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Society of the Shield

The Society of the Shield honors Loyola alumni and friends who have remembered Loyola in their estate plans and/or have made a deferred gift to the University. Their generosity and vision have strengthened Loyola's legacy by investing in the future of Jesuit, Catholic higher education.

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Estate Gifts

June Albrecht-Hartt*

Joyce Barry* (MUND '55)

Diane Brandley* (BS '64)

Mary Anne Bunda, MD* (BS '65, MEd '68)

Suzanne Carballo*

Catherine Carroll* (MD '44) and James Carroll* (MD '44)

William Donahoe* (BSC '55)

Richard Dunne* (BSC '52)

Robert Dunne* (DDS '52)

Eleanor Fails* (PhD '74)

Bonnie Fors* (MA '69, PhD '76)

Paul Gordon*

Regina Gruss* (PhB '50)

Alberta Marie Hilton* (BS '52)

Margaret* (MUND '63, MEd '74) and Harold* Hoge Jr.

Jean Jackson* (MD '73)

Conrad Kraemer*

Kathleen Kuehlhorn* (BA '77)

Shirley Langridge* (MEd '58)

Mary Anne Lenkay* (MD '56)

Barbara Lucchese* (MUND '60)

Ludgardis Marxer*

Paul Mooney* (MEd '57)

Robert Otremba* (BS '49, MS '63)

Thomas Potasz* (MD '26)

Lorraine* (PhB '42, MSW '49) and Joseph* Presha

Patricia Rawson* (MUND '40)

Helen Roach* (MUND '50)

Irene Sheehan-Snider, MD*

Katherine (BS '66, MD '80) and Joseph* Walsh, PhD (BA '67, MSW '69)

Dr. Kumiko Watanuki*

Michael Weinzweig*

Morton Wolf* (JD '35)




Current Members

Edward Abromaitis (BS '68, DDS '73)

Bonnie Adams (PhD '98)

Reva and Seymour Alban (MD '46)

Gay Luhrs Allen (BSC '59)

Marilynn and James* Alsdorf

Joan and Eugene* Amoroso (BS '57)

Elizabeth and Vincent* Angeleri (BS '46)

Margarite Angelopoulos, MD

Catherine Aranyi

Patrick Arbor (BSC '58)

Carol* and Howard Arons (MBA '76)

Fern Asma (MD '46)

Dale (JFRC Spring '73) and Thomas Auffenberg (JFRC Spring '73)

Robert Baba (DDS '57)

Yoshiho Baba

Alice and Alton Backs (MD '52)

Diane (MSW '74) and Carlos Bahr

Catherine Carpenter and David Baker (JD '79)

Wafa and Mamdouh Bakhos, MD

Anne Bannister (JFRC Fall '84, BBA '85, MBA '93)

Eleanor and Edward* Bara

Constance Barbantini

Wendy Barr, PhD (BSN '69) and Vincent Barr, MD

James Barry

Carolyn (BS '74) and James Belcher

Geraldine C. (MUND '62) and James Bellanca

Judith Berg (MSW '72, MSIR '85)

Elizabeth Bergmark

Melvin R. and Randy Lamm Berlin (JD '91)

Gail Bien (BS '86, MA '91)

Patricia and Richard Blaine (MD '59)

A. James Blanchard (MD '47)

Debra Blatz, PhD (JD '83) and Edward Blatz

Carola (BS '61) and Ronald Blubaugh

Colleen and Robert Bockel (MD '67)

Mary Jo Bohr (JFRC '71-'72, BA '73)

Judith Pfenninger (BS '82) and Mary Jo Bona (BA '81, MA '83)

Rose and George Bordenave (MD '46)

Gregory Boshart and William Lawrence

Anne Bowman (BS '74, DDS '81) and James Yacabucci, DDS

Anne Brandt (BS '65)

Nancy Braund Boruch (MBA '79, MPS '02)

Joan Brodeur (MUND '91)

Stephanie and Robert Brodner (MD '72)

J. Bardon Brown (DDS '53)

Jean and Robert* Brown (MD '48)

Lydia (BS '86) and John Brown

Nancy Brown (MBA '78)

Nancy Bruzzini (MUND '66)

Albertine Burget (MEd '75, EdD '86)

Helene and Oswald* Burkart (MD '52)

Nancy S. (MUND '60) and Michael Burke (BSC '60)

Judith and Timothy Burns (MD '74/75)

Alex Caffarini (MUND '94, MBA '03)

Marcie and David* Calandra (MD '80)

Laura Caldwell (JD '92)

Jeanne and Thomas Campbell (MD '51)

Lynn Carlson and Philip O'Connor, PhD (JFRC '68-'69, BA '70)

Margaret and Edward* Carroll (MS '50)

Darlene and Richard Carroll (MD '66)

Patricia Carter (JFRC '62-'63, BS '64)

Helen and John Cassin (JFRC '68-'69, BBA '70)

Grace and Gerard Cerniak (BS '65, MD '69)

Beatrice* and John Chamberlain (BSC '53)

Marjorie and Ronald Charipar (MD '80)

Arlene and Ronald Cheff (MD '71)

Aimee (JFRC Spring '98, BS '00) and Raphael Chiu

Thomas Chock

Nancy (MUND '58, MEd '64) and Frank Cihak

Elaine Clemens (BS '58, MSN '64)

Thomas Cleys (BS '76)

Gelinde Cobbs (MBA '13)

John Collins (DDS '63)

Marie and Edwin Comiskey (BSC '51)

Nancy and Frank* Considine (PhB '43)

Harry Constantine (DDS '47)

Jane and Robert Conti (MD '55)

Nancy and Charles Cooper

Manuel Corrales Jr. (MD '80)

Robert Craig (BA '70)

Susan and William Crawford (BA '70)

Marie (MUND '62) and Dennis* Crean (BBA '62)

Barbara (BS '64, MEd '72) and Eugene Croisant (BBA '59, MSIR '66)

David Crumrine, PhD

Thomas Cullinane (BS '55)

Jeanne and William Dale

Adeline and Royal* Damuth (DDS '34)

Mayda Ana de Armas (MUND '66)

Ken Denzel (JD '67)

Linda and John Deutsch (BA '69)

Mary Kreppel (BSEd '82) and David Diehl (BA '80, MBA '82)

Patricia Dingel

Robert Dix (BBA '64)

Winnie and John* Donnelly (BA '49)

Maureen Dorle Cosgriff (MUND '64) and William Cosgriff

Linda Dougherty (JD '78)

The Honorable Loretta Douglas (BS '65, JD '68)

Thomas Dowd (BSC '59, JD '63)

Joann* (BS '52, MSW '55) and John Downes Jr. (MD '56)

Leslie Drew (BSN '82)

Patricia (MSIR '85, MSW '97) and Dennis DuBoux

Catherine Eardley-Murphy and Daniel Murphy* (BS '40)

Sandra and Gregory* Eckstein (MD '62)

Gerard Egan (BA '53, MA '59, PhD '69)

Nancy and Lawrence Eisinger (MD '75)

Kathryn* and Philip Faccenda (JD '57)

Jacqueline Falk

Elizabeth and Bernard Farkas (MSW '62)

Lola Farley Proulx (MEd '58) and Ernest Proulx*

Diane* and Hermann Faubl (BS '65)

Virginia (BBA '76) and Royal Fisher

Marie (JFRC Spring '88, MUND '89) and Brian Fitzpatrick (JFRC '90-'91, JFRC '92-'93, BA '92, JFRC '93-'94)

Mary Barta Fivizzani (BA `74) and Kenneth Fivizzani (BS '72, MS '76)

Jimmie Flewellen Sr. (MPS '83)

Elisabeth Flynn Chapman, PhD (MA '60) and Harry Chapman*

Mary Ellen Foran (MEd '51)

Donald Fortney (BBA '62)

Eileen and James* Fox (BS '41, JD '56)

Elaine and Zollie* Frank

Jacquelyn* (MSIR '88) and John Frank

Patricia and Karl Frankovitch (MD '63)

Ruth and Robert* Freeark

Paul Frymark (DDS '63)

Helmuth Fuchs, PhD (BS '62)

M. Joan (BSC '49) and William* Fuller (BSC '50)

Elizabeth and Rolf* Funer (BS '61)

Gladys Gallagher (BA '73)

Sylvia Gambony (MUND '48)

Mary (MUND '48) and Edward* Garzoni (BS '50)

Lillian Geary-Forch (BA '75)

Maria Svolos Gebhard (BACL '78)

Carol and Joseph* Gentile (PhB '48)

Glenn Gentile

Marsha and Michael* Gentile Sr.

A. William Geordan (MD '49)

Linda and James Gerace Sr. (MD '67)

The Honorable Susan Getzendanner (BBA '66, JD '66) and Stanton Kessler

Joan* and Paul Gewartowski (BSC '61)

Marion* (MUND '51) and John Gleason

Donna and Martin Gleason Jr. (BA '58, JD '61)

Virginia and Richard Glueckert (BBA '65)

Jean* and Louis Glunz III, PhD (BS '51)

D. Goldsmith (DDS '87)

Sher Gonzalez y Menchaca (MA '69)

Barbara Goodkind (MUND '68)

Virginia and William Gordon (MD '59)

Mary (MUND '43) and R. James* Gormley

Sandra Goshgarian (MBA '80)

Joan Grabenstetter (MD '75)

Elizabeth Grady (MUND '47)

Margaret (MUND '59) and Thomas* Granberry

Amber Gravett, PhD (BA '94) and David Tuma (BA '94)

William Gregoire (BBA '82)

Anita and Joseph* Gross (BS '57, MD '60)

Dolores and Matthew Gross (BSC '52)

Vicki Grunnet-Alden (MSW '98) and Raymond Hanft

Marianne Guerrini Boe (BS '74, MEd '01) and Michael Boe

Marge and Rolf Gunnar, MD

Darlene Markovich and Ronald Haak (BS '75)

Barbara and James Haberkorn (BBA '56)

Kimberly (BBA '76) and D. Bruce Haga

James Hagan (BA '70)

Nancy and Warren Hall (BS '62)

Susan Halvorsen (MUND '90)

John Hamilton (BS '67)

Joan Los Hank (BS '54) and William J. Hank

Susan Marzec Hannigan (JFRC '76-'77, BA '77) and James Hannigan Jr., MD (JFRC Spring '77, BS '77)

John Hardiman

Lois and Michael Harring (JD '75)

Thomas W. Havey (BSC '45)

Thomas J Hawley (JFRC '66-'67)

Alice Hayes, PhD (MUND '59)

Susanna Hayes, PhD (JFRC '62-'63, BS '64)

Eileen Kamerick and Victor Heckler (BS '64, MA '67, PhD '70)

Joan* and David Hegg (MD '57)

Elizabeth (MEd '62) and Richard Henry

James Hey (DDS '73)

Michael Hickey (BBA '70)

Philip Hillmer, MD

Marylouise Hirsh Burger, PhD (MUND '54, MEd '57)

Ellen and Frederick Hirt (BA '69)

Audrey and Richard Hoder (DDS '57)

May Weber, MD* and Gerald M. Hoffman, PhD

Margaret* and Norman Hoffman (BS '50)

Nancy (PhD '87) and Frank Hogan III (BS '59, MEd '80)

Sheila and Henry Hollander (MD '67)

Carol Ann Holley (JFRC Fall '63)

Susan (BSN '77) and Daniel Horton (BBA '77)

Joseph Matthew Hubert

Angela (BA '86) and Michael Huspek (BS '85, MBA '87)

Thomas Hussey (BA '80)

Margaret and Denis* Hutchings (MEd '68)

Thomas Immel (JD '68)

Mary Jaeger (BS '66, MEd '71)

James Janssen (MA '58)

Margaret Janus (MUND '72)

Belen Jaquez (BSN '63)

Marilyn and Bruno Jaselskis, PhD

Suhair (BA '07) and Manfred Jasevicius

Kim and Algimantas Jecius (MD '88)

Candace and Harold Johnson (BBA '74)

Christina Johnson-Wolff (BA '72) and Richard Wolff

The Honorable Michelle Jordan (BA '74)

Cynthia Kaminski (BS '83)

Ethel (BSEd '62, MEd '67) and Richard Kaminski

Stephen F. and Pamela R. Kasbeer

Thomas Keefe (PhD '66)

Nancy and William Keefe (MD '69)

Carol Keene (MA '66)

Martha and Michael Kenahan

Joan Key

Myrtle Kilcrease (MEd '77)

James Kilduff (BS '58)

Jeanne Kinney

Sharon Kinsley (MUND '87, MRE '03, MDiv '08)

Michelle and Richard Klarchek

John Kloosterman (BA '91)

Barbara Kloss (BS '62, MA '65)

Judith Irene Knorst, PhD (MA '72)

Nancy W. Knowles

Susan and James Koch (BA '76)

Margaret and Leonard* Kochan

Valerie Kockelman (BS '55)

Georgia (BSN '66) and Vernon* Kohlwey

Judy and Andrew Konitzer

Carol Korten (BSEd '61, MEd '71)

Ann Marie Kotre (MUND '62)

Virginia Kott (MEd '74)

Helen and Carlton* Kraut (BSC '53)

Joyce and John Krempen, MD (BS '71)

Rosemary Kriner (BSN '66)

Bobetta (MEd '65) and John Krueger

Jacqueline and Michael Kuglitsch (MD '80)

Lucille and Donald Kuiper (MD '64)

Harriet and James Kulis (BA '70)

Eileen (BS '71) and William Laack (BS '71)

Karen (MA '70, JD '82) and J. Dennis* Lamping (BA '61, MA '68, PhD '74)

Corinne and Fred Lane (JD '50)

Michael Lanos (BA '78)

Jeanne (MUND '74) and Desmond LaPlace

Grace Larkin (MUND '55)

Mary Larsen

Charles Larson, MD

Barry Laven (MD '70)

Eileen (JFRC '71-'72, BS '73) and Michael Lee

Susan Lee (JD '87) and Malcolm Litowitz

Adele Baiocchi LeGere (MUND '48)

Sherry and Louis Lehr Jr. (JD '51)

Viola* (MUND '45) and William Lennon

Mary Leonard (MUND '66)

Debra (BBA '78, JD '81) and Bruce Lester (BA '75)

Jayme Levin-Muriel (JD '93) and Robert Muriel (JD '93)

Timothy Libaris (BA '07, MEd '14)

Mary and Gerald Liesen (MD '58)

Robert Lokar, DDS (MS '65, DRES '65)

Frank Lopresti (BA '72)

Rosemary Lucas (MEd '57, EdD '80)

Barbra Luce-Turner

Irene* and Charles Luczak (BS '54)

Margaret Luft (MUND '49)

Diane and Robert Lukesh (MD '68, MS '68)

Mathilda Luketin (MUND '73)

Daniel Malecki (BS '52)

Theresa and Arthur Malinowski (MSIR '58)

Irene Mandock

Margaret Manella (MSW '63)

Rodney Mannion (MD '56)

Peter* (000 '58) and Theresa Mao

Barbara and Arnold* MaRous (BSC '50)

Thomas Marr (MD '67)

Patrick Marron (JFRC Fall '81, BS '83)

Anne and Stuart Marshall (MD '70)

Elaine and Charles* Martin (MD '47)

Marianne (MUND '54) and Bruce* Matthews

Carol and Lucian* Matusak (BA '43, MD '46)

Barry McCabe

Anne McDermott (MUND '67)

Thomas McDermott (MD '54)

Rita (PhD '71) and James McDonald

Christine and Robert McFadden

Kevin McGirr (BBA '72)

Mary (BS '53, MD '57) and John McGloin (BS '53, MD '57)

Luann and Donald* McGreevey (MD '51)

Phyllis Jane and Donald McLean (BSC '60)

Daniel Patrick McQuade (BS '64)

Ivan Medina (BS '81, MSW '98)

Nicole LeDuc Meehan (BS '02, MBA '06) and John Meehan

Terri and Richard* Mestrich (BS '64)

Roberta Metz (MEd '60)

Jo-Ann and Thomas Michalak (BS '63)

Vivien (BA '54) and Edward Michals, MD (BS '53)

Barbara and Roger Michels (BBA '66)

Gail Miller and Robert Schwartz* (BSC '50)

Richard Miller (BS '59, MSIR '76)

Connie Gipple and Steven Miszkowicz (JFRC '74-'75, BS '77)

Mark Mizula

Sandra (MUND '65) and Michael Morgan

Amanda (MD '01) and Brian Morris (MD '01)

Corinne (JD '85) and Francis* Morrissey (JD '58)

Susan Nelis Moylan (BS '64) and William Moylan, Jr. (BA '64, MA '68)

Arthur Mullins

Julia Garrofe and Mario Munoz

Pamela and Robert Munson (MD '85)

Anne M. (MUND '58) and Duane Murner

Sheila and Meredith Murray (MD '56)

Alice and Michael Murzyn (BA '74, DDS '78)

Ruthellyn (BA '75) and Ronald Musil

Mary Jane and Michael Nabicht

Alice C. (MUND '61) and Richard Nagle (MD '63)

Jean and Thomas Nale (DDS '67)

Joyce* and Sandy Navin (BS '65, JD '69)

Jean (MUND '46) and Richard* Nell

Shirley and William Nelson (MD '59)

Susan and Russell Ness (MD '73)

Dorothy and John Newton (MD '52)

Samuel Nickele (PhB '42)

Rita and Harold* Niekamp (MD '48)

Julie Ann and Robert Niles (MD '60)

Evelyn and Thomas Nipper (MD '71)

Loretta Nolan (EdD '85)

Joan (MEd '65) and Joseph Noonan (BBA '55)

Mary Christine (MUND '71) and Floyd Norris

Nichole Nowak

Emma and Richard Nuzzo (BS '66)

Kathleen O'Brien Wicker (MUND '59, JFRC Spring '62)

Ann (BS '62) and Daniel* O'Connell (JD '53)

Carole Bishop O'Connell

Jack O'Connell Jr. (JFRC '68-'69)

Frances and John* O'Donoghue Jr. (MD '44)

George O'Grady (BS '55)

Mary O'Laughlin (MSW '47)

Robert Olson (BBA '62)

Elizabeth Day and Gregory Onorato (BS '75)

Margaret Orbon (JD '76) and G. Curtiss Shaffer

Thomas O'Reilly (MBA '94)

Thomas (PhD '81, MD '84) and Claudine Origitano

Mary Stretch (MUND '66) and Kateri O'Shea (MUND '59)

Robert O'Toole (BSC '57)

Pauline and Harold Papson (MD '65)

Janine Pefley (BS '67)

Jeanne and Edwin* Pendrys

Barbara and Robert Perkaus Jr. (BS '58)

Genevieve Phelps

Joseph Phelps (JFRC '71-'72, BA '73, JD '82)

Mary and Nicholas Pieroni (JFRC Spring '62, DDS '66)

Jack Piliponis (BA '74)

Paul Pitt (BS '68)

Betty* and John Plag (PhD '62)

Richard Poley (MD '57)

Sandra (BS '68) and Conrad* Polk, PhD (BS '61)

Loretta and John* Porter (MD '54)

Daniel Priske (BS '62)

Roseanne Vitullo Proteau* (MD '62) and Paul Proteau (BBA '53, MSIR '58)

Christine Provost (MUND '91)

Marilyn and Michael Quinlan (PhB '67, MBA '70)

Jennifer and Peter Rabideau, PhD (BS '64)

Elaine and Paul Raglow (MD '59)

Mary and Lyle Rausch, MD, PhD (BS '65)

Olive and Walter Reading (BA '55, MSIR '62)

Mary Anne Rees (BS '65)

Rosemary (MUND '49) and Richard* Rees

Rose Reese Guttman

Domeena Renshaw, MD and Robert* Renshaw, PhD

Mary Ann Ridley (MSW '68)

Carol Robbins (JFRC '64-'65) and Herbert Wolff

Judith* (MSIR '85) and James Rocks, PhD

Dewellyn Roepenack (MSIR '93)

Joy Rogers, PhD

Agnes* and Don Romanaggi (MD '60)

Betsy and J. David Rowekamp (MD '69)

Katherine Royston Wos and Ronald Wos* (BA '61, MA '69)

Gayle Ruedi (MBA '74)

Charles Rusky (BBA '64)

Pamela and William Russell (MBA '72)

Marie Salwonchik (PhD '72)

Mariza Santiano (BBA '85)

Anna Scalise (BS '66)

Catherine* and Theodore Schafer (MD '58)

Jean (BSN '53) and Donald Scherf

Dorothy Scholzen (MUND '43)

Mary Schroff (BSEd '40)

Deborah and Terrence Schuhrke (BS '64, MD '68)

Diane (MEd '60) and Roger Serzen

Betty Shanahan (MUND '40)

Rosemary Shanahan (MUND '43)

Marcia Lloyd and Daniel Shannon (MD '60)

Mary and Donald Shaughnessy (BSC '53)

Claire and John Sheahin (BS '65, JD '68)

Kathleen Evert and Joseph Sheils (BA '90)

Mary Braunreitr (MD '77) and Steven Sherman (MD '77)

Mary Shirey (BSN '69)

Joseph Silliman, PhD (JFRC Spring '62, BS '63)

Jennifer* (BA '69) and Virgil Simons (BBA '67)

Maureen and Leslie B. Simonyi (BS '90, MA '92)

Kevin Simpson, MD

Marilyn* and John Skeffington Sr. (JD '54)

Barbara and Stephen Slogoff, MD

Leonard Slotkowski Jr. (JFRC '65-'66, BA '69, MEd '72)

Mary Ellen Smajo, PhD (BS '85)

Carolyn Smeltzer (MSN '77, EdD '83)

Barbara Smith (MUND '63)

Jane Smith (MEd '64)

LeRoy Smith (MD '65)

Mary Jo and Thomas Sorensen (DDS '80)

Diane and Louis Soscia (MD '62)

Rita* and Albin Sowka (MD '47)

Carol (MUND '70) and Jack Spiegel

James Spiegel (MBA '95)

Mary and Gustav Staahl Jr. (MD '71)

Nancy Stachnik (MUND '78)

Roberta Stadler (BA '67)

Sandra Stare (MSW '78)

Lisa and Edgar Staren (MD '82)

Judith and Robert Starks (BS '68, MA '70)

Barbara Steinbeigle (BS '55, MA '69) and Eugene Miller

Anne B. Stericker (MA '74, PhD '76) and Thad L. Regulinski, PhD

Margaret and Julian* Stevens (BS '53)

Judith (BS '68) and Robert Stewart

Paul Stewart (BS '63, MSW '65)

Betsy* and Patrick Stiff (MD '75)

Geri and Robert Stone

Barbara Strandberg Joseph (MUND '56) and Martin Joseph

Rosanna Coffey and Timothy Stranges (JFRC '66-'67)

Shelley and Mark Sulkin (BS '72)

Eugene Sullivan (MD '34)

Jean and Michael Sullivan (BSC '61)

Mary Kay and Michael Sullivan (BA '70)

Victoria (BSEd '98, MEd '00) and Raffaele* Suriano (DDS '44)

Gerard Swick (BBA '62, JD '65)

Myra Swick (BBA '67)

Ruth Ann and Robert Swint (MD '70)

Jean and J. Scott Sykora

Jacqueline and William* Tansey (BS '57, MD '61, MPS '01)

Kathleen and David Tansey

Elizabeth and Robert Tarjan (BS '65)

Jill and Barry Tatel (JFRC '65-'66, BA '68)

John (BSC '59) and Terese Mulkern Terry (BS '59)

Nancy and Robert* Testin, PhD

Thomas Thayer (BBA '58)

Barbara (MUND '52) and James Thorstad Sr. (BS '51)

Susan (JFRC '66-'67) and Martin Tierney

Domenic Toni (JFRC '71-'72, JFRC Fall '72, BA '73)

Regina (MUND '78) and Howard* Traisman

Karen Trimberger Brady (BA '98)

Virginia Turner (JFRC '66-'67) and Drew Sullivan

Robin Turpin (BS '79, MA '82, PhD '85)

Joanne Twomey (MUND '62)

Jane Mueller Ungari (BS '67) and Michael Ungari (BS  '67, MSW '00)

Sandra Van Goethem (BS '64, MEd '70)

Leslie Vance (BA '83)

James Venskus (BA '70, MA '88)

Rita and Thomas Vercruysse (BA '93)

Patricia (BSEd '66, MEd '70) and William Max Vom Steeg (BA '61, MEd '69)

Marie* and William Vonder Heide (BSC '50, JD '53)

Barbara H. (MUND '66) and James Walsh

Joan and Edward Walsh (BBA '67)

Bobbi and Edward Walsh (JD '73)

Olga* and John Walsh Jr. (BBA '63)

Katherine (BS '66, MD '80) and Joseph* Walsh, PhD (BA '67, MSW '69)

Patricia Walters (MA '00, PhD '05)

Regina (BA '66) and Robert Ward (BS '65)

Mary Ware (BSN '73, MSN '88)

Kurt Warkenthien (MD '88)

Helen (BS '53) and James* Warren

Teresa S. Watt, PhD (MUND '70) and Robert Watt

Evadean Watts (MUND '59, MSW '62)

Laura and Dan Webb (JD '70)

Frederick Weber III

Jewel and Thomas Wegs (BS '64)

Linda and George Wehrle (BBA '62)

Judithe and Jerome Wensinger (MD '58)

Barbara Whetstone

Angeline Schrater and Richard White, PhD

Evelyn Eaton Whitehead, PhD and James Whitehead, PhD

Bernard Whitley Jr., PhD (BS '69)

Charles Whittingham (BS '51)

Katherine (MSN '70) and Charles Wiley, PhD

Robert Wilkus (MD '62)

Mary (MUND '58) and Theodore Will (MD '60)

Francis Williams (MD '71)

Elizabeth Wilson (MSW '61)

Christopher Winiarz (JFRC Fall '03, BBA '05)

Gayle Winters (MD '79)

Susan* and William Wischoeffer

Richard Wittry (BA '56, JD '59)

Anne Wolfe (JFRC '69-'70, BS '71, PhD '80)

Patricia Wozniak (BSN '59)

Theodore Wrobleski (BA '68)

Linda and Jay* Young (MD '63)

Jill (BS '71) and Daniel Youngberg

Marianne (MSN '76) and Theodore* Zelewsk

Ellyn Zunker-Musser, MD (BS '58) and Thomas Grassi

Eugene Zylstra* (BSC '51)

Joan and Eugene* Zylstra (BSC '51)

Audrey Zywicki (MUND '52)




Legacy Members

Florence Ackerman* (MUND '38)

June Albrecht-Hartt*

Daniel Altier* (DDS '29)

Irene Ambrosius* (PhB '41)

William Angus* (BS '53, MD '56)

Helen* (BS '55) and John* Ayres

Margaret Baima* (MD '47)

Doris* and Pat* Balsamo  (MD '57)

Loretta Banish Widiger*

Henry Banks* (BS '44)

Edward Bara*

Mary Ann* and Chester* Baraniak

Liduina Barbantini* (MUND '50)

Evelyn* and William* Barnett Sr. (JD '41)

Marie* and Thomas* Barrett (MD '47)

Joyce Barry* (MUND '55)

Kathleen* and Bernard* Beazley (JD '50)

Carolyn* and James* Beck

Paul Begich* (BSC '55)

Mary Kathryn Bick*

Walter Bielawski* (BS '50, MBA '72)

Mildred Bomba* (PhB '40, MSW '51)

Georgia* and Leonard* Borland (DDS '34)

Diane Brandley* (BSN '64)

Bernard Brennan* (PhB '37)

Jacob Brotman* (MD '33)

Kevin Brown* (PhB '50)

Robert Brown* (MD '48)

Stella Brueggen* (BS '53)

Isabel Buckley* (MSW '49)

Robert Buehler*

Mary Anne Bunda, MD* (BS '65, MEd '68)

Ethel Burns* (BA '55)

George Busch* (BBA '66)

Mary Isabelle Caestecker*

Marilyn Campbell* (MUND '58, MSW '68)

Wilhelmina Campion*

Helen Canning* (BSN '61)

Helen Cannon*

George Capulos* (MEd '62)

Suzanne Carballo*

John J. Carolan* (MD '52) and Beatrice A. Berteau* (MUND '47, MS '49, MD '52)

Catherine Carroll* (MD '44) and James Carroll* (MD '44)

Norma* and Bruce* Carroll (MD '44)

Audree*and Donald* Casey (MD '43)

James King Lee Choy* (MD '37)

Bernard Conway* (JD '50)

Robert Conway* (BSC '49)

Francis Corby* (BA '38)

Patricia* and Frank M.* Covey Jr. (BS '54, JD '57)

Dora Craig* (BS '45, MSW '60)

Kathleen Crosby* (MEd '59)

Mark Daniels* (DDS '46)

Norbert Davoust*

Ruth* and Thomas* Dean

Jeannette DeLaney*

Edward Dempsey* (JD '37)

James DePauw*

John Devery* (JD '28)

Mary Jane* and Michael* DiCosola (MD '42)

Richard Dolezal* (PhD '66)

Paul Dolin* (DDS '47)

William Donahoe* (BSC '55)

Willouise Donovan* (BA '39)

James Doyle* (PhB '47)

Florence Duignan* (MA '39)

Joan* (MUND '57) and Robert* Dunne (DDS '52)

Richard Dunne* (BSC '52)

Evelyn Dyba*

Mary Anne English*

Julia Espinosa* (MUND '40, MEd '52)

Eleanor Fails* (PhD '74)

Lenore* (PhB '49, MA '54) and George* Fleming Jr. (BA '38)

Martha Floener* (MUND '45)

Bonnie Fors* (MA '69, PhD '76)

Robert Foster* (BS '55)

Edward Frangesh* (BSC '38)

Jacquelyn Frank* (MSIR '88)

Clementine Frankowski* (MD '32)

Gary David Friedman* (JD '62)

Muriel Friedman* (BS '65, MA '67, PhD '74)

Stephen Fuller*

Martin Funk* (BS '50, MD '56)

Isabel* and Robert* Gallagher

Edward Garzoni* (BS '50)

Roger Geldermann* (BA '38)

Mary Giblin* (BA '91, MA '97)

Mary Kay Gill* (MUND '51)

Marion Gleason* (MUND '51)

Collette Gmitter* (MUND '42)

Rose* and John* Goedert (BA '35, JD '40)

Amber Golob* (BS '48)

Helene Gonska*

Jane Goodnow* (MUND '37)

Catherine* (MUND '49) and Paul Gordon*

Joseph Grady* (BA '28, JD '32)

Rosemary* and John* Grant (MD '43)

Joseph Gross* (BS '57, MD '60)

Regina Gruss* (PhB '50)

Beatrice* (MA '36) and Patrick* Haggerty

E. Marie Haley* (MA '37)

Ruth Hamper*

Virginia* and Henry* Hartman (MD '30)

Leon Hayes* (BS '59)

Robert Hayes* (BSC '49)

Sheldon Hayes* (JD '49)

Helen Heerey* (MSW '39)

Liselotte Herman*

Gerald Higgins* (MD '62, MRES '69)

Miriam* and William Hillmert* (JD '34)

Alberta Marie Hilton* (BS '52)

Janice* and William* Hines (JD '48)

Anna Hletko*

Cameron Hogan* (MD '29)

Margaret* (MUND '63, MEd '74) and Harold* Hoge Jr.

Edward Hosek* (BSC '43)

Patricia Howe* (MUND '50)

Mercedes Hulik* (MUND '48, BSC '48)

Mary* (MA'56) and John* Huston, MD

Jane* and John* Igni (MD '47)

Jean Jackson* (MD '73)

Robert Jackwerth* (PhB '47)

Peter Jacobs* (BSC '49)

Maizie Elenz John*

Adelaide* (MUND '34) and Carroll* Johnson, DDS

Jane Johnson* (MUND '42)

Michael Joyce* (BBA '71)

John Jozwiak* (BA '50, JD '54)

Anne* (BSN '56) and Charles* Kay

Catherine Kelley*

Marian Kinzig*

Mary Anne Kirchschlager*

Lois* and William* Knapp (MD '46)

Richard Knowles, MD* (000 '50)

Richard Koehler* (MD '34)

Janet* and Frank* Krabec

Conrad Kraemer*

Kathleen Kuehlhorn* (BA '77)

Betty Langedyk* (MA '69)

Shirley Langridge* (MEd '58)

Joseph Lanterman*

Aldene Large*

Mary Anne Lenkay* (MD '56)

Herbert Lewis* (DDS '29)

Barbara Liederman* (BSN '70, MSN '73)

Sydelle Lipman* (BSN '46)

Myrtle* and Felix* Lownik (MD '45)

Barbara Lucchese* (MUND '60)

Evelyn* and Anthony* Majer

Catherine Malin* (MSW '51)

Mary Manzke* (BS '52)

Charles Martin* (MD '47)

Ludgardis Marxer*

John Masterson, MD*

Bruce Matthews*

Irene Matusak*

Avis McDonald, PhD* (BSN '60)

Henry McDonald* (BA '35, JD '39)

Lorraine* (MA '58) and Alan* McFee (BS '51, MA '53)

Maureen McIntyre* (JFRC Spring '90, BA '91)

Kathleen McKay* (MEd '55)

Rita McLean* (MUND '40)

Ruth Melvin* (BS '49, MA '65)

Max Mielecki*

Robert Mode* (BS '51)

Concetta Ann* and Paul* Mooney (MEd '57)

Therese* and John* Mulcahy

Pauline* and William* Mulvaney Jr. (MD '46)

Daniel Murphy* (BS '40)

Walter Neiswanger* (MD '52)

Raymond Nemecek* (MD '43)

Laszlo Nemeth* (MD '76)

Charlene Nolan* (MUND '45)

Dorothea B.* (MUND '49) and Joseph* Nora (MD '51)

James O'Connor* (BA '28, JD '32)

John O'Donoghue Jr.* (MD '44)

William O'Neil Jr.* (PhB '37)

Robert Otremba* (BS '49, MS '63)

Mary Paveza* (MUND '65)

Margaret Jane* and Wilk* Peery (DDS '60)

Geraldine Peiffer* (MD '49)

Edwin Pendrys*

Andrew Penn* (MEd '57)

Grace Pertell* (MUND '55)

Bertha Peterson* (BS '44)

Betty Plag*

Thomas Potasz* (MD '26)

Lorraine* (PhB '42, MSW '49) and Joseph* Presha

Roland Pritikin* (MD '29)

Margaret Quane* (MSW '47)

Helen Quinlan* (PhB '32)

William Quinn*

Leslie Ransley*

Patricia Rawson* (MUND '40)

James Reichmann Sr.*

Robert Reidy*

Ranny Riley, PhD* (JFRC '63-'64)

Helen Roach* (MUND '50)

Mary Ronan* (PhB '39)

Mary* and Anthony* Rudis

Mary* and Santo* Ruggero (MD '46)

A. Elizabeth Ryan* (MSW '54)

Joseph Sanculius* (MSW '52)

Bernice Schloeder*

Isabelle* and Benjamin* Schwarcz (MD '31)

Frederick Selfridge* (MD '46, BS '96)

Frances Setnicar* (BSN '56)

Harry Shuman* (MD '25)

A. Donald Sillaro*

Jennifer Simons* (BA '69)

William G.* and Marilyn M.* Simpson

Eleonore* (MUND '36) and Vincent* Skowronski

Anne Marie Smith*

Edward Smith* (MD '35)

Irene Sheehan-Snider, MD* and Thomas Snider* (MD '51)

Paul Sowka* (MD '33)

Dorothy* and Frederick* Specht

Mary Josephine Stack* (MA '50)

Katheryn H.* (BS '32, MSW '38) and Thomas J.* Stamm (BA '26, MD '46)

Mary Lou* and Frank* Stotz (BSC '52)

Lucille* and Orion* Stuteville

Vivijeanne* and Edwin* Sujack (PhB '48)

Gerald Sunko* (MD '70)

Katherine Taft* (MUND '38)

Ernest Thiele* (BA '16)

Lorraine Thomas* (BSEd '53)

Robert Tornello* (MD '43)

MaryAnn Urban-Danno* (BS '84, BSN '87)

Alma* and Joseph* Verhaag (MD '28)

Irma Jean Voller* (MUND '49)

Walter Wade*

Alice* and Robert* Wagner (MRE '73)

Jean* and Charles* Walgreen Jr.

Rita Walsh* (MD '50)

James Warren*

Dr. Kumiko Watanuki*

Michael Weinzweig*

Alice Weiser* (MEd '37)

Ethel Wentink*

Rosemarie*(PhB '40) and Glenn* Wessies

Elsie* and Eugene* Weyler

Harry Whelan* (MD '47)

Ruth Mary Whelan* (MUND '37, MA '54)

Oliver Whetstone* (MD '54)

Margaret Williams* (PhB '41)

Morton Wolf* (JD '35)

Albert Zari*

Edward Ziemba*

Anton Zikmund* (MD '34)

Rita* and George Zorn (MD '46)