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The Department of Psychology prepares students to contribute theoretical and empirical knowledge to the field of psychology, to teach psychology at the college level, and to apply this knowledge for the betterment of the human condition. The department is committed to fostering a healthy balance between basic and applied perspectives in psychology, as well as to promoting sensitivity to cultural diversity in psychological research.

The PhD program offers specialized training in Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Applied Social Psychology.

Consistent with Loyola University’s mission as a Jesuit, Catholic institution, the graduate training program in psychology is organized around two central foci: healthy development of children, youth, and families and psychological foundations of social justice.

The Department of Psychology also offers an MA program in Applied Social Psychology. The curriculum includes a focused set of courses that emphasize theoretical, methodological, and statistical knowledge useful for applied social research and program evaluation. This program requires an empirical thesis on an applied social topic.  

The degree offers full-time enrollment

• Average time to completion for PhD in Clinical: 6 years

• Average time to completion for PhD in Applied Social: 5 years

• Average time to completion for PhD in Developmental: 6 years

• Average time to completion for MA in Applied Social: 2 years

Online options are not available.

• Internships and Research opportunities are offered through the program.

All clinical students do research with our core faculty and secure externships and internships in hospitals and other mental health facilities.

All applied social students do research with a faculty mentor and PhD students have opportunities for internships in applied research.

All developmental students are engaged in research projects with a core faculty mentor.

• Student organizations as well as service-learning opportunities are associated with the program

Organizations include: Clinical Student Association, Committee on Diversity Affairs, and The Graduate Student Organization

Service-learning opportunities: Clinical externships and internships, applied research and teaching internships, teaching activities, activities to disseminate research findings to parents and other educators, community leaders, and other stakeholders

Recent clinical graduates work as PhD psychologists in university-based medical centers where they conduct research clinical work. Recent applied social graduate students find academic positions or take on applied research positions in a variety of different social settings (education, health care, social services). Finally, the most recent developmental graduate students have taken academic positions where they teach and conduct research.

• To learn more about career services, visit LUC.edu/career.

The clinical psychology program at Loyola is based on the scientist-practitioner model. An attractive feature of our program is the flexibility and freedom presented to students to pursue careers as competent, creative professionals in different areas of psychology (in research, academic, and/or clinical settings).

The applied social psychology program at Loyola emphasizes how theory and research can be applied to various aspects of society in addition to learning about basic topics of social psychology. The program has a strong emphasis on social justice and how theory and research in social psychology can be used to improve the human condition.

The developmental psychology is aimed at helping students understand and support the healthy development of children, youth, and families. The program has a strong emphasis on training in research, longitudinal methods, developmental neuroscience, development in educational settings, and community and family influences on development.

Psychology faculty members are both passionate about their teaching and dedicated to their research, which spans numerous subject areas within applied, clinical, and developmental psychology.

• Clinical PhD students are required to have earned extensive mentored research and clinical experiences, background in psychology coursework, GREs, and GRE Subject test.

• Applied PhD and MA as well as Developmental PhD students are required to have earned a BA in Psychology or closely related field including coursework in statistics and research methods.

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The Graduate School has limited funds available for financial assistance, usually in the form of teaching assistantships. Financial aid from Loyola’s Financial Aid Office will not impact your ability to apply for financial aid through the Graduate School. To learn more about these financial aid opportunities, visit LUC.edu/finaid/graduateschool.

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