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  • The Graduate School Outreach Services (GSOS) is a program designed to foster and encourage community outreach along with service learning and engagement opportunities for graduate faculty, staff, students and alum.  GSOS works with Community Organizations and shelters that are diligently serving and meeting the needs of the families in their communities making a difference one step at a time.  The Graduate School Outreach Services program was launched May 2012, and since that time to the present we have become a beacon of light to this community and abroad.


The goals of Graduate School Outreach Services are:

  • To foster a culture of service, volunteerism, and civic engagement among graduate faculty, staff, students, and alumni
  • To develop partnerships between the Graduate School and area charities and service organizations in meeting the needs of our community
  • To provide leadership in supporting intellectual activity that simultaneously meets the mission and strategic goals of the university as well as the needs of our communities and society

We are committed to make a great impact in this community and abroad, reassuring our community that we are here and that WE DO CARE!  We are hopeful that our efforts to reflect and exemplify Loyola University Chicago’s long-term commitment to excellence by engaging, serving, and learning will pay off.  We endeavor to LIVE THE MISSION!!!  

If you would like to designate your department/office as a drop off location or for more information about upcoming opportunities and activities, please contact the GSOS Program Coordinator, Sylvia Brown-Hood (sbrown3@luc.edu).


Previous Service Events


Howard Area Community Center - This center assists low-income individuals and families in and near Rogers Park to stabilize their lives and develop the skills by providing numerous services. The Loyola Community generously donated 27 boxes of men’s and women’s business and casual clothing, children’s clothing, shoes and boots, coats, purses, toiletries, school supplies, and non-perishable foods.  (May 2012)

Resume and Cover Letter Workshop – Crown Center Auditorium for the men and women of the Howard Area that were part of their Job Training Program. Presenter: Sylvia Brown-Hood. (August 2012)

Deborah’s Place - This institution specializes in breaking the cycle of homelessness through innovation and collaboration. With the assistance of the Loyola Community we donated 32 boxes of small kitchen appliances, 4 DVD players, 2 VCR’s,  and 113 movies for VCR, hygiene products, 2 computer printers, boxes of hangers, radio's, mixers, and space heaters. (November 2012)

The Women’s Center - The Women's Centers of Greater Chicagoland is a not-for-profit organization, whose purpose is to reach desperate young women with a message of hope and help.  We originally had 73 boxes of items for Deborah’s Place, but due to donation overload they were no longer accepting clothing so we gave the items to this facility. They received the remaining 41 boxes that were filled with women and children's winter coats, business and casual clothing, boot and shoes, and toys. (November 2012)

Greenwood Care Rehabilitation Center - Greenwood Care is a small, intimate facility that provides specialized individual care for adults with mental illness and substance abuse. The cutoff date for collecting donations for winter was November 1st, but items (new items with price tags still on them) kept coming in.  Because of this outpour, 12 boxes of women and men’s casual clothing were donated to this facility. (December 2012)

The James R. Jordan Foundation – I serve as Faculty Advisor for is the Loyola Gospel Choir, and I arranged an opportunity for them to volunteer their time and talents giving the children and staff at the James R. Jordan Boys and Girls Club a free concert. They performed various styles of Holiday music for an hour and then distributed 100 care packages each containing a hat, glove, scarf, socks, and a bag of candy for each child. These items were donated by Wal-Mart and Dominick’s. (December 2012)

GSOS made its mark in Chicago and abroad in 2012, and for an awesome completion of one year of excellent service! We are keeping the Mission Alive!



RefugeOne -  For the following student groups (GSAC, African Student Association, Muslim Student Association, Loyola Gospel Choir, and Agape) I arranged for members from these student organizations to volunteer taking on six month commitments to mentor, tutor in English, and provide assistance in job search and the application process for RefugeOne clients. (August 2012 – January 2013) and (January 2013 – June 2013)

The Hallmark Senior Living – I arranged for the Loyola Gospel Choir and 5 members of the dance team Afro Descent to team up donating their time and talents for the residence of this institution in a Multicultural Music and Dance Extravaganza in October 2012, December 2012, and January 2013.

Graduate School Outreach Services presents: Bridging the Gap Celebrating all Nations, Friday, February 22, 2013 at 6:30pm in the Edward Crown Center Auditorium. This multicultural event was composed of 4 undergraduate student organizations (Loyola Gospel Choir, Afro Descent, Agape and Capture), local music artist and youth groups/choirs that came together to share their talents to support the fundraising efforts of GSOS.  There was great music, singing, dancing, poetry, and dramatic skits. Free Admission with the donation of non-perishable food items.  At the end of the night we had 14 boxes of canned goods that were donated to St. Ignatius Church’s food pantry. (February 2013)

Fine Arts Fair Fundraiser, March 15, 2013 and March 16, 2013

The proceeds from this event were used to assist us in securing bus cards for the Howard Area

Community Center’s Adult Education & Employment Resource Program. This program helps individuals with employment readiness training, job search techniques, along with the application and interview process to secure a job.  The purpose of this event was to provide the graduates of the program that secured employment a means of transportation to the job.  The invited vendors donated a portion of their sales and with the assistance of the Graduate School’s Dr. Samuel Attoh matching the donation, we were able to purchase (30) 7-Day CTA/Pace bus cards. These bus cards are providing transportation for the men and women that completed the program and newly employed. (March 2013)

Life Sustaining Conference – 3 day Conference that encompasses restoration of the mind, body and soul from the inside out. Topics included: Healthy Eating and Living, A Glimpse in the Mirror, I Love My Flaws, The Champion Within, Surviving Me and The Unveiling (removing the masks). Presenters: Yolanda Johnson, Rex Peel, DeLanda Hester, Tanisha Danridge, Delois Wallace and Sylvia Brown-Hood.  (April 2013)

Pressing the Reset Button Workshop – Residence from Deborah’s Place and Howard Area Community Center attended this workshop. This workshop offers tools necessary to reinvent oneself by pursuing additional training or education, altering career goals/switching gears and starting fresh by going back to the basics. A fresh start yields a different mindset that presents immeasurable opportunities and helps one stay focused in a world of distractions. Presenters: Marcel Kettle and Mary Anne O’Shea (both residence from The Hallmark) DeLanda Hester and Sylvia Brown-Hood. (September 2013)

The Cornerstone Community Outreach, The Cornerstone Community Outreach Center is a Chicago Shelter dedicated to helping the homeless. This shelter works to break the cycle of homelessness for men, women and their children in Chicago. (http://www.ccolife.org/)

Once again due to the dedication and outstanding generosity of the Loyola Community, Cornerstone Community Outreach & Shelter received 15 large hallett boxes containing clothing and shoes (for men, women, and children's), laundry supplies, personal hygiene products, toys, socks, diapers, school supplies, hangers, household cleaning supplies and coats! The residents of Cornerstone were deeply moved sending many cards of thanks. (November 2013)



Sarah’s Circle, the Graduate School Outreach Services endeavored to meet the needs of women residing in Sarah's Circle Shelter, and we did just that! As a result of the generosity of the Loyola Family, this shelter received 35 large boxes and 2 large tote bags full of women's business and casual attire, child and toddler clothing, all weather jackets and coats, boots and shoes, board games and stuffed animals, small appliances, DVD players with DVD movies, personal care/hygiene products, adult and child diapers, feminine products,  hangers, cell phones with chargers and purses. (May 2014)

YCMI, GSOS partnered with ‘You Can Make It’ (YCMI). This facility is a homeless shelter located in Englewood on the Southside of Chicago. We were able to meet their need supplying 17 large U-Haul boxes full of toiletries, laundry items, clothing, baby wipes, diapers (babies) and cleaning supplies. YCMI was overjoyed to receive these items. (September 2014)

The House of the Good Shepard, GSOS joined forces with the students of Loyola Gospel Choir (an undergraduate student organization) and others that assisted in the collecting, packing and delivering of 24 large boxes full of women and children’s clothing, shoes and winter coats for the residence from The House of the Good Shepherd. (November 2014)



The Cornerstone Community Outreach, GSOS and the Loyola Gospel choir joined forces again to extend a hand to Corner Stone Outreach Shelter in Uptown by donating 19 boxes of clothing, toiletries, cleaning supplies and board games for their residence. The choir also sang and taught the children songs. (April 2015)

Mt. Sinai Hospital, Also in the Spring of 2015, GSOS arranged for 15 staff members and student volunteers to paint, read to patients, walk with patients and sing for their Women’s Awareness Month’s Luncheon at Mt. Sinai Hospital on Chicago’s Westside. (April 2015) 

The House of the Good Shepard, made the request seeking Arts & Craft items. GSOS provided 7 boxes and bins of Arts & Crafts supplies to the House of the Good Shepherd for their Arts & Crafts Fair. (June 2015)

Creating a Budget 101 – A hands on workshop that encouraged the Loyola Student Body and others to take a serious look at how to keep track of how their money is spent and tools on how to effectively monitor spending and move towards saving. (October 2015)

The James R. Jordan Foundation in a Project called Chicago Gives Back! The James R. Jordan Foundation (JRJF) provides numerous services and activities for the youth in Chicago as a means to keep them off the streets and help the families make ends meet. They believe that stronger families and involved communities are key to the future of our children.  We responded to JRJF’s request for support by donating 17 boxes containing: winter coats (sizes 2T to 16), hats, gloves, scarves, clothing, boots, warm socks and toys. (November 2015)

The Olive Branch Mission, is not only the oldest Rescue mission in the City of Chicago, it is also the oldest in the United States dating back to 1867. Olive Branch Mission is in the business of human development, providing opportunity for recovery, restoration, reinstatement and re-entry of a productive life.  I am delighted to report that 25 boxes containing: men and women’s professional & winter clothing (60% of these items were new with the price tag on them), personal hygiene products (body wash, shampoo, feminine products, lotion, chap sticks, toothbrushes and pastes) and laundry items (Tide Pods, Downy sheets, fabric softener and laundry bags), Loyola water bottles, new and gently used men and women’s coats, purses, shoes and boots! (November 2015)



Peoples Church of the Harvest, GSOS, Loyola Gospel Choir, Loyola Community and MORE Cupcakes stood in solidarity with Peoples Church in their pursuit in supporting the residence of Flint Michigan during their on-going water crisis. MORE donated discounted cupcakes that were raffled off permitting GSOS to donated 90 cases of water. (February 2016)


GSOS donation drop-off locations:

On the Lake Shore Campus

  • Biology (Life Science Building, Room 317 - Audrey Berry)
  • Chemistry (Flanner Hall, Room 125 - Denise Hall)
  • Classical Studies (Crown Center, 4th floor - Lillian Hardison)
  • Modern Language (Crown Center, 2nd floor - Heather Crews)
  • Psychology (Coffey Hall, 2nd floor - Jacquie Hamilton)
  • Residence Life (Simpson Hall, 1st floor - Mary Brower)
  • Sociology (Coffey Hall, 4th floor - Stephanie DeCaluwe)

On the Water Tower Campus

  • Lewis Library (Corboy Reference Desk, 6th floor -Terry Cornelius)
  • School of Business (Maguire Hall 220 - Alex See and Maria Zubizarreta)
  • School of Communication (2nd floor - Doretha Tyler-Gant)
  • School of Law (Maguire Hall - Mary Bird and Emlyn Ricketts)
  • Social Work (Lewis Towers, Room 222 - Doris Allen)

Graduate School Outreach Services (GSOS) would like to thank all of the Loyola Community consisting of Loyola University Chicago Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alum for the outpouring of generosity and support shown to us. Because of you we have been able to help meet the needs of not only the families in Rogers Park, Edgewater and Uptown we have extended our reach to Flint Michigan, North Lawndale in West Chicago and to Englewood in South Chicago. As of today GSOS has provided support to over 3,900 families, contributed over 2,100 community service learning hours and provided life sustaining workshops to over 450 adult men and women. With the sharing our time, talents, and other resources, we have made great impact in this community and abroad. Our efforts have without a doubt mirrored Loyola University Chicago’s long-term commitment to excellence by engaging, serving, and learning. Thank you and God Bless.



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(Volume 7, Issue 3, 2015 Graduate School Quarterly, http://www.luc.edu/media/lucedu/gradschool/newsletters/GSQ_v7i3.pdf)


Sylvia Brown-Hood, MEd
Loyola University Chicago
Graduate School Outreach Services
Program Coordinator, Granada Suite 400
Phone: 773.508.6044