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Medical Sciences

 Loyola University Chicago’s Master of Arts in Medical Sciences degree program, offered by the Department of Biology, is designed to help students enhance their understanding of the biological and ethical disciplines that are the intellectual foundation for medical school curricula. 

The MA in Medical Sciences program focuses on the development of the intellectual skills and mastery of scientific concepts needed to succeed in medical school and on advising its students on the preparation of their applications to medical school.

To receive the MA Medical Sciences degree, students must satisfactorily complete a rigorous series of courses, which may include:

• Advanced Developmental Biology

• Reading of the Clinical Literature

• Anatomy and Physiology (two semesters)

• Biochemistry

• Advanced Cell Biology

• Advanced Genetics

• Medical Ethics

• Immunology

The degree offers full-time enrollment only

• Time to completion for MA: 9 months

Online options are not available.

Students are expected to secure an externship at a clinic or hospital while they are in the program and are assisted in finding a position.

96% of students graduating from the MAMS program attend medical school after graduation.

Most students who choose to retake the MCAT after MAMS experience significant increases in their scores.

• To see where our graduates attend medical schools, visit our website at LUC.edu/biology/ma_medschools.shtml.

• Learn more at LUC.edu/biology/mainmedicalsciences.

The Master of Arts in Medical Sciences program at Loyola University Chicago is one of the original 10 Graduate premedical programs in the United States. The extensive experience of the faculty and staff in pre-medical education has resulted in a 96% rate of matriculation to medical school for MAMS graduates (calculated over a 4 year period). Few other pre-medical programs can demonstrate this level of success. We offer an environment supportive to the student while they are engaged in a rigorous, challenging academic program. We assist our students in securing clinical externships in hospitals and clinics in Chicago which significantly strengthens their medical school applications. Our program also provides extensive advising with a full-time advisor who specializes in pre-medical applications and an academic advisor for each student. Students have the option to submit their applications to Loyola’s successful Pre-Health Committee and be granted a Committee Letter, a process shown to enhance successful matriculation to medical school. Students who qualify are granted an admissions interview at Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine following completion of the program.

MAMS faculty members are both passionate about their teaching and dedicated to their research. All MAMS faculty are Graduate School faculty members and most have taught at medical schools prior to teaching at Loyola.

Students who are applying to the program are required to have earned a BA degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students must also have earned an MCAT score equivalent to 500 within bands.

Begin the financial aid process by completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at fafsa.ed.gov.

The Graduate School has limited funds available for financial assistance. Financial aid from Loyola’s Financial Aid Office will not impact your ability to apply for financial aid through the Graduate School. To learn more about these financial aid opportunities, visit LUC.edu/finaid/graduateschool

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