Robert Perkaus Jr. (BS '58) LL

Patricia and Rosario Pesce (BS '72, PhD '83) LL

Donna Peterson Tallman and Thomas Tallman LL

Patricia (MUND '67) and Timothy Peterson LL

Pamela (JFRC Fall '76, BBA '78) and Joseph Petrich

Silvia Rota Pettenati (LLM '06) and Fabio Pettenati

Christine (MD '82) and Gregory Petty LL

Matthew Petty

James Peyton (BS '83)

Peter Pfaff

Genevieve Phelps

Gordana Stjepanovic, MD and Michael Phelps (JFRC '70-'71, JFRC '72-'73, BA '73)

Mary and Nicholas Pieroni (JFRC Spring '62, DDS '66)

Helana and William Pietragallo II (JFRC '67-'68)

Carol* and Hadley Pihl

Mary and Richard Pincoski

Agnes Piszczek (MSW '61) LL

Yves-Mario Piverger (BS '96)

June and William Pizzi (BS '64, MA '67)

Robin Smith and William Plante (BS '59)

Donald Poduska, PhD (BA '56) LL

Judy and Richard Pokorny LL

Sandra (BS '68) and Conrad* Polk, PhD (BS '61)

Xan Pollard Curran (JFRC Fall '00)

Esther and Henry Poterucha (MD '52)

Heken and Steven Potsic (MD '67)

Mary and David Powers

David P. Prasse, PhD LL

Ann Purcell

Roberta and Richard Rappaport (BS '66, JD '67) LL

Mary and Robert Rauh (MD '52) LL

Mary and Lyle Rausch, MD, PhD (BS '65)

Mark Rauzi (BBA '92)

Patricia Ray

Thomas Reagan (BA '69, MEd '73)

Susan and Gregory Reaman (MD '73) LL

Karen and Andy Rebholz

Anna and Jim Rehnquist

Karen Campbell Reid and James Reid

Elizabeth (MUND '71) and Daniel Reidy (BA '71)

Brenda and Joseph Reifenberg (MBA '89)

Lisa Reiter, PhD

Anne Reuland and Michael Gorman

Janice Richards (MD '84) LL

Elizabeth and Thomas Rieser (MD '73)

Mary and Timothy Rivelli (JD '79)

Irene and Ross Robbins (MPS '89)

Kathryn (JFRC Spring '88, BSEd '88) and Paul Roberts LL

Chariece Robinson (BA '88, MD '92)

Rosemary Rocha (BSN '80)

Lauren and John Rock (JD '96)

Renee and Robert Roelle (EdD '78)

Eleanor and Robert Roemer, PhD (MDiv '71)

Mary Pat and James Rohan (JFRC '78-'79, JFRC '79-'80, BA '81, MSIR '83) LL

Joan Rome, PhD (BS '54, MA '57) and Roman Rome

Therese (JD '90) and Michael Rooney

Joanne Mogannam and David Rosenbaum (MD '85)

Robert Rosenbloom (MD '73)

Delores and Adolph Roszkowski (PhD '56) LL

Carmel (JD '80) and Daniel Roth (JD '80)

Sally (MUND '86) and Donal Roth LL

Bonnie and A. Jerald Rothenberg (MD '63) LL

Betsy and J. David Rowekamp (MD '69) LL

Kathy (JFRC '63-'64) and Thomas Rucker (JFRC '63-'64)

Ann Marie and Louis Rundio Jr. (BS '65, JD '72) LL

Charles Rusky (BBA '64) LL

Mark Russo (JFRC Fall '87)

Kimberly Clark Rust and Mark Rust (JD '89)

Thomas Ruubel

Charles Ryan Jr.

Mark Ryan (BBA '95) LL

Louise Rzeszewski (BSN '58) LL

Anne (BA '70) and Barry Sabloff

Robert Saddler (MEd '64)

George Patrick Sage II (JD '92) LL

John Salay (PhD '08)

Lori and Steven Saltz (MD '77)

Patricia Pulido and Manuel Sanchez LL

Alda and Harvey Sanders (MD '59) LL

Elizabeth and Steven Sanders

Barbara Santucci (MD '64)

Terese Savage (MUND '86)

Robert Sawicki (MD '67)

Marianne Scanlon

Joan and Arthur Schalk (BS '55) LL

Corey Schiffman

Jo Anne Schiller and The Honorable Stephen Schiller

Lisbeth and Gary Schlesinger (BS '67)

Christian Schmidt

Marnie and Brian Schmisek, PhD

Linda and William Schuberth (JFRC '65-'66)

Eugenia Schuller (MA '61)

Cathleen and Bryan Schultz (BS '71, MD '74)

Patricia and James Schumann (JD '62)

Maureen (BSN '78) and Edward Schwallie

Susan Schwartz (JD '80) LL

Christine Scriba (MUND '58) LL

Chandra Sekharan, PhD

Patti and Ernie Serrano

Fred Severyn (MD '86)

Rosemary Shanahan (MUND '43)

Kelly Shannon and Richard Browdy LL

Mary Ann Shaw (MUND '63)

Robert Sheehan (BSC '51, JD '66) LL

Kathleen Evert and Joseph Sheils (BA '90)

Judith Sheppard Freyman (JD '77) and Richard Freyman (MSIR '81)

Mobeen Shirazi (MD '02)

Katherine and Clifford Shultz, PhD

Robert Siegel

Julie Sienko

Jacqueline (BSN '91) and R. Matthew Simon (JFRC '77-'78, BA '80, JD '82)

Kevin Simpson, MD LL

Maureen Richnak and Lawrence Singer

Karen Uselmann and Jeffrey Sirota (BBA '83)

Lindsay Wells and Matthew Slaggie (JFRC Fall '02)

Mary Kay and Frank Slocumb Jr. (BA '68) LL

Anne Kenney Smart

Elizabeth and James Smith (MD '65) LL

Lois and Thomas Smith (MD '68) LL

Wanda and John Sobieski Jr. (BS '67) LL

Albin Sowka (MD '47)

William Spence Jr. (JD '71)

David Speranza (MD '81) LL

Joseph Spingola

Yolanda and Robert Spoeri (JFRC Spring '72, BA '72, MA '74, JD '77) LL

Susan Spurgeon (JD '82) and L. Scott Brown

Alka Srivastava, MD and Amit Srivastava (BS '80, MD '84) LL

Mary and Gustav Staahl Jr. (MD '71) LL

Nancy Stachnik (MUND '78)

Cynthia and George Stathopoulos (BS '82, MD '86) LL

Claudia and Ronald Stenger

Harry Stern

Marietta Nolan-Stevens (JFRC '74-'75, BSN '77) and Kevin Stevens (JFRC Spring '73, BA '79)

Mary and Michael Stevens (MD '65) LL

Susan and Jerold Stirling, MD

Thomas Stonecipher (MD '77)

Carolyn (JFRC '79-'80) and Jeff Strandberg

Rosanna Coffey and Timothy Stranges (JFRC '66-'67) LL

James Strzyz (JFRC Spring '67, MD '71)

Casey (BS '77) and Patrick Sullivan (BBA '78)

Dorothy Turek (JFRC '63-'64, BS '66) and George Sullivan Jr. (BA '66) LL

Joan and Scott Sullivan (JFRC '67-'68)

Susan and Thomas Sullivan (MD '69)

Timothy Sullivan (MSIR '72) LL

Lee Ann* and William Sullivan (MD '60)

Denise Sulo, MD and Robert Sulo, MD LL

Gerard Swick (BBA '62, JD '65) LL

Thomas Swidnicki (BS '01, BBA '01)

Adam Swierz

Judith Sykora

James Sylora (MD '89)

Stephanie and Ronald Taddeo (MD '97)

Cindy and James Tanner (JFRC '68-'69) LL

Susan (BBA '83) and Nicholas Tannura (JFRC '79-'80, BBA '82)

Noreen and James Tasto (MD '65) LL

Lynne Taus-Sergi (MD '84)

Mary Ann and Charles Taylon, MD

Patricia (MUND '68) and Ronald Taylor

Sharon and Thomas Taylor

Kathryn and Zuhair Thalji (MD '89) LL 

Grace and Dougie Thomson

Barbara (MUND '52) and James Thorstad Sr. (BS '51) LL

Leigh Ann and James Tidey (MSIR '71) LL

Gayle and Glenn Tilles

Paula Tironi (LLM '09) and Richard Ziegler LL

Gwen and Pietro Tonino, MD LL

Jay Tonne, MD (BS '62)

Mary Ahern (JFRC Fall '00) and Robert Trainer Jr.

Adrienne (MUND '83) and Edward Traisman

Lidia and Danilo Tramontozzi

MaryAnn (JFRC Fall '75) and Stephen Travnik (BA '77)

Thomas Treweek (DDS '79)

Diane and Robert Tripp (MD '88)

Frank Trocchio (BS '75, DDS '80)

Peter Tsantilis (BBA '00, JD '03)

Nancy Tuchman, PhD

Rebecca Tung, MD

Karen and Giancarlo Turano (JFRC '71-'72, BBA '75)

Virginia Turner (JFRC '66-'67) and Drew Sullivan

Marcy (MUND '80) and Robert Twardak (BA '78)

Anna Tyberg and Pieter de Tombe, PhD (JFRC Fall '13, BA '15)

Diane Tymick (MBA '77) LL

Anne and Thomas Tyndorf (BBA '90)

Bonnie and Fidelis Umeh LL

Jack Vainisi

Barbara and Al Van Eekeren (BS '63)

Sheila and Hubert VazNayak

William Vellon (BBA '95)

Mary (MSW '68) and John* Vidoloff (MD '66)

Jeanette Viehman

Marilyn Fatt Vitale and David Vitale

Frances (PhD '97) and Peter Vlasses, PharmD

Richard Vlerick (BSC '51)

Kristin Carlson Vogen and Shawn Vogen, PhD

Edward Volk (JFRC '64-'65, BS '67) LL

Eleanore and Lambert VonBank (BA '57) LL

Tina and Daniel Vonder Heide (BG '02, MSHR '06) LL

William Vonder Heide (BSC '50, JD '53) LL

Emela Vukomanovic, MD and Jadranko Vukomanovic

Bryan Wachter (MD '97)

Kate (BBA '02) and Robert Wacker (BBA '02)

John Walker

Carole and Robert Wall (BBA '62)

Katherine (BS '66, MD '80) and Joseph Walsh, PhD (BA '67, MSW '69)

Frank Walter

Ronald Watkins (JD '63)

Maureen O'Brien and Daniel Watts (JD '84) LL

Margaret (BSN '61) and Michael Webb LL

Alyce and Daniel Wechter (MD '74)

Kathryn (MD '05) and James Weedon (MD '05)

Barbara (BA '70) and Richard Weigel (BBA '70, MBA '75) LL

Christopher Werwicki (JFRC '80-'81, BA '82, MBA '88)

Darrell Wheeler, PhD

Nancy White (JD '81) LL

Joanne Whiteside (BSN '94) and Daryl Wilson (MD '96)

Rebecca and Stuart Whitt (JD '77)

Kathleen Wides (MD '82) and Joel Schor, MD

Sharon and Guy Wiebking LL

Aaron Wielenberg (MD '01)

Laurie and Raymond Wienke (JFRC '77-'78)

John Wilhelm (MD '69)

Dori Wilson

Christopher Winiarz (JFRC Fall '03, BBA '05)

John Winkelmann III (BS '78, MEd '83) LL

Gayle Winters (MD '79) LL

Kristen Witkowski (JFRC Fall '01, BS '03)

Richard Wittry (BA '56, JD '59) LL

Laurel Witz Blau

Celine and Edward Wojcik (MD '62)

Laura and Brian Wolf, MD (BA '93) 

Linda (MUND '85) and Andrew Wolf

Regina (MDiv '81) and Stephen Wolfe (MBA '72) LL

Marinda and Kendall Wong (MD '94)

Rachel Woodcock (MD '06)

Michael Woods (MD '01)

Ann Worden

John Wren (BS '59, MEd '64)

Joan and Peter Wrenn (BSC '58) LL

Carol (MSIR '86) and Edward Wroble

Theodore Wrobleski (BA '68) LL

Michael Yates (JD '89)

Leslie Richards-Yellen and David Yellen LL

Alexander Young

Miguel Zarate (JFRC Summer '98, MBA '99)

Yvonne Zecca (JFRC '70-'71)

Robert Zeledon (MD '90)

Marianne (MSN '76) Zelewsky

Ellen M. (MUND '79) and Joseph Zerega (JFRC Fall '77, BS '78)

Helen and Charles Zinn (MD '77)

Diane (BA '63, MA '65) and Raymond Zmaczynski LL

Sharon Korr-Zygmunt and Michael Zygmunt (BS '68, MD '72)



Charlotte Ahern (MA '13) LL

Joseph Alioto (MD '07)

Ian Anderson (BBA '08)

Steven Armbruster (MD '05)

Ursula Balthazar (MD '04) and Charles Miller (MD '05)

Lydia and David Barrett (JD '07)

Daniel Bateman (MD '07)

Michael Bolzan (JFRC Spring '11, BBA '12)

Emily Brand (JFRC Spring '09, BS '10, MS '10)

Katelyn Brennan (MA '13)

Elizabeth Bruno (PhD '06)

Michael Bunting (BBA '12) LL

Calli Burnett (JD '15)

Cody Caldwell (BA '15)

Adam Carrabotta (JFRC Fall '07, BA '09, BBA '09, MBA '11)

Marius Ciobanu (MBA '08)

Jennifer Clark (MBA '07) LL

Ann Lau Clark (JFRC Summer '03, MSN '11) and Joseph Clark (MD '89) LL

Maryanne Colter (MBA '11) LL

Sean Connolly (JFRC Fall '10, BA '12) LL

Patrick Conway (JFRC Summer '07, BBA '09)

Julia Coppi (JFRC Fall '12, BS '14) LL

Cass Coughlin (MEd '06)

Catherine Counard (MD '90) and Mark Simon, MD (JFRC '80-'81, MBA '13) LL

Michelle and Aaron Cunningham (MS '11) LL

Kathryn and Gregory Dober (MA '07)

Brian Duffy (MBA '07)

Lisa Ellison (JD '06)

Elizabeth Genco (MEd '09)

Katelyn Gibbons (BBA '06)

Sara Golomb (JFRC Summer '05, MEd '05, PhD '10)

Renee Green (JFRC Spring '11, BA '12)

Richard Grossart (MD '11)

April Hanes-Dowd (MJ '06)

Danielle Hanson (BA '05, JFRC Summer '08, MA '08)

Jared Herman (BA '11)

Alexander Hernandez (MS '14)

Thomas Hill (MBA '08)

Elizabeth Hurdelbrink (JFRC Summer '08, BSEd '09)

Angela Inzano (BA '09, JD '12) LL

Christopher Kabat (BS '12)

Daniel Kaufman (JD '10)

Michael Kavanaugh (MD '05)

Brian Keiller (MEd '08)

Joyce and Cranston Knight (PhD '07)

Eric Knisley (BBA '11)

Lauren Koloseike (JD '12)

Amy Kyhos (MBA '08)

Jennifer Lavin (MD '09) and David Drelicharz

Mark Law (MBA '14)

Shannon (BA '12) and Matthew Levi (BA '07)

Holly Little (MD '10)

Kelly Lynch (JFRC Summer '10, MBA '11)

Brian Marszalek (BBA '05) LL

Nathan Mesko (MD '08)

Hanh (JD '06) and John* Meyers (JD '05) LL

Michael Nowak Jr. (BS '07, MBA '11)

Ann and Thomas Palzer (MBA '08) LL

Michael Parrie (JFRC Summer '02, PhD '06)

Purvi Patel (JD '05) and M. Evan Persky

Kelsey Ping (JFRC Fall '10, BA '12)

Christine (JD '06) and Jason Quigley

Christopher Ryba (BS '13)

Alexander See (MEd '07)

Pooja Shah (JD '15)

Jill (MSW '08) and Kenneth Shiner (JD '82)

Benjamin Smigielski (BBA '08, MBA '11)

Gregory James Smith (MA '12)

Daniel Solari (BA '05)

Susan Sostak (EdD '09) LL

Nicole (JFRC Summer '05, BBA '07) and Todd Staley

Catherine Stewart (MSW '05)

Bridget Teofilo (JFRC Spring '04, BBA '06)

James Theo (JD '15)

Anne Tjaden (BS '14)

Stephanie Tomakowski (JFRC Spring '08, BA '09) LL

Emily (JFRC Fall '04, BS '06) and Joseph Turano (JFRC '96-'97)

Maria Vuolo (JD '14)

Rosa and Bernhard Walke (JFRC Summer '08, MEd '10)

Jennifer (JD '05) and Ryan Walsh (JD '06)

Terri Washington (MD '05)

Natasha Wasinski (BA '07)

Aaron White (JD '15)

Kerry Murphy and Colin Willer (MBA '06)


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Society of the Shield

The Society of the Shield honors Loyola alumni and friends who have remembered Loyola in their estate plans and/or have made a deferred gift to the University.  Their generosity and vision have strengthened Loyola's legacy by investing in the future of Jesuit, Catholic higher education.

Edward Abromaitis (BS '68, DDS '73)

Bonnie Adams (PhD '98)

Barbara and Philip Adams (MD '75)

Reva and Seymour Alban (MD '46)

Gay Luhrs Allen (BSC '59)

Marilynn and James* Alsdorf

Joan and Eugene* Amoroso (BS '57)

Elizabeth and Vincent* Angeleri (BS '46)

Catherine Aranyi

Patrick Arbor (BSC '58)

Carol* and Howard Arons (MBA '76)

Fern Asma (MD '46)

Dale (JFRC Spring '73) and Thomas Auffenberg (JFRC Spring '73)

Robert Baba (DDS '57)

Yoshiho Baba

Alice and Alton Backs (MD '52)

Diane (MSW '74) and Carlos Bahr

Catherine Carpenter and David Baker (JD '79)

Wafa and Mamdouh Bakhos, MD

Pat Balsamo* (MD '57)

Loretta Banish Widiger*

Anne Bannister (JFRC Fall '84, BBA '85, MBA '93)

Eleanor and Edward* Bara

Mary Ann* and Chester* Baraniak

Constance Barbantini

Liduina Barbantini (MUND '50)

Wendy Barr, PhD (BSN '69) and Vincent Barr, MD

James Barry

Joyce Barry* (MUND '55)

Carolyn (BS '74) and James Belcher

Geraldine C. (MUND '62) and James Bellanca

Judith Berg (MSW '72, MSIR '85)

Elizabeth Bergmark

Melvin R. and Randy Lamm Berlin (JD '91)

Gail Bien (BS '86, MA '91)

Patricia and Richard Blaine (MD '59)

A. James Blanchard (MD '47)

Debra Blatz, PhD (JD '83) and Edward Blatz

Carola (BS '61) and Ronald Blubaugh

Colleen and Robert Bockel (MD '67)

Mary Jo Bohr (JFRC '71-'72, BA '73)

Judith Pfenninger (BS '82) and Mary Jo Bona (BA '81, MA '83)

Rose and George Bordenave (MD '46)

Gregory Boshart and William Lawrence

Anne Bowman (BS '74, DDS '81) and James Yacabucci, DDS

Anne Brandt (BS '65)

Nancy Braund Boruch (MBA '79, MPS '02)

Joan Brodeur (MUND '91)

Stephanie and Robert Brodner (MD '72)

J. Bardon Brown (DDS '53)

Jean and Robert* Brown (MD '48)

Lydia (BS '85) and John Brown

Nancy Brown (MBA '78)

Nancy Bruzzini (MUND '66)

Isabel Buckley* (MSW '49)

Mary Anne Bunda, MD* (BS '65, MEd '68)

Albertine Burget (MEd '75, EdD '86)

Helene and Oswald* Burkart (MD '52)

Nancy S. (MUND '60) and Michael Burke (BSC '60)

Judith and Timothy Burns (MD '74/75)

George Busch* (BBA '66)

Alex Caffarini (MBA '03)

Marcie and David* Calandra (MD '80)

Laura Caldwell (JD '92)

Marilyn Campbell* (MUND '58, MSW '68)

Jeanne and Thomas Campbell (MD '51)

George Capulos* (MEd '62)

Lynn Carlson and Philip O'Connor, PhD (JFRC '68-'69, BA '70)

John J. Carolan (MD '52) and Beatrice A. Berteau* (MUND '47, MS '49, MD '52)

Margaret and Edward* Carroll (MS '50)

Darlene and Richard Carroll (MD '66)

Patricia Carter (JFRC '62-'63, BS '64)

Helen and John Cassin (JFRC '68-'69, BBA '70)

Grace and Gerard Cerniak (BS '65, MD '69)

Beatrice* and John Chamberlain (BSC '53)

Marjorie and Ronald Charipar (MD '80)

Arlene and Ronald Cheff (MD '71)

Aimee (JFRC Spring '98, BS '00) and Raphael Chiu

Thomas Chock

Nancy (MUND '58, MEd '64) and Frank Cihak

Elaine Clemens (BS '58, MSN '64)

Thomas Cleys (BS '76)

Gelinde Cobbs (MBA '13)

John Collins (DDS '63)

Marie and Edwin Comiskey (BSC '51)

Nancy and Frank Considine (PhB '43)

Harry Constantine (DDS '47)

Jane and Robert Conti (MD '55)

Nancy and Charles Cooper

Manuel Corrales Jr. (MD '80)

Patricia* and Frank M.* Covey Jr. (BS '54, JD '57)

Robert Craig (BA '70)

Susan and William Crawford (BA '70)

Marie (MUND '62) and Dennis Crean (BBA '62)

Barbara (BS '64, MEd '72) and Eugene Croisant (BBA '59, MSIR '66)

Thomas Cullinane (BS '55)

Jeanne and William Dale

Adeline and Royal* Damuth (DDS '34)

Mayda Ana de Armas (MUND '66)

Ken Denzel (JD '67)

Linda and John Deutsch (BA '69)

Mary Kreppel (BSEd '82) and David Diehl (BA '80, MBA '82)

Patricia Dingel

Robert Dix (BBA '64)

Richard Dolezal* (PhD '66)

Paul Dolin* (DDS '47)

Winnie and John* Donnelly (BA '49)

Maureen Dorle Cosgriff (MUND '64) and William Cosgriff

Linda Dougherty (JD '78)

The Honorable Loretta Douglas (BS '65, JD '68)

Thomas Dowd (BSC '59, JD '63)

Joann* (BS '52, MSW '55) and John Downes Jr. (MD '56)

James Doyle* (PhB '47)

Leslie Drew (BSN '82)

Patricia (MSIR '85, MSW '97) and Dennis DuBoux

Florence Duignan* (MA '39)

Joan* (MUND '57) and Robert* Dunne (DDS '52)

Evelyn Dyba*

Catherine Eardley-Murphy and Daniel Murphy* (BS '40)

Sandra and Gregory Eckstein (MD '62)

Gerard Egan (BA '53, MA '59, PhD '69)

Nancy and Lawrence Eisinger (MD '75)

Kathryn* and Philip Faccenda (JD '57)

Eleanor Fails (PhD '74)

Jacqueline Falk

Elizabeth and Bernard Farkas (MSW '62)

Diane and Hermann Faubl (BS '65)

Virginia (BBA '76) and Royal Fisher

Marie (JFRC Spring '88, BS '89) and Brian Fitzpatrick (JFRC '90-'91, JFRC '92-'93, BA '92, JFRC '93-'94)

Lenore* (PhB '49, MA '54) and George* Fleming Jr. (BA '38)

Elisabeth Flynn Chapman, PhD (MA '60) and Harry Chapman*

Mary Ellen Foran (MEd '51)

Bonnie Fors* (MA '69, PhD '76)

Donald Fortney (BBA '62)

Eileen and James* Fox (BS '41, JD '56)

Elaine and Zollie* Frank

Jacquelyn* (MSIR '88) and John Frank

Patricia and Karl Frankovitch (MD '63)

Ruth and Robert* Freeark, MD

Paul Frymark (DDS '63)

Helmuth Fuchs, PhD (BS '62)

M. Joan (BSC '49) and William* Fuller (BSC '50)

Elizabeth and Rolf* Funer (BS '61)

Martin Funk* (BS '50, MD '56)

Gladys Gallagher (BA '73)

Sylvia Gambony (MUND '48)

Mary (MUND '48) and Edward* Garzoni (BS '50)

Lillian Geary-Forch (BA '75)

Maria Svolos Gebhard (BACL '78)

Carol and Joseph* Gentile (PhB '48)

Glenn Gentile

Marsha and Michael* Gentile Sr.

A. William Geordan (MD '49)

Linda and James Gerace Sr. (MD '67)

The Honorable Susan Getzendanner (JD '66, BBA '66) and Stanton Kessler

Joan* and Paul Gewartowski (BSC '61)

Marion* (MUND '51) and John Gleason

Donna and Martin Gleason Jr. (BA '58, JD '61)

Virginia and Richard Glueckert (BBA '65)

Jean and Louis Glunz III, PhD (BS '51)

D. Goldsmith (DDS '87)

Sher Gonzalez y Menchaca (MA '69)

Barbara Goodkind (MUND '68)

Jane Goodnow* (MUND '37)

Paul Gordon

Virginia and William Gordon (MD '59)

Mary (MUND '43) and R. James* Gormley

Sandra Goshgarian (MBA '80)

Joan Grabenstetter (MD '75)

Elizabeth Grady (MUND '47)

Margaret (MUND '59) and Thomas* Granberry

Amber Gravett, PhD (BA '94) and David Tuma (BA '94)

William Gregoire (BBA '82)

Anita and Joseph* Gross (BS '57, MD '60)

Dolores and Matthew Gross (BSC '52)

Vicki Grunnet-Alden (MSW '98) and Raymond Hanft

Marianne Guerrini Boe (BS '74, MEd '01) and Michael Boe

Marge and Rolf Gunnar, MD

Darlene Markovich and Ronald Haak (BS '75)

Barbara and James Haberkorn (BBA '56)

Kimberly (BBA '76) and D. Bruce Haga

James Hagan (BA '70)

Nancy and Warren Hall (BS '62)

Susan Halvorsen (MUND '90)

John Hamilton (BS '67)

Ruth Hamper*

Joan Los Hank (BS '54) and William J. Hank

Susan Marzec Hannigan (JFRC '76-'77, BA '77) and James Hannigan Jr. (JFRC Spring '77, BS '77)

John Hardiman

Lois and Michael Harring (JD '75)

Thomas W. Havey (BSC '45)

Thomas Hawley (JFRC '66-'67)

Alice Hayes, PhD (MUND '59)

Robert Hayes (BSC '49)

Susanna Hayes, PhD (JFRC '62-'63, BS '64)

Eileen Kamerick and Victor Heckler (BS '64, MA '67, PhD '70)

Joan* and David Hegg (MD '57)

Elizabeth (MEd '62) and Richard Henry

James Hey (DDS '73)

Michael Hickey (BBA '70)

Gerald Higgins* (MD '62, MRES '69)

Philip Hillmer, MD

Miriam* and William* Hillmert (JD '34)

Alberta Marie Hilton* (BS '52)

Marylouise Hirsh Burger, PhD (MUND '54, MEd '57)

Ellen and Frederick Hirt (BA '69)

Audrey and Richard Hoder (DDS '57)

Gerald M. Hoffman

Margaret and Norman Hoffman (BS '50)

Nancy (PhD '87) and Frank Hogan III (BS '59, MEd '80)

Margaret* (MUND '63, MEd '74) and Harold* Hoge Jr.

Sheila and Henry Hollander (MD '67)

Carol Ann Holley (JFRC Fall '63)

Susan (BSN '77) and Daniel Horton (BBA '77)

Patricia Howe* (MUND '50)

Joseph Matthew Hubert

Mercedes Hulik* (MUND '48, BSC '48)

Angela (BA '86) and Michael Huspek (BS '85, MBA '87)

Margaret and Denis* Hutchings (MEd '68)

Thomas Immel (JD '68)

Jean Jackson* (MD '73, MRES '79)

Peter Jacobs* (BSC '49)

Mary Jaeger (BS '66, MEd '71)

James Janssen (MA '58)

Belen Jaquez (BSN '63)

Marilyn and Bruno Jaselskis, PhD

Suhair (BA '07) and Manfred Jasevicius

Kim and Algimantas Jecius (MD '88)

Candace and Harold Johnson (BBA '74)

Christina Johnson-Wolff (BA '72) and Richard Wolff

The Honorable Michelle Jordan (BA '74)

Michael Joyce* (BBA '71)

Cynthia Kaminski (BS '83)

Ethel (BSEd '62, MEd '67) and Richard Kaminski

Stephen F. and Pamela R. Kasbeer

Thomas Keefe (PhD '66)

Nancy and William Keefe (MD '69)

Carol Keene (MA '66)

Martha and Michael Kenahan

Joan Key

Myrtle Kilcrease (MEd '77)

James Kilduff (BS '58)

Jeanne Kinney

Sharon Kinsley (MRE '03, MDiv '08)

Mary Anne Kirchschlager*

Michelle and Richard Klarchek

John Kloosterman (BA '91)

Barbara Kloss (BS '62, MA '65)

Judith Irene Knorst, PhD (MA '72)

Nancy W. Knowles

Susan and James Koch (BA '76)

Margaret and Leonard Kochan

Valerie Kockelman (BS '55)

Georgia (BSN '66) and Vernon* Kohlwey

Judy and Andrew Konitzer

Carol Korten (BSEd '61, MEd '71)

Ann Marie Kotre (MUND '62)

Virginia Kott (MEd '74)

Janet* and Frank* Krabec

Conrad Kraemer*

Helen and Carlton* Kraut (BSC '53)

Joyce and John Krempen, MD (BS '71)

Rosemary Kriner (BSN '66)

Bobetta (MEd '65) and John Krueger

Jacqueline and Michael Kuglitsch (MD '80)

Lucille and Donald Kuiper (MD '64)

Harriet and James Kulis (BA '70)

Eileen (BS '71) and William Laack (BS '71)

Karen (MA '70, JD '82) and J. Dennis* Lamping (BA '61, MA '68, PhD '74)

Corinne and Fred Lane (JD '50)

Michael Lanos (BA '78)

Jeanne (MUND '74) and Desmond LaPlace

Aldene Large*

Grace Larkin (MUND '55)

Mary Larsen

Charles Larson, MD

Barry Laven (MD '70)

Eileen (JFRC '71-'72, BS '73) and Michael Lee

Susan Lee (BA '83, JD '87) and Malcolm Litowitz

Adele Baiocchi LeGere (MUND '48)

Sherry and Louis Lehr Jr. (JD '51)

Mary Anne Lenkay* (MD '56)

Viola* (MUND '45) and William Lennon

Mary Leonard (MUND '66)

Debra (BBA '78, JD '81) and Bruce Lester (BA '75)

Jayme Levin-Muriel (JD '93) and Robert Muriel (JD '93)

Timothy Libaris (BA '07, MEd '14)

Mary and Gerald Liesen (MD '58)

Robert Lokar, DDS (MS '65, DRES '65)

Myrtle Lownik*

Rosemary Lucas (MEd '57, EdD '80)

Barbara Lucchese* (MUND '60)

Barbra Luce-Turner

Irene* and Charles Luczak (BS '54)

Margaret Luft (MUND '49)

Diane and Robert Lukesh (MD '68, MS '68)

Mathilda Luketin (MUND '73)

Barbara Baynes Mahoney (MUND '53)

Evelyn* and Anthony* Majer

Daniel Malecki (BS '52)

Theresa and Arthur Malinowski (MSIR '58)

Irene Mandock

Margaret Manella (MSW '63)

Rodney Mannion (MD '56)

Mary Manzke* (BS '52)

Peter* (000 '58) and Theresa Mao

Barbara and Arnold* MaRous (BSC '50)

Thomas Marr (MD '67)

Patrick Marron (JFRC Fall '81, BS '83)

Anne and Stuart Marshall (MD '70)

Elaine and Charles* Martin (MD '47)

Ludgardis Marxer*

Marianne (MUND '54) and Bruce* Matthews

Carol and Lucian* Matusak (BA '43, MD '46)

Barry McCabe

Anne McDermott (MUND '67)

Thomas McDermott (MD '54)

Avis McDonald, PhD (BSN '60)

Rita (PhD '71) and James McDonald

Christine and Robert McFadden

Kevin McGirr (BBA '72)

Mary (BS '53, MD '57) and John McGloin (BS '53, MD '57)

Luann and Donald* McGreevey (MD '51)

Phyllis Jane and Donald McLean (BSC '60)

Daniel Patrick McQuade (BS '64)

Ivan Medina (BS '81, MSW '98)

Nicole LeDuc Meehan (BS '02, MBA '06) and John Meehan

Terri and Richard* Mestrich (BS '64)

Roberta Metz (MEd '60)

Jo-Ann and Thomas Michalak (BS '63)

Vivien (BA '54) and Edward Michals, MD (BS '53)

Barbara and Roger Michels (BBA '66)

Gail Miller and Robert Schwartz* (BSC '50)

Connie Gipple and Steven Miszkowicz (JFRC '74-'75, BS '77)

Mark Mizula

Concetta Ann* and Paul* Mooney (MEd '57)

Sandra (MUND '65) and Michael Morgan

Amanda (MD '01) and Brian Morris (MD '01)

Corinne (JD '85) and Francis* Morrissey (JD '58)

Susan Nelis Moylan (BS '64) and William Moylan, Jr. (BA '64, MA '68)

Sharon and Donald Muir Sr.

Arthur Mullins

Pauline* and William* Mulvaney Jr. (MD '46)

Julia Garrofe and Mario Munoz

Pamela and Robert Munson (MD '85)

Anne M. (MUND '58) and Duane Murner

Sheila and Meredith Murray (MD '56)

Alice and Michael Murzyn (BA '74, DDS '78)

Ruthellyn (BA '75) and Ronald Musil

Mary Jane and Michael Nabicht

Alice C. (MUND '61) and Richard Nagle (MD '63)

Jean and Thomas Nale (DDS '67)

Joyce* and Sandy Navin (BS '65, JD '69)

Jean (MUND '46) and Richard* Nell

Shirley and William Nelson (MD '59)

Susan and Russell Ness (MD '73)

Dorothy and John Newton (MD '52)

Samuel Nickele (PhB '42)

Rita and Harold* Niekamp (MD '48)

Julie Ann and Robert Niles (MD '60)

Evelyn and Thomas Nipper (MD '71)

Loretta Nolan (EdD '85)

Joan (MEd '65) and Joseph Noonan (BBA '55)

Dorothea B.* (MUND '49) and Joseph* Nora (MD '51)

Mary Christine (MUND '71) and Floyd Norris

Nichole Nowak

Emma and Richard Nuzzo (BS '66)

Kathleen O'Brien Wicker (MUND '59, JFRC Spring '62)

Ann (BS '62) and Daniel* O'Connell (JD '53)

Carole Bishop O'Connell

Jack O'Connell Jr. (JFRC '68-'69)

Frances and John* O'Donoghue Jr. (MD '44)

George O'Grady (BS '55)

Mary O'Laughlin (MSW '47)

Robert Olson (BBA '62)

Elizabeth Day and Gregory Onorato (BS '75)

Margaret Orbon (JD '76) and G. Curtiss Shaffer

Thomas O'Reilly (MBA '94)

Thomas (PhD '81, MD '84) and Claudine Origitano

Kateri O'Shea (MUND '59)

Pauline and Harold Papson (MD '65)

Mary Paveza* (MUND '65)

Wilk Peery* (DDS '60)

Janine Pefley (BS '67)

Jean and Edwin Pendrys*

Jeanne and Edwin* Pendrys

Barbara and Robert Perkaus Jr. (BS '58)

Grace Pertell* (MUND '55)

Genevieve Phelps

Joseph Phelps (JFRC '71-'72, BA '73, JD '82)

Mary and Nicholas Pieroni (JFRC Spring '62, DDS '66)

Jack Piliponis (BA '74)

Paul Pitt (BS '68)

Betty and John Plag (PhD '62)

Richard Poley (MD '57)

Sandra (BS '68) and Conrad* Polk, PhD (BS '61)

Loretta and John* Porter (MD '54)

Thomas Potasz* (MD '26)

Lorraine* (PhB '42, MSW '49) and Joseph* Presha

Daniel Priske (BS '62)

Roseanne Vitullo Proteau* (MD '62) and Paul Proteau (BBA '53, MSIR '58)

Lola Farley Proulx (MEd '58) and Ernest Proulx*

Christine Provost (MUND '91)

Marilyn and Michael Quinlan (PhB '67, MBA '70)

William Quinn*

Jennifer and Peter Rabideau, PhD (BS '64)

Elaine and Paul Raglow (MD '59)

Mary and Lyle Rausch, MD, PhD (BS '65)

Olive and Walter Reading (BA '55, MSIR '62)

Mary Anne Rees (BS '65)

Rosemary (MUND '49) and Richard* Rees

Rose Reese Guttman

Domeena Renshaw, MD and Robert* Renshaw, PhD

Mary Ann Ridley (MSW '68)

Carol Robbins (JFRC '64-'65) and Herbert Wolff

Judith* (MSIR '85) and James Rocks, PhD

Joy Rogers, PhD

Agnes* and Don Romanaggi (MD '60)

Betsy and J. David Rowekamp (MD '69)

Gayle Ruedi (MBA '74)

Mary* and Santo* Ruggero (MD '46)

Charles Rusky (BBA '64)

Pamela and William Russell (MBA '72)

Marie Salwonchik (PhD '72)

Mariza Santiano (BBA '85)

Anna Scalise (BS '66)

Catherine* and Theodore Schafer (MD '58)

Jean (BSN '53) and Donald Scherf

Bernice Schloeder*

Dorothy Scholzen (MUND '43)

Mary Schroff (BSEd '40)

Deborah and Terrence Schuhrke (BS '64, MD '68)

Diane (MEd '60) and Roger Serzen

Betty Shanahan (MUND '40)

Rosemary Shanahan (MUND '43)

Marcia Lloyd and Daniel Shannon (MD '60)

Claire and John Sheahin (BS '65, JD '68)

Irene Sheehan-Snider, MD* and Thomas Snider* (MD '51)

Kathleen Evert and Joseph Sheils (BA '90)

Mary Braunreitr (MD '77) and Steven Sherman (MD '77)

Mary Shirey (BSN '69)

A. Donald Sillaro

Joseph Silliman, PhD (JFRC Spring '62, BS '63)

Jennifer* (BA '69) and Virgil Simons (BBA '67)

Maureen and Leslie B. Simonyi (BS '90, MA '92)

Kevin Simpson, MD

Marilyn* and William Simpson

Marilyn* and John Skeffington Sr. (JD '54)

Barbara and Stephen Slogoff, MD

Leonard Slotkowski Jr. (JFRC '65-'66, BA '69, MEd '72)

Mary Ellen Smajo, PhD (BS '85)

Carolyn Smeltzer (MSN '77, EdD '83)

Anne Marie Smith Irrevocable Trust

Barbara Smith (MUND '63)

Jane Smith (MEd '64)

Mary Jo and Thomas Sorensen (DDS '80)

Diane and Louis Soscia (MD '62)

Rita* and Albin Sowka (MD '47)

Carol (MUND '70) and Jack Spiegel

James Spiegel (MBA '95)

Mary and Gustav Staahl Jr. (MD '71)

Nancy Stachnik (MUND '78)

Roberta Stadler (BA '67)

Sandra Stare (MSW '78)

Lisa and Edgar Staren (MD '82)

Judith and Robert Starks (BS '68, MA '70)

Barbara Steinbeigle (BS '55, MA '69) and Eugene Miller

Anne B. Stericker (MA '74, PhD '76) and Thad L. Regulinski, PhD

Margaret and Julian* Stevens (BS '53)

Judith (BS '68) and Robert Stewart

Paul Stewart (BS '63, MSW '65)

Betsy* and Patrick Stiff (MD '75)

Geri and Robert Stone

Barbara Strandberg Joseph (MUND '56) and Martin Joseph

Rosanna Coffey and Timothy Stranges (JFRC '66-'67)

Mary Stretch (MUND '66)

Shelley and Mark Sulkin (BS '72)

Eugene Sullivan (MD '34)

Jean and Michael Sullivan (BSC '61)

Mary Kay and Michael Sullivan (BA '70)

Gerald Sunko (MD '70)

Victoria (BSEd '98, MEd '00) and Raffaele* Suriano (DDS '44)

Gerard Swick (BBA '62, JD '65)

Myra Swick (BBA '67)

Ruth Ann and Robert Swint (MD '70)

Jean and J. Scott Sykora

Jacqueline and William* Tansey (BS '57, MD '61, MPS '01)

Kathleen and David Tansey

Elizabeth and Robert Tarjan (BS '65)

Jill and Barry Tatel (JFRC '65-'66, BA '68)

John (BSC '59) and Terese Mulkern Terry (BS '59)

Nancy and Robert* Testin, PhD

Thomas Thayer (BBA '58)

Barbara (MUND '52) and James Thorstad Sr. (BS '51)

Susan (JFRC '66-'67) and Martin Tierney

Domenic Toni (JFRC '71-'72, JFRC Fall '72, BA '73)

Regina (MUND '78) and Howard* Traisman

Karen Trimberger Brady (BA '98)

Virginia Turner (JFRC '66-'67) and Drew Sullivan

Robin Turpin (BS '79, MA '82, PhD '85)

Joanne Twomey (MUND '62)

Jane Mueller Ungari (BS '67) and Michael Ungari (BS '67, MSW '00)

Sandra Van Goethem (BS '64, MEd '70)

Leslie Vance (BA '83)

Rita and Thomas Vercruysse (BA '93)

Irma Jean Voller* (MUND '49)

Patricia (BSEd '66, MEd '70) and William Max Vom Steeg (BA '61, MEd '69)

Marie* and William Vonder Heide (BSC '50, JD '53)

Barbara H. (MUND '66) and James Walsh

Joan and Edward Walsh (BBA '67)

Bobbi and Edward Walsh (JD '73)

Olga* and John Walsh Jr. (BBA '63)

Katherine (BS '66, MD '80) and Joseph Walsh, PhD (BA '67, MSW '69)

Rita Walsh* (MD '50)

Patricia Walters (MA '00, PhD '05)

Regina (BA '66) and Robert Ward (BS '65)

Mary Ware (BSN '73, MSN '88)

Kurt Warkenthien (MD '88)

Helen (BS '53) and James* Warren

Kumiko Watanuki, PhD* (MUND '84, MA '87)

Teresa S. Watt, PhD (MUND '70) and Robert Watt

Evadean Watts (MUND '59, MSW '62)

Laura and Dan Webb (JD '70)

Frederick Weber III

Jewel and Thomas Wegs (BS '64)

Linda and George Wehrle (BBA '62)

Michael Weinzweig*

Judithe and Jerome Wensinger (MD '58)

Ethel Wentink*

Harry Whelan* (MD '47)

Barbara Whetstone

Angeline Schrater and Richard White, PhD

Evelyn Eaton Whitehead, PhD and James Whitehead, PhD

Bernard Whitley Jr., PhD (BS '69)

Charles Whittingham (BS '51)

Katherine (MSN '70) and Charles Wiley, PhD

Robert Wilkus (MD '62)

Mary (MUND '58) and Theodore Will (MD '60)

Francis Williams (MD '71)

Elizabeth Wilson (MSW '61)

Christopher Winiarz (JFRC Fall '03, BBA '05)

Gayle Winters (MD '79)

Susan* and William Wischoeffer

Richard Wittry (BA '56, JD '59)

Morton Wolf* (JD '35)

Anne Wolfe (JFRC '69-'70, BS '71, PhD '80)

Katherine Royston Wos and Ronald Wos* (BA '61, MA '69)

Patricia Wozniak (BSN '59)

Theodore Wrobleski (BA '68)

Linda and Jay* Young (MD '63)

Jill (BS '71) and Daniel Youngberg

Albert Zari*

Marianne (MSN '76) and Theodore* Zelewsky

Rita* and George Zorn (MD '46)

Ellyn Zunker-Musser, MD (BS '58) and Thomas Grassi

Joan and Eugene* Zylstra (BSC '51)

Audrey Zywicki (MUND '52)


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Corporate and Foundation Donors

The following are corporations and foundations that have supported Loyola University Chicago with a gift in fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014).

$1,000,000+ | $500,000–$999,999 | $100,000–$499,999 | $10,000–$99,999 | $5,000–$9,999 | $2,500–$4,999 | $1,000–$2,499


McCormick Foundation


Chicago Community Trust

Power Construction Company LLC



American Cancer Society

American Heart Association

Barr Management, Ltd.

Big Shoulders Fund

Helen Brach Foundation

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

CME Group Foundation

Community Foundation of New Jersey

Philip H. Corboy Foundation

Dr. Ralph and Marian Falk Medical Research Trust

Farnham Foundation

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Lloyd A. Fry Foundation

John & Katie Hansen Family Foundation

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Hyundai Motor America

The Jesuit Community

Loyola University Health System

The Northern Trust Co.

Richard A. Perritt Charitable Foundation

The PNC Financial Services Group

Stuart Rose Family Foundation

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

Searle Family Trust

Tawani Enterprises, Inc.

Tawani Foundation

John Templeton Foundation

United Way of Tucson & Southern AZ

USA Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus

ViBern Foundation

Westlake Health Foundation



Achievement Rewards for College Scientists

All Saints Eye Center

American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases

American Chemical Society, Chicago

American Endowment Foundation

Anesi Ozmon Rodin Novak & Kohen



B. Stromberg Construction Co., Inc.

Bank of America Corporation

Barrett Charitable Foundation

The Alben F. & Clara G. Bates Foundation

Alvin H. Baum Family Fund

BMO Harris

Carey & Hartmann LLC

Casa Italia, Inc.

Chicago Public Schools

Clayco, Inc.

Community Foundation for the Fox Valley

Cooney and Conway

John D. & Barbara C. Cooney Family Foundation

Cotter Consulting, Inc.

The Cottrell Foundation

Council of Graduate Schools

Cronk Family Foundation

Crown Family Philanthropies

The Cuneo Foundation

Deloitte Foundation

Deloitte LLP

Thomas A. Demetrio Foundation

Dobbs Family Foundation

Thomas W. Dower Foundation

George M. Eisenberg Foundation for Charities

Elara Energy Services

Ernst & Young Foundation

Felidia Restaurant, Inc.

Foundation for Child Development

Fred Says

Girls in the Game, NFP

Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake County

Henry Crown and Company

Huizenga Foundation

Ilagan Family Trust

Illinois Bar Foundation

Illinois Burn Prevention Association

Illinois Children's Healthcare Foundation

Johnson & Bell, Ltd.

Donald P. and Byrd M. Kelly Family Foundation

KMK & Associates LLC

KPMG Foundation


Leukemia Research Foundation

The Rosalie J. and C. Daniel Maldari Foundation

Paul J. McCann Foundation

William & Mary Ann McGrath Foundation

Catherine McKeever Denten Foundation

Merrill Lynch & Company

Midwest Family Business Advisors

The Millard Group, Inc.

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust

National Philanthropic Trust

Newcastle Limited LLC

Oak Foundation

Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation

Occidental Petroleum Charitable Foundation

Phillips Law Offices

Polk Bros. Foundation

Power Family Foundation

Power Wellness Management, Inc.

Pyxis Aviation Group

The Rayman Foundation

The Riversville Foundation

Curt and Linda Rodin Family Foundation

Sage Foundation

Sasser Family Holdings

Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation

The Serra Foundation

Shadow Finance Regulatory Committee

Pratima N. Shah Family Foundation

Simons Foundation

Siragusa Foundation

Skender Construction

The Smith Family Foundation

Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz

Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation

Spencer Foundation

Squinto Family Foundation

Stanley Medical Research Institute

Survey Sciences Group LLC

Trinity Health

The Turano Foundation

United Automobile Insurance Co.

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

VNA Foundation

The Kathleen B. and Charles R. Walgreen III Foundation

The Walsh Foundation

Warrington LLC

Weisermazars LLP

W.P. and H.B. White Foundation

Nell Williams Family Foundation

John & Denise York Foundation


A G P R Foundation

AK Steel Corporation

American Association of Colleges of Nursing

APD Manufacturing, Inc.


Associated Solutions

Bank of America Matching Gifts

Boston Consulting Group

Centerpoint Properties Trust

Chicago Rivet & Machine Company

Clauss Brothers, Inc.

Donald S. Clem, III, DDS, Inc.

Colliers Bennett & Kahnweiler LLC

Constellation Brands, Inc.

Consulate General of the Republic of Poland


Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation

Dykema Gossett PLLC

Ernst & Young

Freeborn & Peters LLP

Global Promise Foundation

W. L. Gore & Associates

Grosvenor Holdings LLC

Henry Ford Health System

I.A. O'Shaughnessy Foundation

Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness

Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

Interfaith Youth Core

The Jessica Freundt Memorial Fund

Katherine B. Johnson Foundation

Jones & Cleary Roofing & Sheet Metal Co., Inc.

KLS Martin, L.P.

Legacy Professionals LLP

Legion of Young Polish Women

Life Fitness

Lynch Family Foundation

Magellan Development Group LLC

Mathewson Right of Way Company


National Christian Foundation

Office Revolution, LLC

Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation

Pete Valletti & Associates

The Pocono Foundation

Raskob Foundation For Catholic Activities,Inc.

Rider Dickerson, Inc.

RML Health Providers, L.P.

Rosalind Franklin University

Sahara Enterprises, Inc.


Spaan Tech, Inc.

Telephone and Data Systems, Inc.

The Tower Foundation

U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

U.S. Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus Operations

Unico Foundation, Inc.

Warehouse Direct



3D Exhibits, Inc.

After School Matters

American Folk Art Society

Amer-Trans Relocation Services, Inc.

ARCO/Murray National Construction Company

Argo Tea

Avison Young (USA) Inc.

The Ayco Charitable Foundation

Bank of America Charitable Fund

Baxter International Foundation

Better Business Bureau

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation

Butler, Rubin, Saltarelli & Boyd

Chapman and Cutler LLP

Chicago Cubs

Cole & Young Co. Jewelers

Conor Commercial Real Estate LLC

Cumberland Funeral Chapels, Ltd.

The Dolan Family Foundation

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Exclusive Windows, Inc.

Exelon Foundation

Florida Organization of Nurse Executives

Google, Inc.

Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program

Grant Thornton Foundation

Greater Kansas City Community

International Exterminator Co.

ISDA Fraternal Association

Italo American National Union Foundation

Kinder Morgan Foundation

La Dolce Via Travel

Ladden & Allen, Chartered

Liberty Property L.P.

Marchegiana Society of Chicago Heights

Marsh and McLennan Companies, Inc.

Mathematica Policy Research

MV Transportation, Inc.

The Natter Family Foundation

New City Communications

Old St. Patrick's Church

Premier Restaurant Group, a MAC One Company

RB Professional Properties

Robert D. Ahlgren & Associates, P.C.

Rosebud Foundation

The San Diego Foundation

Schoolyard Tavern

Society of American Law Teachers, Inc.

The Society of the Sisters of Christian Charity

State Farm Companies Foundation

Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.

Thomas Jefferson University

U.S. Cellular Corporation

Wintrust Bank

World Business Chicago SINC



7 Ate 9 Marketing, Inc.

Abbott Fund Matching Grant Plan

Akzo Nobel, Inc.

American Production and Inventory Control Society, Inc.

AT&T Foundation

Barbri Bar Review


Blarney Castle Oil Co. Distributors

The Boeing Company

Bredemann Toyota-Scion in Park Ridge

Bulldog Medical Products LLC

The Carter Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Celtic Legal Society of Chicago

Cesare Battisti Lodge #27

Chicago Bulls

Chicago Network for Justice & Peace

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Coca-Cola Foundation

Corboy & Demetrio, P.C.

Cozen O'Connor Attorneys

Dempsey Dodge Chrysler Jeep II, Inc.

Discover Financial Services

Draper & Kramer, Inc.

Judge Edward Finnegan Memorial Foundation

Foley Family Foundation

Forest Park National Bank

Freight Distribution, Inc.

Fuksa Khorshid LLC

Kevin K. Gandhi, M.D., PLLC

Gastrointestinal Associates, P.C.

GKN Foundation

Google Matching Gifts

Goose Island Brew Pubs

Great Lakes Brewing Company

Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Inc.

Harlan J. Berk, Ltd.

The Rebecca K. Hyland Memorial Scholarship Fund

Illinois Club for Catholic Women

Integrys Energy Group, Inc.


Jewish Federation of Chicago

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

Lakeshore Athletic Services, Inc.

Link Up Illinois

Liston & Tsantilis PC

McDonald's Corporation

McGinty Living Trust

McGuireWoods Matching Gifts Program

McNeill Memorial Foundation

The Menard  Family Foundation

Nevin Hedlund Architects, Inc.

Nixon Art Associates, Inc.

Norfolk Southern Foundation

Peoples Energy

Physician's Medical Education & Research Foundation

PNC Foundation Matching Gift Program

Polish Resistance (AK) Foundation

Preferred Network Access, Inc.

Prudential Foundation

RA Kostyrka Family Trust

Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Ross C. Robbins Foundation

Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc.

Rock Fusco & Connelly LLC

Russo Bros & Co.

Salesforce.com Foundation

SC Johnson Fund, Inc.

Schiff Hardin & Waite Foundation

Sicilian-American Cultural Association

Slaggie Family Foundation

Societa Modenese Di Mutuo Soccorso

Themis Bar Review

Thomas J. McCracken, Jr. & Associates, P.C.

Town and Country Arts Club

Trainer Family Foundation, Inc.

TransUnion Matching Gift Plan

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)

USG Foundation, Inc.

Verizon Foundation

The Vitale Family Foundation, Inc.

W H Greene Foundation

Watkins Family Foundation

Weinfield Family Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation

Wilson Sporting Goods Company

Woodbury Business Plaza LLC

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Estate Gifts

It is with great appreciation that we remember the generosity of these alumni and friends who express their support and faith in Loyola's mission through a legacy gift to the University.


Mary Ann* and Chester* Baraniak

Joyce Barry* (MUND '55)

Isabel Buckley* (MSW '49)

George Busch* (BBA '66)

Marilyn Campbell* (MUND '58, MSW '68)

Richard Dolezal* (PhD '66)

James Doyle* (PhB '47)

Florence Duignan* (MA '39)

Joan* (MUND '57) and Robert* Dunne (DDS '52)

Evelyn Dyba*

Patricia Howe* (MUND '50)

Mercedes Hulik* (MUND '48, BSC '48)

Peter Jacobs* (BSC '49)

Michael Joyce* (BBA '71)

Mary Anne Kirchschlager*

Janet* and Frank* Krabec

Conrad Kraemer*

Aldene Large*

Evelyn* and Anthony* Majer

Ludgardis Marxer*

Concetta Ann* and Paul* Mooney (MEd '57)

Dorothea B.* (MUND '49) and Joseph* Nora (MD '51)

Mary Paveza* (MUND '65)

Grace Pertell* (MUND '55)

Thomas Potasz* (MD '26)

Irene Sheehan-Snider, MD* and Thomas Snider* (MD '51)

Anne Marie Smith*

Irma Jean Voller* (MUND '49)

Rita Walsh* (MD '50)

Michael Weinzweig*

Ethel Wentink*

Morton Wolf* (JD '35)


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