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Digital Humanities

Loyola’s Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities (CTSDH) was established in 2009. The Center supports research across the humanities, as well as in computer science, communication, social sciences, law, and libraries. In addition to supporting research projects, the CTSDH sponsors conferences, symposia, and lectures, and offers students the opportunity to work with faculty on advanced research.

The purpose of the MA in Digital Humanities is to equip students with practical computing skills as well as an in-depth understanding of humanities research and teaching. This training is integral for those seeking careers in humanities-oriented occupations involving computing, humanities computing centers, or in fields such as education, history, library science, publishing, digital archiving, museums, data management, media, and communication.

This is an applied, interdisciplinary program offered through Loyola’s Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities. Courses emphasize both theoretical and practical topics, giving students a well-rounded foundation of knowledge in the field.

There are two tracks for this program: a Computer Science track and a Humanities track.

The degree offers part- and full-time enrollment

• Average time to completion: 2 years (full time), varies (part time)

Online options are not available.

A capstone experience is included in part of the curriculum

The capstone includes a student-designed project, co-directed by two faculty advisors, one from the technical side and one from student’s chosen subject area, presented orally in the final semester.

Graduates have been successful advancing professionally, obtaining employment in or working with libraries, archives, special collections, museums, alternative-academic positions, and funded digital humanities research projects.

• Recent graduates are now employed at organizations like University of Bergen Library, IUPUI Library, Berkeley Mark Twain Archive, and 4C Corp.

• Career services are available—learn more at LUC.edu/career.

The MA in Digital Humanities is currently one of the few programs of its kind in the U.S. The program encourages students to explore practical and ethical questions concerning the integrity and accuracy of digital documents. Students will learn about the various forms of recorded knowledge and expressive media, and about controversies surrounding intellectual property, data and privacy, and the ideal of open access.

The program is designed for students from both humanities backgrounds and technical backgrounds, with two alternative “streams.”

Digital Humanities faculty members are both passionate about their teaching and dedicated to their research. Professional faculty members receive recognition for working at notable organizations like Argonne National Laboratory and CUNY Grad Center. Areas of faculty interest include interdisciplinary research in literary and textual studies and computing, media studies and video games, digital history, computer science topics such as large-scale computing, programming languages, and web design.

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