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Classical Studies

In many fields of graduate study, linguistic preparation is critical for success. Students must command the languages of their primary sources in order to pursue valid research. But because undergraduate programs vary, students with bachelor’s degrees may not have acquired the ancient language skills they need to continue study in their chosen fields immediately. Loyola offers the Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Classical Studies to help bridge this gap and assist students in gaining the language skills necessary to take the next step in their academic careers.

The program will provide you with advanced training in critical inquiry and contextualized understanding of ancient sources. Fluency reading Classical texts and facility performing research with them will form a necessary foundation for your graduate studies.

The Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Classical Studies is ideal for you if you wish to pursue a graduate degree in Classics, ancient history, archaeology, art history, medieval studies, philosophy, or theology.

The degree offers part- and full-time enrollment

Average time to completion: 1–3 years

The program is flexible and will accommodate you, whether you are entering at advanced, intermediate, or beginning study of the ancient Greek and Latin languages. Completion of the program is reliant on the level of competence you attain. Depending on your proficiency in the Classical languages, the program may be completed in 2–6 semesters.

Your curriculum will be determined in collaboration with the department post-baccalaureate advisor.

Because many bachelor’s degree programs may not equip students with the language skills they need to matriculate to graduate school programs in Classics and related disciplines, the Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Classical Studies offers you the opportunity to become proficient in the ancient Greek and Latin languages, gain greater exposure to Classical texts, and increase your skills in critical analysis and research.

Faculty in the Department of Classical Studies hold PhDs from some of the most respected universities in North America and Great Britain. Their research specialties include Greek and Roman literature, history, religion, and archaeology; papyrology; textual criticism; feminist approaches to the Classics; and literary theory.

You need a bachelor’s degree to apply. Depending on your fluency in Greek or Latin, additional courses may be required.

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