Loyola University Chicago

The Graduate School

Diversity and Inclusion

The Graduate School at Loyola University Chicago believes that students are best served when the university population reflects the larger society. Accordingly, the Graduate School encourages the programs under its jurisdiction to embrace diversity and strive for inclusion. A diverse academic community is characterized by new perspectives and fresh methodological approaches to scientific, humanistic, and social science fields of study. It enhances the pursuit of knowledge and its contribution to our understanding of the world around us. Inclusion values open dialogue, mutual respect, and cultural competence. In harmony with the Jesuit principles of cura personalis (care of the whole person) and homonis pro aliis (people caring for others), inclusion affirms the dignity of all members of the Graduate School community and commits our graduates to put their knowledge, skills, and talents in the service of others.

Our Commitment

The Graduate School is committed to:

  • Increasing the recruitment of underrepresented students and faculty.
  • Advocating for and supporting the interests of all students, including but not limited to historically underrepresented students, LGBTQ students, veterans, and students with disabilities.
  • Working with graduate programs to develop and sustain diverse and inclusive academic and social environments.
  • Collecting, reviewing, and reporting on the School’s progress in achieving a diverse and inclusive graduate community.

Our goal is to enhance access to post-graduate education and to create a rich environment for intellectual endeavor, creativity, high quality training, first-rate professional credentials, and developing new knowledge. In so doing, our students will be equipped to help address social problems and respond creatively and compassionately to the challenges facing our local, state, national, and global communities.

McNair Programs

The Graduate School would love to host your McNair group for a campus visit! Please contact gradinfo@luc.edu to speak with our Graduate and Professional Enrollment Management Staff.

ACE Master’s Mentors

The Graduate School, in partnership with the Student Success Services TRIO Program ACE (Achieving College Excellence, http://www.luc.edu/ace/) offers fellowships to several Master’s students each year to serve as mentors for undergraduate students enrolled in the program. The Master’s Mentors engage with junior and senior ACE Scholars who have expressed an interest in pursuing post-baccalaureate programs. For more information about this program contact Roy Saldaña, Jr., ACE Project Director (rsaldana@luc.edu) and the Graduate School’s Assistant Dean for Student Services, Heather Sevener (hsevene@luc.edu).

Undocumented Students

The University undocumented student support initiative is led by the Dreamer Committee of Loyola University Chicago. The name of this working group, Dreamer Committee, is to convey the commitment to Undocumented students at Loyola who inspire, strive for more, and achieve excellence. More information can be found at:

Tuition awards are available for qualified undocumented students and competitive programmatic assistantships are available for qualified DACA-eligible students. Contact Associate Dean, Dr. Sue Penckofer (spencko@luc.edu), for more information.

Samuel A. Attoh Graduate Diversity Fellowship

Created in honor of Samuel A. Attoh, former Dean of The Graduate School, these fellowships are awarded to incoming graduate students nominated by their department. The fellowship provides stipend and scholarship support over nine months and a $500 annual professional development stipend. It is renewable as long as the recipient remains in good academic standing (up to 5 years for PhD students and up to 2 years for master's degree students). Awardees are expected to engage in the graduate community and are strongly encouraged to participate in initiatives and programs enhancing diversity and inclusion on and off campus.  

Samuel A. Attoh Diversity & Inclusion Awards

Students may be nominated or self-nominated to receive this award. Only students who are enrolled in programs in the Graduate School at Loyola University Chicago and are in good standing are eligible for this award. For the individual award, students must be engaged in diversity activities during their time as a graduate student, and will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Experience as an unpaid volunteer or intern in organizations that serve issues surrounding diversity and inclusion (race, LGBTQ, disability, etc)
  • Activism to address diversity issues, including oppression, injustices, or political issues
  • Organizing and participating in diversity/inclusion events
  • Involvement in research that addresses diversity and/or inclusion issues

Click here for more information on this award and how to apply.