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Los Lobos de Loyola

“Los Lobos de Loyola” by C. Francisco Cardenas Martinez of Mexico; installed March 2012 on Wolf and Kettle Day. This sculpture pays homage to St. Ignatius of Loyola and celebrates generosity, a value central to the University’s mission. Legend has it that the Loyola family was so generous that after feeding family and soldiers, they had enough food left to feed the animals. This act of giving is represented by the two wolves and kettle, which are depicted on Loyola’s shield and in this 8-foot-tall sculpture outside the Norville Athletic Center. (Photo: Lukas Keapproth)

From its founding in 1870, Loyola University Chicago has sought to provide a rigorous, affordable Jesuit education to students from all backgrounds. COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges that have changed the landscape of our campuses and required our students to adjust their academics and personal lives in short order. Our most vulnerable students face immediate hardship and need previously unexpected support, and the scale of this crisis will have profound impact on students from many backgrounds. This pandemic may cause some students and families to opt out of college, a decision that can have lifelong consequences on the economic mobility of individuals, families, and communities.

In this, our sesquicentennial year, Loyola University Chicago again rises to our calling with the creation of The Loyola Commitment.

Fortified in part by the generosity of alumni and friends, this program is designed to assist graduate and undergraduate students in financing the pursuit of their Loyola degree, so that no student is forced to sacrifice their education due to financial constraints. It will serve not only the immediate needs of Loyola students facing hardship caused by COVID-19, but will remain in place for students facing subsequent hardship needs.

Over the decades, the light of our mission has always shined bright—most especially in difficult times. We remain dedicated to our mission of social justice through education and are proud to form the leaders of tomorrow who will help bridge divides and create a more just and equitable society. We are grateful to you, our alumni and supporters, who understand how special it is to be a Rambler. If you are able, please consider joining fellow Ramblers in making a gift to support Loyola students through the Loyola Commitment. This is our time. We are called.