MJ Programs

Loyola University Chicago’s School of Law offers special degrees for non-attorney professionals in areas of business and corporate governance law, children’s law and policy, and health law. These graduate-level degrees are designed to help professionals better understand the law and legal issues they may encounter in their respective fields of work.

  • Although an MJ degree is designed to enhance career opportunities, it does not prepare students for the bar examination or the practice of law. Rather, it offers a specialized curriculum in legal research and writing, torts, business law, business organizations, and contracts. 
  • Length of Program: All of Loyola’s MJ programs are offered online. The MJ degree is a part-time study and requires the completion of 24 credit hours, which include required courses, elective courses, and a thesis or capstone project.

The Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) degree in Business and Corporate Governance Law is a graduate level legal degree that allows business professionals to increase their knowledge of the law and better understand the interplay between business practices and legal concepts in order to enhance or advance their careers. Courses in the MJ in Business and Corporate Governance Law program are designed specifically to develop problem solving skills, analytical reasoning, advanced communication skills and an increased capacity for independent thinking.  

The MJ in Children’s Law and Policy is a flexible online program designed for professionals who wish to better understand the law and improve their ability to advocate for children and families, but whose responsibilities do not allow for a campus-based degree. Students are non-legal professionals, typically working in social work, education, health care, law enforcement, child welfare, juvenile justice, and other related disciplines.  The MJ degree is a 24-credit part-time program designed to be completed in two calendar years. Students may begin the program in either the Fall or Spring term.

This dual degree program allows students to receive both a Master of Social Work and a Master of Jurisprudence degree in 3 years rather than the 4 years normally required when the degrees are pursued separately. Applicants must select the MJ/MSW dual degree on the application in order for the application materials to be used for both programs.

The MJ in Health Law is offered online. The program is designed for any health care professional with at least 3 years experience in the health care industry who is interested in learning about the laws and regulations that govern how health care is delivered and paid for in this country. Students typically include clinicians such as nurses, doctors, and dentists, as well as non-clinicians such as medical information officers, insurance specialists, and those in pharmaceutical sales. 

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