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Political Science

The Department of Political Science offers graduate degrees that balance the career needs of the academic marketplace and the requirements of a rigorous education. The department offers students a highly personalized graduate education. Faculty work closely with students to ensure the best training in their chosen fields of study. All graduate classes are conducted by one of our full-time department faculty.

In their course work, students will explore the following areas:

  • American Politics: includes courses in the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, Constitutional Politics, Judicial Process and Public Law, Political Parties and Elections, and Public Policy-Making.
  • Global Politics: includes courses in Comparative Foreign Policy, Theories of International Politics, International Political Economy, International Organizations, Democratization and Electoral Systems, and Comparative Political Systems, including Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.
  • Political Theory: includes courses in Ancient Political Thought, Modern Political Thought, Nineteenth Century Political Thought, Contemporary Political Thought, American Political Thought, and Political Justice.
  • Methods: includes courses on introductory and advanced methods, including research design.

The PhD program with specialization in Global Politics is intended for students who wish to prepare for teaching and research careers, or for those who wish to acquire the analytical and research skills necessary for a career in government or the private sector.

The Department of Political Science offers graduate students the opportunity to pursue an MA in Political Science.

In cooperation with Loyola’s School of Law, the department also offers a dual MA/JD degree that provides students with specialized policy training appropriate for careers in the public sector or for law practices involving governmental agencies or processes. The program makes it possible to earn both MA and JD degrees in a shorter time than if the two degrees were pursued independently.

The BA/MA dual degree program provides a select number of undergraduate political science majors with the opportunity to earn both BA and MA degrees in five years of study (one year less than if the two degrees were pursued separately). 

The degree offers full-time enrollment

• For the PhD program average time to completion: 6 years (full time)

• For the MA program average time to completion: 1.5 years (full time)

• For the MA/JD program average time to completion: varies (full time)

Online options are not available.

A capstone experience is included as part of the curriculum
This includes comprehensive exams at both the MA and PhD level

Student organizations are associated with the program
Political Science Graduate Student Organization

PhD graduates typically gain employment teaching in a teaching focused college or university. MA students often gain employment in local, state or federal government agencies, non-governmental organizations both national and international, or political campaigns.

• Recent graduates are now employed at organizations like Universidad Catolica de Temuco, Illinois State University, Foreign Policy Research Institute, and Central Michigan University.

• To learn more about career services, visit LUC.edu/career.

Our MA students benefit from small classes where they get a great deal of personal attention and from the fact that PhD students raise the level of the classroom experience. Our classes have anywhere from six to twelve students in each class. Additionally, most of our classes are in the evening (7–9:30 p.m.) allowing for working students to earn an MA.

Political Science faculty members are both passionate about their teaching and dedicated to their research. Areas of faculty interest include American politics, comparative politics, international relations and political theory. We also have expertise in various regions of the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Students are required to have earned a BA in Political Science or related field.

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The Graduate School has limited funds available for financial assistance, usually in the form of teaching assistantships. Financial aid from Loyola’s Financial Aid Office will not impact your ability to apply for financial aid through the Graduate School. To learn more about these financial aid opportunities, visit LUC.edu/finaid/graduateschool.

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