2022-2023 Officers of the Council

Please view the 2022 - 2023 GPAC Public Roster here

Charles Hwang (He/Him/His)

Co-Chair, GPAC

Graduate School Representative


Sareena Volkman

Co-Chair, GPAC



Maria Pamanes Cantu

Secretary, GPAC




Kathleen M. Kivarkis (She/her/hers)


Kathleen Michel Kivarkis is a first-year student at the School of Law. Prior to attending law school, she worked as a student affairs professional, empowering our future leaders. Kathleen’s passion for social justice has long been a shaping force in her life. She brings with her the desire for more diversity and inclusion.


School of Law Representative



Bridget Brodlo 

School of Education Representative

Bridget Brodlo is a first year graduate student in the School of Education, in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Psychology program. After receiving her Masters, she plans on working with children and families and has a passion for social justice.


School of Medicine Representative


Caleb Lubeznick

School of Business Representative


School of Nursing Representative


School of Communication Representative


Evan Nave

School of Communication Representative


School of Continuing Studies Representative


School of Parkinson Health SCiences and Public Health Representative



Graduate School Representative


Graduate School Representative



School of Law Representative