DLaw in Health Law and Policy

The Doctor of Laws (DLaw) degree is an advanced graduate law program that allows graduates of Loyola’s Health Law and Policy MJ program an opportunity to build on their previous academic experience with a doctoral degree.

  • The DLaw curriculum includes a limited amount of health law course work (depending on the experience of the candidate) and may include fieldwork, such as teaching, course development, continuing education instruction, or lectures. The full elective curriculum is determined in conjunction with the doctoral program director and may be comprised of online and/or campus courses. The doctoral dissertation research and supervision courses are campus-based but do not require residency in Chicago, as each student will work individually with their doctoral advisor. Before the end of the first year, candidates must complete a comprehensive outline and a first draft of their dissertation. During the second year, candidates will write a doctoral dissertation and present it to a doctoral committee and the law school community.

  • Length of Program: The DLaw degree program includes 10 credit hours as well as writing an original dissertation. Students can expect to work closely with their advisor. 

Applicants to the DLaw in Health Law and Policy program must be graduates of Loyola’s Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) in Health Law program. During any given academic year, very few MJ graduates may be admitted into the DLaw program. This ensures that students enjoy a high degree of faculty interaction while preparing their dissertation.

Prior to formally applying for admission to the DLaw program, prospective applicants must submit a letter of intent to apply to the Beazley Institute Doctoral Admissions Committee before preparing a formal application for a degree program. This letter should describe the candidate’s educational and professional background, interest in the doctoral program, and the proposed area(s) of doctoral dissertation research. This will enable the committee to properly determine whether the health law program has sufficient faculty expertise in the areas of research interest for a candidate. Only candidates who have been advised to do so by the committee should submit a full application for the doctoral program. Letters should be submitted via email to healthlawonline@luc.edu

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