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A Message from Ella Doyle, Class of 2023

A Message from Ella Doyle, Class of 2023

Dear Loyola alumni and friends,

My name is Ella Doyle. I am a rising sophomore from Saint Paul, Minnesota. While I am looking forward to my second year at Loyola, COVID-19 has also given me time to reflect on my first year and plan for the future.

I spent the fall semester making Loyola home by taking challenging classes, meeting new friends, and spending countless hours representing the class of 2023 in Student Government. I have been exposed to so many exciting ideas and opportunities that have pushed me outside of my comfort zone and challenged my worldview. Though my first year was cut short, I know as I continue my education that it is these lessons that will help me fulfill Loyola’s mission as a person for others who works to make an impact on the world around me.

As a double major in political science and criminal justice, I want to use my education to become a prosecutor and focus on bringing empathy into our criminal justice system. Our Jesuit values of compassion and respect can apply themselves almost everywhere you look these days, and I look forward to integrating them into my work and service to others. While these big dreams keep my eyes towards the future, there’s a lot that needs to happen before I get there.

COVID-19 put a wrench in everyone’s 2020 plans, but college students especially find themselves affected at this time. As a student who works full time as an essential employee, I am one of many students waking up every day and wondering if I will be able to afford another year at Loyola. With just one parent out of a job, I consider myself lucky to have a position myself, but the mental strain placed on me, my family, and many of my fellow students can be overwhelming.

Students need support during unpredictable times like this. From offering Telehealth services through the Wellness Center, to the Loyola Commitment, Loyola has been stepping up to do just that. The security that a program like the Loyola Commitment gives to students experiencing insecurity at this time is unique, and can truly make a difference in so many students' lives and futures.

Join Sister Jean and countless alumni and friends in supporting students like me with a contribution to the Loyola Commitment today. Gifts of all sizes are important to our shared goal, and thanks to a group of generous benefactors, all gifts will be matched, until we reach $500,000.

Ella Doyle
Political Science & Criminal Justice
Class of 2023