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Dr. Michael and Mrs. Dorothy Carbon Make $2.29 Million Gift to Support Undergraduate Research and Student Scholarships


Dr. Michael and Mrs. Dorothy Carbon have made a transformative $2.29 million gift to support The Michael and Dorothy Carbon Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program and The Dorothy Carbon Scholarship Fund. This contribution underscores the Carbons' commitment to fostering academic excellence, particularly in STEM fields, and providing financial support to Loyola students. Dr. Carbon graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 1962 and is a Loyola life trustee. Dorothy Carbon is a 1962 graduate of Mundelein College.

Dr. Carbon stated, “Our goal is to support young people by investing in student education and research experiences, so they have the tools to lead their lives and contribute to their communities and society in general.”

Through their donations over the past 16 years, Dr. and Mrs. Carbon have funded research opportunities for 73 undergraduate students. This philanthropy has paved the way for these students to engage in cutting-edge research experiences with esteemed faculty mentors, resulting in graduates who have gone on to excel in medical school, and Ph.D. programs, and become leaders in society.

Nancy Tuchman, Founding Dean of the School of Environmental Sustainability, stated “It has been a true privilege to collaborate with Michael and Dorothy in designing and implementing this fabulous program. This gift will continue to prepare Loyola STEM students for exciting careers in the sciences for years to come.”

The Carbon Undergraduate Research Scholars Program empowers Loyola's top undergraduate math and science students to partake in interdisciplinary scientific research. The program's core objectives include providing practical experience in interdisciplinary scientific research, promoting science literacy, fostering critical thinking, and enhancing verbal and written communication skills. The program seeks to cultivate leadership potential and social responsibility in the next generation of scientists.

“Through their generosity and foresight, the Carbons have now made this transformative experience available to Loyola STEM students in perpetuity. What a wonderful legacy!” noted Christopher G. Peterson, Associate Dean for Academics and professor at the School of Environmental Sustainability.

Peter J. Schraeder, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, reflects on the Carbons' dedication, noting, “When I originally met Michael and Dorothy Carbon, I was deeply moved not only by their love of Loyola but the emphasis they place on the importance of giving back to the institution that helped put them on the path to becoming the individuals they are today.”

The Carbons' gift will also benefit the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership. The center prepares women to lead in every sector of society, promotes innovative and interdisciplinary research that will shape leadership for the 21st century, builds a network that supports women in the practice of leadership, and advances dialogue on compelling issues affecting women’s lives. Gabrielle Buckley (J.D.) is the center’s director.

“Dr. Michael and Mrs. Dorothy Carbon’s gifts to the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership continue the legacy of Mundelein College. As an alumna of Mundelein, Dorothy Carbon’s steadfast encouragement supports the Carbon Scholars to enable them to excel academically and become socially conscious leaders in their communities. As the Director of the Gannon Center, I thank them for their belief in our students!”

The Carbons’ investment will leave an indelible mark on Loyola, shaping the academic and professional trajectories of countless students for generations to come. They are proud to further strengthen their connection to their alma mater. “Loyola is the place where we met and eventually married nearly 60 years ago, giving both my wife and I the foundation upon which we have built our lives.”