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Public Policy and Urban Affairs

All programs focus on preparing individuals for leadership roles in government, non-profit organizations, or business.

The Public Policy program is appropriate for students interested in policy issues at federal, state, or local levels. The curriculum combines knowledge about current government programs with the technical skills to assess how politics influence policy choices, how to design more effective programs, and how to evaluate the impacts of existing programs. 

The Urban Affairs program is an interdisciplinary degree focusing on the factors that affect how cities work and the problems that cities face. Perspectives from multiple fields provide students with an enhanced understanding of the causes of urban problems and their possible solutions. 

The JD/MPP degree provides law students with a strong grounding in public policy tools and perspectives. The dual degree is appropriate for students who want to work in the public arena where it intersects with the legal world. Legislative analysis, advocacy work, and the practice of public interest law are just some of the fields where this combination would be useful. 

The Certificate in Public Affairs and Management is a four-course program aimed at giving students an interdisciplinary foundation in areas that pertain to public service, such as budgeting, project management, and program evaluation. The Certificate may be appropriate for working professionals seeking some management training.

The degree offers part-and full-time enrollment

• MPP program average time to completion: 2 years (full time), 3 years (part time)

• MA program average time to completion: 2 years (full time), 3 years (part time)

• JD/MPP program average time to completion: 3 years (full time), varies (part time)

• Certificate program average time to completion: 1 year (full time), 1.5–2 years (part time)

Online options are not available.

Internships or capstone projects provide students in all three degree programs with opportunities to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world settings.

Graduates of all degree programs will acquire the following benefits:

• Comprehensive knowledge of the philosophical and political underpinnings of public policy issues and the policy-making process.

• The ability to analyze complex social phenomena that will promote informed policy decisions.

• Strong skills in program evaluation, policy analysis, and public budgeting. Students will graduate ready to work effectively in local, state, and national government or non-profit organizations.

• Practical experience through internships or group capstone projects.

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