Loyola University Chicago

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Research Mentoring Program Projects 2021


Below is a list of the 2021 Research Mentors, along with their discipline of study and a brief project topic. Please click on the mentor to access a full description of the project. You do not need to have prior experience in the discipline or subject area Strong interest is the only pre-requisite!

Nathan Lutz, Clinic Psychology

Examining familial relationships, conditions, and case worker support for youth in the child welfare system

Sabrina Mendez-Escobar, Child Development

Investigating ethnic-racial sociohistorical parenting strategies among parents of color

Danielle Nesi, Developmental Psychology

Assessing relationship between cognitive factors and treatment engagement and effectiveness among males in state correctional facilities

Jenny Osborne, Clinical Psychology

Exploring how child and parent reports of internalizing symptoms, externalizing behaviors, and trauma responses compare to caseworker assessments

Jenny Phan, Clinical Psychology

Providing insight into the coping strategies that Black youth leverage to manage in the face of community violence exposure