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Past Events

Professional Experiences Brownbag
Humanities PhD Skills Beyond the Academy, with Nicoletta Ruane
October 3, 2017

Communications Workshop
September 23, 2017

Career Pathways Symposium
April 29, 2017

Understanding Hiring (From the Employer's Perspective)
With Dr. Catherine Maybrey, October 13, 2016

Discover what skills employers are looking for, how employers identify potential employees, and how best to position yourself in the job market. Loyola History alumnus Dr. Catherine Maybrey shows how the communication, strategic thinking, and problem solving skills we develop as humanities PhDs are vital in today's market, and explains how to communicate those skills to potential employers. Dr. Maybrey also provides tips on the practical aspects of the job search, such as matching the language of your resume to the language of job descriptions, using resources like LinkedIn, and what to do once an employer has found you.

Exploring Career Pathways
With Dr. Catherine Maybrey, October 12, 2016

Wondering how you can best use your skills to "go forth and set the world on fire," as St. Ignatius called for? Loyola History alumnus Dr. Catherine Maybrey explains several strategies for determining your skills and values and identifying career paths and specific jobs that best suit you.