Student profiles

Students at the School of Law are earning more than a valuable degree. Each student's experience takes them on a journey that will challenge them to think in new ways and learn valable skills as they strive to make their mark in the world.  


Student profile: Karen Hsu

As a student in the LLM in Health Law program, Karen Hsu saw how student and faculty current professional experience enriched her learning and her practice.


Student profile: Rene Fredette

A registered nurse for most of her career, Rene Fredette is using the knowledge she gained in the MJ in Health Law program to apply her expertise to big picture, system-wide issues.

Student profile: Wade Myer

With a background in physical therapy, Wade Myer found that Loyola's online MJ in Health Law was flexible program that gave him tools he could use in his career immediately.


Student profile: Alison Niklas

Alison Niklas's career focus has been on privacy and security, but she wanted to delve deeper into health law. With limited time and a need for flexibility, Loyola's MJ in Health Law was a perfect fit.  

Student profile: Nirali Patel

Meet Nirali Patel, a healthcare consultant and a student in the MJ in Health Law program, and learn how the program has helped her build confidence and expertise in compliance.

Student profile: Kimberly Phillip

Kimberly Phillip has a background in sales, but wanted to learn more about compliance. See how her experience in the MJ program helped her widen her knowledge base and apply that knowledge in her day-to-day work.

Student profile: Alicia Robles de la Lama

General counsel Alicia Robles de la Lama expanded her knowledge of compliance and learned from her classmates' points of view as part of the LLM in Health Law program.

Student profile: Kathy Silay

With a career background in data and a career in risk management, Kathy Silay took what she learned in the coursework and the Education Immersions Weekends and made an immediate impact in her career.


Student profile: Scott Toennessen

See how healthcare manager Scott Toennessen's experience in the MJ in Health Law program has made him a better communicator and critical thinker.