Loyola University Chicago

The Graduate School

Newberry Renaissance Consortium Grants

And Newberry Renaissance Consortium Grants for Research at the Folger Library

The Graduate School at Loyola University Chicago and the Center for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry Library Chicago invite current graduate students at Loyola to apply for small research grants.  These stipends are intended to provide partial support to graduate students working in some aspect of medieval or renaissance studies and using materials at the Newberry (Chicago, Illinois) or Folger (Washington, D.C.) Libraries. 

The number and amount of the awards will depend on the number and quality of the applications received, though no award is likely to exceed $2000.  In order to eligible, students must be current Graduate School students at Loyola, in good academic standing, and not currently receiving other funding from Loyola.  Applicants must be working in some aspect of medieval or renaissance studies, and must be using materials found in the Newberry or the Folger Library collections.  These awards will not be granted to students pursuing research that could be undertaken without the resources available at one of these libraries.

The first set of awards will be granted in Spring 2007.  In order to apply, please submit the following materials to Dr. Nicole Lassahn, Assistant Dean, Graduate School, Granada Center 400, Loyola University Chicago, 6525 North Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL, 60626, by December 1, 2006:

  • A cover letter detailing the research to be undertaken and how it is related to the collections at the Newberry or Folger Library.  Research at the Newberry need not be for a thesis or a dissertation, but must address a specific, focused research question or problem which is clearly articulated in the letter.  Students doing research at the Folger should be doctoral candidates.  Please also include a current mailing address to which a response to the application can be sent. 

  • A confidential letter of recommendation from a member of the Loyola Graduate Faculty who can speak to the merits of the research project.  This letter may be sent separately or delivered in an envelope with the recommender’s signature over the seal. 

Applications will be evaluated according to the academic merit of the project, the use of the Library collections, the letter of recommendation, and the student’s overall academic record at Loyola. 

At the end of the funded term, awardees will be required to submit a short (one or two page) narrative of their time in the library and the results of their research.  Awardees must also abide by any library permissions policies should their work result in a thesis, dissertation, or other publication.