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Career Development Center

Wondering what Loyola’s Career Development Center can do for you as a PhD student? The Career Development Center offers a variety of services to current students and alumni, including workshops and individual advising, to support Loyolans in all stages of their professional lives – from the beginning of their graduate program to mid-career transitions. The Career Development Center is an especially important tool for graduate students who wish to pursue careers beyond the professoriate. Your graduate education prepares you for a variety of career paths – the Career Development Center is there to help you explore those pathways and position yourself to jump confidently into the job market once you graduate.

Career advisor Keyalo Gray, who specializes in working with humanities students, explains that the best way to start is to make an appointment with a career advisor. During the appointment, the student and advisor will talk about why you chose your field of study, what your interests are, what you value in life and a career, and what experiences or ideas have left a strong impression with you. Ideally, this will become an ongoing conversation. The more that your career advisor gets to know you, the better they can help you to follow a fulfilling career path.

In addition to career counseling, career advisors can assist graduate students with writing CVs or resumes, turning a CV into a resume, writing cover letters, developing an elevator pitch, and translating and communicating your skills and experience to fields and employers beyond academia. The Career Development Center offers a variety of workshops geared toward specific concerns and overall career development strategies, including career self-assessment, networking, and resume building workshops. The center offers two major career fairs each year, featuring employers from a wide range of fields from Chicago and across the country. Career advisors like Keyalo also network with employers who actively recruit Loyola graduates with a humanities education.  In addition, Loyola’s Career Development Center participates in the Jesuit Career Center Consortium, which means that you can receive career services from participating partner institutions nationwide. If you are interested in a career in a particular city or sector, this is an important resource to utilize.

Exploring a variety of career pathways and developing your job search skills helps to position yourself to succeed on the job market. Take advantage of the rich resources offered by Loyola’s Career Development Center. Graduate students in the humanities are encouraged to make an appointment with Keyalo Gray to start the conversation.