Major Areas


Applied Statistics MS, BS/MS, Non-Degree
Biochemistry BS/MS
Bioinformatics MS Non-Thesis Track
Bioinformatics MS Thesis Track
Bioinformatics BS/MS
Biology/Bioinformatics BS/MS
Biology MS, Non-Degree
Chemistry PhD, MS, BS/MS, Non-Degree
Child Development PhD
Classical Studies Certificate
Computer Science MS, BS/MS, Non-Degree
Computer Science: Information Technology MS, BS/MS
Computer Science: Software Engineering MS, BS/MS
Criminal Justice and Criminology MA, BS/MA, Non-Degree
Digital Humanities MA
English PhD, MA, BA/MA, Non-Degree
Environmental Policy/Public Policy BA/MPP
Environmental Science/Public Policy BS/MPP
Environmental Studies/Public Policy BA/MPP
History PhD, MA, BA/MA, Non-Degree
History: Public History MA
Mathematics MS, BS/MS, Non-Degree
Medical Sciences MA
Philosophy PhD, MA, BA/MA, Non-Degree
Philosophy: Social MA, Non-Degree
Political Science PhD, MA, MA/JD, BA/MA, Non-Degree
Psychology: Applied Social PhD, MA, BS/MA, Non-Degree
Psychology: Clinical PhD
Psychology: Developmental PhD, Non-Degree
Public Affairs and Management Certificate
Public Policy MPP, MPP/JD, Non-Degree
Sociology PhD, MA, BA/MA, Non-Degree
Spanish MA, BA/MA, Non-Degree
Theology PhD, MA, BA/MA, Non-Degree
Theology/Women's Studies & Gender Studies MA
Urban Affairs MA
Women's Studies & Gender Studies MA, Certificate, Non-Degree
Social Work/Women's Studies and Gender Studies MSW/MA

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology MS
Bioethics & Health Policy Online DBe, MA, Certificate, Non-Degree
Clinical Research Methods MS
Environmental Science/Public Health BS/MPH
Health Systems Management/Public Health BS/MPH
Infectious Disease and Immunology MS
Integrated Program in the Biomedical Sciences PhD
Integrative Cell Biology MS
Medical Physiology MS
Microbiology & Immunology MS
Molecular Pharmacology & Therapeutics MS
Neuroscience MS
Pharmacology/Business MS/MBA
Public Health MPH, Certificate
Social Work/Public Health MSW/MPH

Accountancy MS
Advertising & Public Relations/Integrated Marketing Communications BA/MS
Biology/Business BS/MBA
Business Administration MBA, BBA/MBA
Business/Accountancy MBA/MS, BBA/MS
Business/Finance MBA/MS, BBA/MS
Business/Human Resources MBA/MS
Business/ Information Systems Management BBA/MS, MBA/MS
Business/ Integrated Marketing Communications MBA/MS
Business/Law MBA/JD
Business/Supply Chain Management MBA/MS
Business Data Analytics Certificate, MS
Business Ethics Certificate
Environmental Science/Business BS/MBA
Environmental Studies/Business BA/MBA
Executives MBA
Finance MS
Health Care Management MBA
Health Systems Management/Business BS/MBA
Human Resources MS
Human Resources and Employment Relations Certificate
Information Systems Certificate
Information Systems Management MS
Integrated Marketing Communications MS
Pharmacology/Business MS/MBA
Supply Chain Fundamentals Certificate
Supply Chain Management MS

Digital Media and Storytelling (MComm)
Global Strategic Communication (MS)

Social Work BSW

BA Programs
Applied Communication
Applied Criminal Justice Leadership
Applied Psychology
Applied Studies
Information Technology
Paralegal Studies
Pastoral Leadership

Business Communication
Computer Science
Graphic Design
Health Systems
Nonprofit and Church Leadership
Organizational Development & Leadership
Paralegal Studies (Post-Baccalaureate)
Paralegal Studies: Corporate Practice
Paralegal Studies: Litigation Practice
Paralegal Studies: Litigation & Corporate Practice
Public Relations in a Digital World
Small Business Development

Administration and Supervision MEd
Behavior Intervention Specialist MEd
Clinical Mental Health Counseling EdS
Community Counseling MA, MEd
Counseling Psychology PhD
Cultural and Educational Policy Studies PhD, MA, MA/JD, MEd, MEd/JD
Curriculum and Instruction EdD, MEd
Elementary Education MEd
English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement
English Language Teaching and Learning MEd
Higher Education PhD, MEd
Instructional Leadership MEd
International Higher Education MEd
Leading Inclusive Catholic Schools Certificate
Learning Behavior Specialist I Endorsement
Measurement and Quantitative Methodology Certificate
Organizational Evaluation Certificate
Reading MEd
Reading Teacher Endorsement
Research Methodology PhD, MA
School and Community Counseling MEd
School Counseling MEd, Type 73 Endorsement
School Discipline Reform Certificate
School of Education Non-Degree
School Psychology EdD, PhD, MEd/EdS
Secondary Education MEd
Biology/Secondary Education BS/MEd
Chemistry/Secondary Education BA/MEd
Physics/Secondary Education BS/MEd
Special Education MEd
Teacher Leader and ESL MEd
Teaching and Learning for Practicing Teachers IB MYP Certificate
Teaching and Learning for Practicing Teachers IB PYP Certificate

Christian Spirituality MA
Church Management Certificate
Counseling for Ministry MA
Divinity MDiv
Divinity/Pastoral Counseling MDiv/MA
Divinity/Social Justice MDiv/MA
Divinity/Social Work MDiv/MSW
Health Care Ministry Leadership Certificate
Health Care Mission Leadership MA
Institute of Pastoral Studies Non-Degree
Pastoral Counseling MA, Certificate
Pastoral Leadership/Pastoral Studies BA/MA
Pastoral Leadership/Social Justice BA/MA
Pastoral Studies MA
Religious Education Certificate
Social Justice MA, Certificate
Social Work/Social Justice MSW/MA
Spiritual Direction Certificate


Business Law LLM, Online MJ
Child and Family Law LLM
Child Development MS with a Children's Law and Policy Specialization
Child Development/Children's Law and Policy MS/MJ
Children's Law and Policy Online MJ
Social Work/Children's Law and Policy Online Program MSW/Online MJ
Global Strategic Law LLM, MJ
Health Law LLM, Online LLM, Online MJ
International Law LLM
Rule of Law for Development LLM
Rule of Law for Development MJ
Tax Law LLM
School Discipline Reform Certificate
Trial Advocacy, Appellate Advocacy, and Alternative Dispute Resolution LLM
U.S. Law for Foreign Lawyers LLM

Adult-Gerontology Acute Care CNS (MSN, RN-MSN)
Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP (MSN, Post-MSN Certificate, RN-MSN)
Adult-Gerontology CNS (MSN, Post-MSN Certificate, RN-MSN)
Adult-Gerontology CNS with Oncology Specialty (MSN, Post-MSN Certificate, RN-MSN)
Adult-Gerontology Primary Care NP (MSN, Post-MSN Certificate, RN-MSN)
Adult-Gerontology Primary Care NP with Oncology Specialty (MSN, RN-MSN)
Dietetics (MS)
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Family NP (MSN, RN-MSN)
Family NP with Emergency Subspecialty (MSN, Post-MSN Certificate, RN-MSN)
Health Care Informatics (Online Certificate)
Health Systems Management (MSN, RN-MSN)
Nursing (PhD)
Oncology (Online Certificate)
Outcomes Performance Management (Online Certificate)
Population-based Infection Control & Environmental Safety (MSN, Online Certificate, RN-MSN)
Women's Health NP (MSN, Post-MSN Certificate, RN-MSN)



Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health (Non-Degree)

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling (CADC) Certificate
Advanced School Mental Health Practice Certificate
Divinity/Social Work MDiv/MSW
Non-Profit Management & Philanthropy Certificate
Post-MSW Professional Educator License: School Social Worker Endorsement
Social Work PhD, MSW
Social Work/Children's Law and Policy Online Program MSW/MJ
Social Work/Law MSW/JD
Social Work/Public Health MSW/MPH
Social Work/Social Justice MSW/MA
Social Work/Women's Studies and Gender Studies MSW/MA